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Zelda Projects / Oracle of Secrets (Z3 2010)
« on: August 15, 2020, 09:17:46 am »
Uploading this here for posterity, because it seems to be lost to time.

This is Oracle of Secrets- my entry from Z3 back in 2010. It basically exists because I wanted to learn Blitzmax, and I felt the best way to do it was to recreate something else. Some effects run fast. Check readme, etc

Not uploading screenshots because this is 2020 and YouTube exists:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NNDKBdaOg" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NNDKBdaOg</a>

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets
Designed by Mamoruanime

This project is for promotional purposes
only during the Z3 event at www.zfgc.com.

When linking to this game, please link
directly to the Z3 page associated with it
instead of hotlinking directly to the

Please do not ask about release dates,
completion progress, or anything regarding
the development process of this game. It
is not being made with the intentions of
completion, only with the intentions of
showcasing a design.

The answer to any and all of those questions
is the following:

"What you see is what you get, and you'll
probably see more next year during Z3."

Remember to play through a second time for
a special easter egg.

Intellectual Property Owner:      Nintendo

Programming, and misc development:    Mamoruanime

Sound Effects:            HelpTheWretched

Music:               Mamoruanime    (GB Darkworld Theme)
               Surasshu    (Farore's Lullaby)

Map Format and toolkit:         Xfixium

Testing/Early Viewers:         DJvenom


If you would like to change the key bindings,
please open the settings.txt file located in
the root folder of the game.





This file contains specific surface-level
values in the game. If for some reason you've
corrupted your settings beyond repair, simply
delete it. The game will run using default settings.

Zelda Projects / I made a thing.
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:26:31 am »
Took a couple of days, but I was just goofing around. Enjoy.


Trees by djvenom
Dungeon scrolling is a bit janky. I may or may not fix this later.

Discussion / Things done wrong in every 3d Zelda turned 2d
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:32:14 pm »
I've decided to make a short list (that I want people to add to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST) of things that every Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, etc in 2d has done wrong, and ways to solve the problem. It's more of a uh... what to avoid sort of thing, since we've had a new OoT2d crop up yearly here or there by somebody, either in public or private. Please note, this list is just kind of overall observances- of course there are ways to do these things properly. This just observes how they don't fit. These are just things I feel devs get hung up on when trying to make a 2d remake. Focus is on Ocarina of Time.

Identifying why Certain Mechanics Exist
This is important. A lot of times people try to justify having elements in their 2d versions that only exist to progress the 3d version in a way that makes sense only to that version. Don't be afraid to rework things to make sense for your version of the game. This is the basis behind each item in this list, especially the next one.

Trying to Make a 1:1 Conversion from 3d to 2d
This... Isn't possible. You have to make necessary changes and adaptations. Sometimes outright, completely different chunks and mechanics to the games to make it work. A good example is Z targeting in a Link to the Past or Link's Awakening style game. Some plotlines might need to be adapted to make things work.

Epona may work for ALttP, however in GB games (with a small screen and room size), it doesn't make sense to have her at all. Moosh and that other thing from the OoA/S games worked because they weren't fast travel- instead, they offered new mechanics to progress. Epona doesn't offer much in the way of progression in a 2d lttp/LA environment with the exception of crossing into Gerudo Valley, but even then- you can find other ways to allow the player to cross that bridge without her. Replace the race to get her with an Ingo milk drinking competition or something, and give Link a goddamned Roc's Feather.

Map Size
Often developers will try to make a huge 1:1 overworld. The problem with this is you end up with a lot of unimportant space. There's no real scope from the top down perspective. In Ocarina of Time, you could see things in the distance; know how far you had to go. Not every part of the map had to serve a purpose. In LA or ALttP style, 80% of the rooms on the map serve some form of purpose, or convey progression. A giant over world would feel boring. I feel the trick would be to condense the overworld portions, and rearrange some side quest elements through it to give it more importance.

Trying to Find a Place for EVERY NPC
This just can't work. Kokiri Forest for example has a LOT of NPCs that simply tell you about game mechanics that shouldn't exist in 2d. They could either be removed, or repurposed with different dialog- but keeping the same dialog or trying to replicate the mechanics that don't translate well would be a mistake.

