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NCFC 2018 dates announced

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Martijn dh:
Seems like the NCFC date for this year have been announced a few weeks ago:

Anybody on this forum planning on participating?

I do indeed hope so!

Martijn dh:
I might skip to show a more substantial improvement next year (and due to the organizer always flipping about errors in my demo's :-\), but if nobody else enters then I'll make sure that least someone represent this forum.

I am hoping to get Zelda II back into development.  My goal for NCFC would be to have Parapa completely well rounded and feeling like a real dungeon.

I tried to enter last year, and just gave it another shot, but their registration is broken. After you enter all you info, it just can't load the page. I sent an email to the only address I could find last year, but nobody got back to me.

Wonder if they've noticed nobody new is entering, lol


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