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So I was looking around the dungeon designs and I came across KamiĀ“s attempt on the Earth temple. It was incomplete and I liked where it was heading, and since I was already making the Earth temple dungeon tiles, I said, Hey, I will finish it!

So the temple, as Kami said, it consisting of three floors:
F1-Basic Temple Theme, Entrance is on this floor
B1-A mix between a Volcanic Cave and Basic Temple Themes.
B2-Volcanic Cave Theme, Boss is on this floor.

I added magnetic walls where link can latch to and move around on with the magnetic gloves.
I made pushable stone statues resembling gorons.
I made a room where you first meet the Carbonite. You have to run from it and then latch to the magnetic glove to get out of the way for it to fall in the lava. Once he falls, you can use its body as a rolling platoform (much like skyward sword) to move on top of the lava.

So this is how the temple works for now:
-You enter and you see there is a locked door, so you go to the room on the right.
-There is a small puzzle where you have to move the blocks to hold down all switched in order to open the door on the right.
-In the third room you have to move blocks to make your way, use your hookshot to move from one side of the room to another (you cannot return the way you came), grab the key from the chest, and activate the switch to open the door. Again, go through the door on the right.
-In this room, there is a big pit with moving floating tiles. There are magnetic walls, so latch to them and move throuh the walls and fall on the platforms on the right moment until you reach the door on the top.
-In this room you simply have to move some blocks and get on the minecart to get to the next room on the left.
-Really simple room, use either hookshot, bow and arrow or boomerang to hit switch for a bridge to appear. There are small enemies in this room, simple to get rid of (Keese, chuchus, ropes). The small chest contains 5 rupees. Go up the stairs to the upper level and opn the chest to obtain the Compass. Fall down to the second room of the temple and backtrack to the entrance. Open the locked door with the key to go down B1.

-Once you get to B1, there is a dodongo waiting for you! kill him by hitting his tail. Use the bomb flowers to blow up the cracked blocks and move the normal ones. There is another dodongo just chilling, kill it (this is a "defeat all enemies" room, the door will open afterwards) and use the magnetic walls to move over the lava. The small chest contains either 5 rupees or a collectible. Enter the door on the right...
-Once you enter, a small cutscene shows up, revealing the Carbonite growling on the wall and breaking free, ready to roll and run you over. He is quite stupid, so he wont turn until he hits a wall or an obstacle. Run down the path and before the Carbonite runs you over, latch to the magnetic wall on the top so the Carbonite falls into the lava. The Carbonite becomes a rolling platform that allows link to move over the lava. Still latched onto the wall, you can move to a small platform where there is a small chest with 20 ruppees. Use the new Carbonite Ball Platform and move yourself across the lava to reach a small chest containing a key. Now, There is a room on the left, but you will need the Bomb Cannon to proceed, this takes you to the Dungeon Map, which is on F1, on the big chest on the right. Enter the hole where the Carbonite once was and it takes you to a room there there is a locked door on the left. ----This room just takes you upstairs :P

-back in F1 you enter a room with a bunch of fire wizzrobes, the door locks behind you. use the magnetic walls and moving platforms toget to them and kill them all. Once you do, the doors will open.
-You are on a small room with a red chest, open it to get a small key and enter the room on the top.
-There are bokoblins here and there is a locked room on the top, unlock it to enter the miniboss room. Here you fight a Mighty Darknut. Once you defeat him, a key will fall from the ceiling. Open the locked door on the left and obtain the Bomb Cannon!
-Back track all the way to B1 to the room I mentioned before where you can obtain the Map (this is not mapped yet) Use the bomb cannon to get through.
-On the room where the bokoblins were, head up the stairs and launch a bomb to blow up the cracked blocks. Fall down to the room and defeat the two wizzrobes to open the door. This door leads to B1.

The rest is still to be decided. There will be more Carbonites on B2, Armored dodongos and other enemies.

What do you guys think on this?? It still need some work, obviously, but I think that the puzzles and everything pretty much works, right?
Give me your opinions!

So I did a bit more of the temple and I added the boss room tiles AND lava waterfall floor. Yes, lava waterfall floor. I got the idea from Skyward sword:

You will traverse through it with the carbonite, so basically like in Skyward sword. I was thinking it to be after the boss door but before the actual boss battle, like the pathway. But before I do that, I will need to finish the dungeon itself first XD

The big chest on B1 is the boss key chest.

Actually loving the lava rooms!  Do you have the animations for the lava tiles?  I think I just see them for the lavafalls


--- Quote from: MG-Zero on July 03, 2016, 07:01:08 pm ---Actually loving the lava rooms!  Do you have the animations for the lava tiles?  I think I just see them for the lavafalls

--- End quote ---
I'll see If I can find or ripp some ;)

Pretty great looking, man! I didn't have time to follow through it according to your instructions, but just glancing over it, it's nice looking : )
It might benefit from a darker palette though. Since the mood of the game here is kind of dismal, the Gorons are dying and the violet ore has poisoned their food, maybe a darker tone would work well. The tiles between rooms are very bright, as is the floor. On F1, the walls don't have much contrast, their darkest tones are fairly light.

I really like how you've got different themes for each floor though, that's a very nice design touch. They're distinct but still very much part of the same thing, it works well. Another thing that might add to the atmosphere is on the lower levels, since the mine was poisoned by violet ore, maybe having some purple veins of rock running through the walls.

Anyway, you're really taking off with this, I like it! Keep it up, Brad :D


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