The Adult/Child Link Conundrum
This is one thing that's always bothered me. For aLttP you *can* have an adult link, but he always looks very strange. Link's Awakening however, there's no way to have an adult link. How do you solve this? Well simple- Think of Adult Link Hyrule as a new map; like the Dark World. There are differences in it that allow you to progress certain places you couldn't before. There's no need for crawly holes because in the future they could just simply *not be there*.

So Many Items
The core items are nice, and they make sense. There are some however... that don't need to be brought over. This isn't necessarily a problem with 3d to 2d, but it's a general observation. Bottles for example don't need to exist in a GB port. There are ways to tighten up the item load and eliminate some additional event threads that have a harder time existing in 2d (planting those damned floaty plants for example in OoT). Things like the hover boots are a bit strange, because they can be used, but then the Iron Boots don't really fit in aLttP style. In LA style you could use the iron boots for platformer underwater segments easy. Even then, you can probably figure something out around this whole mechanic.

Making Ledges you Jump Across
No. No no no. Come up with another mechanic that works in 2d. This always feels gross and terrible. It's barely necessary in 3d. In Link's Awakening, there would be a switch to press that extends a bridge if it's 100% necessary to cross.

Ignoring the Established Mechanics of the Style you're Working With
This is the final, probably most important thing. If something doesn't fit in the world you're trying to cram the conversion into, you shouldn't do it. Come up with a more unique way to convey what they tried to convey in 3d. Make something that works for 2d. It can be completely new, or borrowed from the style of game you are working from, but don't take from the 3d version if it's something meant for 3d. Again, those little floaty plants are the best example. You're better off making them create holes in the ground with new grottos to give you the item they'd lead to.

Entertainment / RushJet1 hits it out of the park again...
« on: December 01, 2014, 09:07:09 pm »
Holy !@#$%... For those unfamiliar with RushJet1, he upgrades/remakes a lot of Mega Man soundtracks to support VRC6 and he's also worked on 1001 Spike's golden skull tracks.

https://t.co/DGDBmJmrkm I'm in love with everything in this album.

Zelda Projects / A Challenge
« on: November 12, 2014, 01:43:38 pm »
I haven't seen it done yet, and this seems to be the place where it should be done.

I challenge all of you to make a Binding of Isaac clone using Zelda graphics and items.

GB Zelda is probably the best graphical source since it has tons and tons of items. Seriously though; think about it- Rings instead of trinkets, use items are Zelda items, and bosses can be from the range of bosses in the zelda series. It just works.

If someone makes this I dunno maybe I'll send you some Xbox One launch party/Capcom swag (you know; Resident Evil soundtrack, Dead Rising 3 stuff, a weeaboo pin set, etc etc)

All of the resources are completely readily available too.

Other Projects / [Demo] Princess K!
« on: October 14, 2014, 07:40:04 am »
"Princess K!" is the engine baby of Link Quest set up as a single-screen level progression game similar to Bubble Bobble and Mario Bros~

Overall idea is to have around 100 levels and heavy emphasis on multiplayer and certain level hazards to avoid while popping enemies. Multiplayer and controller support has been removed from this demo due to lack of testing, but that's definitely the focus~

I have the demo located publicly at my Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1081671&rf=283568

Zelda Projects / Comprehensive Guide to my Goron Jam Competition Entry
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:19:09 am »
If you want to play it, it's located here:

A Guide to Link Quest

That's right! A guide to my game!

Of course, if you don't want spoilers you should leave this thread immediately! Super spoilers/secrets are in spoiler tags.

Link Quest is an action platformer "run n' sword" game that requires fast thinking, mastering your jumps, and learning how and when you should attack enemies!

In the game you'll collect various items to help you on your journey! They are not required, so if you want an extra challenge you can skip collecting them!

A - Jump
S - Attack
D - Change Item
F - Change Item

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move

If you jump and hold down, you can perform a down stab. If you hold jump while down stabbing, you can achieve extra height from the bounce.

Core Items:
Bombs - 2 Damage per hit, can throw 2 at a time. Destroys certain walls.
Bow - 1 Damage per hit, long range attack!
Boomerang - 1 Damage per hit, slow moving. Hold S + Up/Down to control the motion!

Show content
Other Items:
The next two items are only obtainable when the Blue Stalfos throw their heads and become headless, or from Gold Skulltula.

