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--- Quote from: MG-Zero on July 03, 2016, 07:01:08 pm ---Actually loving the lava rooms!  Do you have the animations for the lava tiles?  I think I just see them for the lavafalls

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I found the Lava tiles! (See attachment)

--- Quote from: Donotfeedthemax on July 04, 2016, 12:46:08 am ---Pretty great looking, man! I didn't have time to follow through it according to your instructions, but just glancing over it, it's nice looking : )
It might benefit from a darker palette though. Since the mood of the game here is kind of dismal, the Gorons are dying and the violet ore has poisoned their food, maybe a darker tone would work well. The tiles between rooms are very bright, as is the floor. On F1, the walls don't have much contrast, their darkest tones are fairly light.

I really like how you've got different themes for each floor though, that's a very nice design touch. They're distinct but still very much part of the same thing, it works well. Another thing that might add to the atmosphere is on the lower levels, since the mine was poisoned by violet ore, maybe having some purple veins of rock running through the walls.

Anyway, you're really taking off with this, I like it! Keep it up, Brad :D

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I´ll work on it when I can, Now I have free time before I leave, so I will try to do as much as possible.

perfect! exactly what we needed :)

I worked on this a little bit more. I made a couple of more rooms, so there are three left on B1 and then all of the B2.
I changed the palette to a darker palette, not sure if that is what you meant Max.
I also incorporated some metal crates with rocks in them here and there for decoration.

Anyways, I am going to keep working on this, probably going to start the B2 soon! (Also if you see the tiles for B2, I made the purple ore veins on the walls) I´m curious, should we incorporate on B2 Violet ore hazards? like violet ore lava (maybe even a transition from normal lava to violet ore lava?), violet ore floor that hurts you while you are on it, violete boulders... etc.

I started to work on the B2. I have some ideas to what to put here, but other ideas will be appreciated.
What do you think cold be added apart from what has been established on the temple before? Or how can we make harder puzzles for the remaining of the dungeon?

So I have almost finished the B2 and the temple itself!
I added violet ore veins to the walls and molten violet ore puddles where the veins reach the floor, to show that they are actually melting from the actual wall, from the intense heat (I mean come on, there is lava everywhere!) The puddles slow you down (and hurt you? maybe a small amount of damage).
I also made the molten violet ore meet the lava, fusing with it! It works exactly the same as lava, only it is purple.
Anyways, tell me what you think!


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