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ZFGC Rules and Regulations


- Rules -

1. Registration
- You MUST be 13 years of age or older. You agree to this upon registering.

2. Behavior
- Treat all users and staff with respect.
- Respect opinions and ideas as well, giving constructive criticism only when asked.
- Bad behavior; flaming[1], trolling[2], discrimination, offensive statements, threating/abusive statements or excessive sexual references may not be tolerated.
- Please try to keep a level of maturity in your actions/posts.
- Spoilers[4] are not acceptable, please warn if your post contains them.
- Use of another user's project, material, content or resources without permission from that user is restricted.

3. Post Conduct
- Elaborate on your opinions and ideas.
- Please refrain from excessive use of; memes, fads, phrases or words.[3]
- Avoid digging up old topics, when the ability to start a new one is available. This may be ignored in the case of a project topic.
- Title's of topics should contain relevant information to the topic. Sub-titles do not have the same requirement.
- ZFGC's official language is English. Please use a translator or other source of help if you need it. Topics in any other language than English will be locked, unless otherwise approved by a moderator.
- Posting SPAM[5] will not be tolerated.
- Try your best to post your topic in the correct board category.
- The profanity filter is on by default and may be turned off by anyone. Please do not intentionally bypass this filter.

4. Unsuitable Content.
- Distribution of illegal, pornographic, copyright material or any other offensive material is strictly prohibited.[6]

5. Avatar's and Signature's
- Keep your avatar and signature sizes to required dimensions: [Avatars - 128x128,  Signatures - 200px in height or less, each 300 KB in file size or less]
- Keep your avatar and signature free of offensive content.

6. Complaints and Reports.
- Please report a topic/post to a moderator using the report a topic button. Please do not state the obvious upon (or before) reporting the topic (i.e. rent-a-modding [7])
- Please contact a moderator or administrator to directly report a user's actions.
- Please contact an administrator to report a moderator's actions.
- Utilization of the Feedback forum should be for general complaints or ideas you have about the forum. Complaining about users, staff, administrators or the forum in general will not get productive results.

7. Accounts
- Remember there is no reason to have more than one account.

[1] Flaming: Any post/content that directly/indirectly incites negatively towards another user.
[2] Trolling: Any post/content that provokes any user negatively
[3] Anything that is used excessively in the aspect that lines are repeated in an annoying way will result in an infraction.
[4] Spoilers: Ruining surprises pertaining to game plots, movies, books or any story line without previous warning may be considered as trolling.
[5] SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
[6] ROMs, Music, Shows, Movies, etc.
[7] Rent-a-modding: When a user speaks as if they have moderator authority.

- Regulations & General Statements -

1. Moderation will be based on infractions of these rules. We ask that all members follow the rules listed above.
2. These rules will be referred to in the event of a dispute over disciplinary action.
3. These rules are subject to change and modification at any time for any reason, with or without notification of modifications.
4. ZFGC reserves the right to terminate any user account for whatever reason, or no reason at all.
5. ZFGC WILL NOT take responsibility for the content of posts posted on the forum.
6. "Fan" Games should not seek the goal of making profits, anyone found to be doing this will have their account terminated.
7. ZFGC's Advertisement funding is used for: events, contests, hosting costs and awards.


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