Goron Jam - One time use - Made out of fairy mash! Restores health! RARE.
Bag of... P? - One time use - Increases your lives, and gives you a nice lil' collection of rupees and hearts! RARE.

Red Stalfos - 4 health. Stabs when you stab!
Show content
Downstab to kill without danager!

Blue Stalfos - 4 health. Throws bones!
Show content
Will occasionally throw it's own head. This will give you a chance to snag Goron Jam or Bag of P from it!

Octorok - 1 health. Jumps and spits!
Blue Octorok - 2 health. Spits!
Angler - 1 health. Dims the lights when attacked!
Skulltula - 2 health. Drops down when near by! Down stab to progress!
Keese - 1 health. Flies in from the sides!

Moldorm - Attack it's tail!
Armogohma - Attack it's eye when open!
Phil the Fish - Hit the big eggs back with your sword! OR Use the bow to shoot it's light!

King Octorok - Will jump and bounce 2 times, then jump in the air and smash down, causing rocks to fall on your head!
Twinrova - Kotake and Koume will fly around you and drop potions on you. Attack their glowing potion to make it explode and hit the sister with the opposite element! If they hit the ground, it will be devastating!
Shadow Link - Your shadow clone!

Courage Dungeon
Deep within a tree, you need to avoid spikes and jump on Skulltula to make your way to the end!
Show content
Room 1:
Introduces fans. Jump on the fan to rise up, kill the octorok and move to the next room!
Room 2:
Jump into the airflow and move to the right. A skulltula will appear that you can't reach with your sword. This is to show you that they appear when you're close to them.
Room 3:
A gap you can't jump across presents a problem! Move to the right to reveal that Skulltula appear for you to down stab on! Press down while jumping, and hold A to get maximum height after each downstab while moving to the right. An airflow will lead you to the next room above. Avoid the spikes and you're good to go.
Room 4:
Immediately after appearing in the room you'll notice a lower path and an upper path to the left, and a treasure chest in the bottom path. If you move to the left and avoid the spikes, you'll be on the lower path. Walk across the airflow without attacking or jumping to make it to the treasure chest. Otherwise, just ride the airflow to the left and go up to the next room.
Room 5:
Endurance test with Skulltula! Downstab while moving right and holding jump, work your way to the next room.
Room 6:
Introducing Blue Stalfos. Just jump the platforms and avoid the bones the Stalfos throws, and then downstab the Skulltula to the next room.
Room 7:
Armogohma miniboss fight, and the Bow! Stay to the far left to avoid getting hit by eggs, and when the eye opens work your way to the right and stab it. If you have the bow already (possible if you have to repeat the level) you can just spawn your bow on the left and hit the eye without any danger.
Room 8:
Post battle refill room. Break the jars and get some health while being weary of skulltula.
Room 9:
Fun with fans! This room will teach you the full effect of the fans. If you stand on the ledge before the first set of fans and throw a bomb, it will open a secret passage to the rupees above! Otherwise, walk across, kill the octorok. Wait for the skulltula to appear in the gap and jump across. This time, walk across the fans without jumping or attacking so you don't hit the spikes. Next set, jump above so you don't get hit by the blue stalfos' bones. Jump to the 3 ledges avoiding the Skulltula that appear in the gaps, and move to the next room.
Room 10:
This room is much more difficult, but if you've mastered what the level has taught you so far this won't be a problem. Downstab the skulltula to make your way through the gap to the fan ledge. If you have bombs, throw a bomb across to open a passage way, or just ride the fan up to the next ledge after you pass the spikes. Jump down to the next ledge avoiding the skulltula that appears. This part requires timing. There are stalfos above throwing bones on a bed of fans with spikes above. Once they throw their bones, wait for the bones to pass the fans on the bottom, and move to the right without stopping. This will get you by without getting hit. If you're feeling extra cheeky, there is a skulltula that appears that will give you access to the above ledge to kill those stalfos and possibly get some Goron Jam or P Bags.
Room 11:
Refill your health with the jars, then jump down.
Room 12:
Twinrova Battle!
Kotake and Koume will fly around you.
When Kotake is above she will throw 3 jars- the glowing one will unleash ice that falls from the ceiling if you don't attack it. If the glowing one is on the left, attack it when it's just below the middle of the screen, and it will hit Koume when she appears up top. If it's in the middle, attack it in the middle. If it's on the right, you will need to attack it when it's near the ground, however be careful because Kotake will be right there at the ground to run into you if you're too late!

Koume will follow the same pattern, however her bottles unleash fire on the ground. If it hits the ground, jump IMMEDIATELY to avoid the onslaught! 

Once the battle is over, collect the heart and you'll see the triforce stone break in the entrance revealing a golden triumph fork.

Power Dungeon
Deep Goron caves! Lava galore!

Show content
Room 1:
Jump across the gap and kill the octoroks and move to the next room.

Room 2:
This room begins by showing you that there are lava hazards that spill from the ceiling. The red stalfos will jump into the lava revealing you can kill them by forcing them into lava.
Make your way to the right past the lava traps. If you have the boomerang, you can collect the purple rupee in the walls. There are 2 paths- a higher and a lower path. If you take the higher path you'll need to jump over the spike hazard. The lower path has a stalfos you'll need to kill. Downstab him to death. Take either path.

Room 3:
If you took the upper path, jump across the gap. If you took the lower path, downstab the octorok and hold A to jump up to the ledge with the bouncing stalfos. Down stab him to get past. If you have bombs, the wall to the right is destructible. The lower portion of the platform is also destructible!. Jump down to the hole to go to the next room.

Room 4:
Immediately start moving left to avoid dying in the hole. Attack the stalfos to prompt him to lunge at you, and downstab his sword to get to the above ledge and destroy the pots. Collect all of the rupees! Otherwise, destroy the stalfos by downstabbing, and move left while timing the lava hazards falling. Fall into the next room.

Room 5:
Carts! Jump on the cart. When they jump between tracks, you'll need to jump and match your speed to the cart to land on it again! If you miss this first jump, don't worry- you'll land on the ground and the cart will respawn. Otherwise, ride the cart while being mindful of the gaps. There is a purple rupee in the middle of the room on a ledge- if you're comfortable with your jumps and matching the speed of the cart, you can get that rupee and land back on the cart. At the end of the room, there is an upper path and a lower path. If you jump to the lower cart, it will lead you to a treasure in the next room. Otherwise, make your way to the upper path.

Room 6:
Make your way to the room to the right after killing the stalfos.

Room 7:
Moldorm! This boss will move back and forth slowly until you attack it's tail. Once you do, Moldorm will freak out and move back and forth faster and faster until the tail respawns. Each time you destroy it, Moldorm will move faster and faster. You will need to time your jumps and downstabs to destroy it. Collect the bombs once you win, and go to the next room.

Room 8:
Ledges and lava traps- Throw bombs to the ledge in front of you to kill the stalfos, and jump across avoiding the falling lava. Repeat this until you leave the room.

Room 9:
Advanced carts. This room is considerably harder than the last one, and will require you to jump over obstacles while riding your cart. Ignore the stalfos on the right and ride the cart across, then jump to the lower one. Ride it across and jump over the wall blocking your progress landing back onto the cart, and jump to the next one. Jump over the wall in the middle of this track as well. Jump to the next cart, and IMMEDIATELY jump to the ledge and keep moving forward. This is important, because you will need this cart to ride to the end of the level. Keep running right while jumping over gaps and stalfos. You will jump over 2 total gaps before seeing an opening in the bottom where you can hop on the cart again and ride it along. If you continue forward past that gap you'll fight a stalfos that will impede your ability to get back on the cart. While back on the cart, jump over gaps and obstacles to make it to the right.

Room 10:
Continue to the next room.

Room 11:
Boss room! King Octorok!
This boss will hop around twice before slamming down into the ground to make rocks fall on you. If you have bombs, simply throw your bombs where he's going to land and he will be an easy fight. He will speed up his hops the lower his health is.

Once he's defeated, collect the heart to show another Triforce stone breaking.

Wisdom Dungeon
Water and mystery!

Show content
Room 1:
You'll see a shadow in the water to the right! When you get near, a Zora will appear and spit at you! Jump past it and move to the next room.

Room 2:
Keep moving right and jump on the ledges. Downstab the octoroks on the ledges, and avoid the Zora projectiles. You'll make your way to green blocks that will fall if you're on them too long- keep moving to the right without stopping until you reach a red block. Jump on it, and it will rise up giving you access to the next ledge. Kill the octorok. If you have the boomerang, you can collect the rupees in the wall! Move to the next room.

Room 3:
Vanish blocks!? Jump onto the blocks as they appear to make your way to the next room.

Room 4:
Down stab the two Stalfos in the top section, and jump down to the lower section. Simply attack them to make them jump into the spikes and die. Jump down to the next room.

Room 5:
Just ride the water down. Going too close to the middle will make the Zora attack you.

Room 6:
Darker depths!? There is an Angler fish to the left. Killing it reveals that the room gets darker if it dies! Avoid killing it. Move to the right and kill the Octorok and jump across to the next ledge. You'll notice that your jumping is greatly increased due to being under water! Downstab the octorok on the ledge and keep moving forward across the gap. Jump up to the ledge, and work your way down the wall of spikes without hitting them. This next segment has a series of rise blocks- quickly jump across each one by lightly tapping jump, and avoid hitting the angler. Move to the next room.

Room 7:
Appear blocks?!
This room appears to have no blocks to stand on, however as you move forward, blocks manifest from the depths for you to stand on! Keep moving forward jumping across the gaps and avoiding anglers until you reach a ledge with a row of spikes on the ceiling and floor. You'll need to skillfully jump across this without hitting any spikes! Making your way through will make more appear blocks show up. Continue to the right until you move to the next room.

Room 8:
Move to the right as you would in the room before. Blocks will appear to make a path for you... however the camera will start scrolling by itself... Keep moving forward, and stay as far ahead as you can because rising up from the depths is...


Each block he touches is destroyed. The blocks you're landing on will eventually become single blocks, until you have a row of blocks that appear. Quickly jump to those, and land on the series of 3 vertical blocks. Time to fight the midboss!

Avoid the tiny eggs he shoots, and stab the big ones to throw them back at him. If you have the bow, just spam your shots into his light to kill him!

After he's dead, move to the right and collect the Boomerang.

Room 9:
Refill your health with the jars. The wall above and to the left can be destroyed with bombs to reveal a couple treasures!

Room 10:
Vanish blocks, rise blocks, and Zora!

You can take the upper path or the lower path. You'll have to time your jumps to make it onto the vanish blocks while avoiding Zora fire either way. If you choose the upper path, keep jumping across the vanish blocks to make it to a ledge, and work your way to the right for treasure and rupees.

If you take the lower path, you need to run along the rise blocks and try to avoid the zora fire! Keep going right until you make it to the next room.

Room 11:
Make your way to the next room.

Room 12:
This room is dark. Attack the 2 pillars with your sword to begin your fight with SHADOW LINK.

Shadow Link will move toward you and attack. If you jump while close to him, he'll jump at full height. If you run under him, he'll down stab. Once the lights go out he'll become immortal.

If you've gotten the bow, just spam arrows at him until the lights go out, and then relight them and repeat. If you don't have the bow, bait him into jumping by doing a tiny jump and keep stabbing with your sword. As soon as the lights go out run and relight them. This takes some practice, but once you get it down he's a pushover.

Once defeated, collect the heart. The triforce stone will break revealing the golden triforce, and then the door will open...

Final Area! You'll have to play it to find out.

Show content

Once you beat the game, you can begin URA mode with 3 new dungeons!!

Other Projects / [Released] FlyBug for iOS
« on: July 05, 2014, 07:58:53 am »
Bit of shameless advertising for this'n, but Colbydude and myself made a game for iOS recently, and I realized it hadn't been posted here yet!

FlyBug is a tap-heavy game where you navigate our turtle-painted-like-a-ladybug hero through the thick of the forest avoiding thorns and collecting berries. The game is hyper difficult by design, so managing your taps is key! Each tap not only moves you in the direction you're tapping, but also increases your vertical speed.


Also I am most active on Twitter and such now'days, so if you wanna stay up to date on these crazy projects, feel free to give me a follow- https://twitter.com/Mamoruanime

We also greatly appreciate any exposure on this, as well as the other projects on http://voidteam.net/games/, so if you enjoy them, please share them :D

Entertainment / Critical Hint!
« on: November 17, 2013, 09:37:49 am »
Jordan (djvenom), my buddy Tyler and myself created a little YouTube series based around completely true, unfabricated and hidden video game tricks and hints called Critical Hint!

The wonderful composer Aivi Tran typo'd "Critical Hit" and I thought it was a good idea to make a game hint show *shrugs* I dunno.

Why are you posting it here!!??
Shut up. ZFGC is where I started this whole game !@#$% so it's only fair.

Anyway! We make videos weekly for it. You should check it out or something.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjc8q1v4oCo" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjc8q1v4oCo</a>

...If you enjoy it, please for the love of god share it like H1N1.

Other Projects / Mangore the Magnificent
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:13:41 am »
Mangore the Magnificent

Copyright 2011 by FOUNTAIN

Come one, come all! Witness MANGORE, the MAGNIFICENT! A Death-defying stunt!
Secured by iron locks and put in a watery container! Failure means a CERTAIN DROWNING DEATH!
You are Mangore, escape artist by trade. Tonight you shall perform your most daring trick yet. Chained and submerged in freezing water, you must attempt to break free before you run out of air. The clock is ticking, the chains are getting heavier, the crowd is restless... Will you be able to escape?

How to play:
Use the keyboard buttons to escape.
Art: junkboy
Code: Mammy
SFX & Music: surasshu

Discussion / Your ideal "ZFGC" dev team?
« on: March 03, 2011, 08:36:12 pm »
The idea of this is simple; If you had to make a team of ZFGCers to make a game, who would you choose and why? You can't choose yourself, so choose wisely ;3

This is my ideal team:

Programming: Infini - Could sneeze and make a fun game :P Nuff said.
Programming: therabidwombat - Very skilled coder and "Fini' approved!"
Graphics: DJvenom - Makes some of the most beautiful sprites I've seen when he's put his mind to it :D
Sound: tssf - While remakes/demakes are his strong suit, he makes some pretty nice original compositions
Writing: Dantz - This is a no brainer; Dantz is the king of writingz

Out of curiosity, anyone know of a writeup regarding the stat systems of Diablo II, Castlevania SotN (or other modern Castlevania game) defining what each stat does, and how it affects attack, health, defense, etc? It's primarily for studying purposes, but I can't find any good documentation on any of it. There are some good ones for games like Final Fantasy, but that's a little more complex than I'm looking for.

Entertainment / Humble Bundle 2!
« on: December 14, 2010, 05:16:20 pm »
That time again; http://www.humblebundle.com/ is letting you set your price for a collection of games :P good stuff

Discussion / Anyone have my really old pseudo-3d Chocobo game I made in GM?
« on: November 21, 2010, 10:48:03 am »
Out of curiosity D:

It was a remake of the minigame that came with Final Fantasy 8. I miss it D:

I'm no good with math, so this definitely perplexes me.

Lets say I have an object with a position of 128,256 and I want it to move towards another object with a position of 64x32 with a speed of 4 pixels per frame. How exactly do I determine the amount of x it must travel vs the amount of y it must travel to maintain a speed of 4 pixels per frame (in such a way that it's moving exactly the same speed as if it were just moving along the y axis or just the x axis respectively)?

Sure I could cop out and simply subtract from x and y each frame, but that would look really weird, and it would completely ignore the speed factor.

Insight on this crazy "probably needs sqr's" dilemma would be much appreciated ;p

Entertainment / Should I go see mcchris at the Blind Pig tomorrow!?
« on: November 06, 2010, 12:13:12 pm »
Decide for me!

I wanna go but I dunno if I should D:

For those wondering "who the !@#$%'s mc chris"-

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqiasBVGtX8" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqiasBVGtX8</a><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqUmMCb4r-U" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqUmMCb4r-U</a>

Entertainment / Xbox Live Gold Trial Cards ;3
« on: October 16, 2010, 03:32:22 am »
Anyone got any trial cards handy? :P I'm getting a year sub next friday, but I'm trying to ride it out until then XD

:( My Halo Reach didn't come with one like everyone else's :(

Graphics / WIP Cirno art
« on: September 19, 2010, 01:32:10 pm »

and then the pre-ink color test:

Still a WIP

maybe you can hire... the B-Team.

p.s. just a random boredom sketch

Entertainment / Reach in less than 23 hours
« on: September 13, 2010, 05:44:38 am »
Who else is getting it?

I'm waiting my ass at the gamestop for one at midnight. Got myself a new 360 for this !@#$% D:

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