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Other Projects / Silus - An RPG by Jetstorm4 (Completed)
« on: April 05, 2020, 04:00:56 am »

In the age of discovery, a young archaeologist and his friends explore a ruin, finding a piece of the secret that will shake the foundation on which the world is built. With this knowledge, they journey to stop a man set on awakening a great power that could destroy everything they love. With forces beyond their comprehension against them, they set off to find the lost capital of the Frejian Empire, in hopes that they are not too late.

Silus is a turn-based role playing game in which you control a rotating party of characters following a story of discovery, friendship, and the struggles of learning from the past to create a better future. Solve puzzles, fight dangerous enemies, and learn of the world by exploring each area to its fullest.

    -Seven playable party members total in a rotating cast of characters
    -Solve your way through several dungeons and battle enemies in random encounters with quick combat and movement.
    -Exploit enemy weaknesses using seven elemental types and use buffs/debuffs to succeed in battle!
    -Multiple side quests! Featuring an item trading quest, a block pushing minigame, and side dungeons where powerful optional bosses wait for you to challenge them.
    -A main quest of about 10-15 hours!
    -Silus can be played with either a keyboard or a controller and settings can be changed from the options menu


Download Silus through Itch!

So hello ZFGC! It's been a long time! I don't know who's around anymore from back about 2008/2009 timeframe when I was way
more active on here, but since I discovered the board is still around about a year ago I decided to post my latest game on
here since well... this is pretty much where I started. Hell, I'm pretty sure I posted my first game back from 2005 on some form
of this site or its many versions. I've been working on this game for about two and a half years and after
all that time I finally have it in what I would call a completed state! There may be an update or two later down the line but nothing
drastic, I'm calling it done! The game is downloadable through itch and you can download it for free there!
If you catch me somewhere and remember me, you can say hi too! I don't bite!

Entertainment / Project Needlemouse... Sonic 4???
« on: February 04, 2010, 06:26:45 pm »
Kotaku article:

Sonic 4 site:

so, looks like Sega is trying to regain some respect with the old school Sonic fans... by making a sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

so, how does this seem to everyone else? Personally, I'll play it for sure, of course I'll miss the Sonic Unleashed style I liked (for some reason?) but I'm really not sure if this move is a good thing or a bad thing...

Episodic seems like an idea, if its like Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles it shouldn't be bad... but still not sure myself on this idea either...

ZFGC... you decide....

Entertainment / Just something I found...
« on: July 18, 2009, 08:47:37 am »
This is amazing, and hilarious too...
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUEO9Mfmn4M" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUEO9Mfmn4M</a>
Yeah, the stuff you find on the internet huh?

I was pleased at least, seeing as I've been playing this one right now.

Entries / [Primary] Mr. McCheesay
« on: December 02, 2008, 11:29:47 pm »
Mr. McCheesay

Character Biography
Mr. McCheesay is the leader of the Super Nacho Grande Squad (the SNGS for short), consisting of himself, Ms. Nacho, and Mr. Meaty. Together, they face the forces of evil such as the professor Moldy Bean or the Crazed Cabbage. However, Mr. McCheesay has taken the time out of his schedule to fight for power in the ZFGC Character Comp! Will he prevail? Will he be triumphant? Or will he become meerly a Cheese Sandwich to the competitors? Tune in to find out! Same cheesy time! Same cheesy channel!

What kind of cheese is he?

He is Cheddar, the ultimate and purest form of cheese.





Misc Info:
Remember, he is the Cheesiest! He is the Cheddar that comes in the night! He is the Big Cheese! (insert cheese pun here).

Entertainment / Moon: RPG Remix Adventure
« on: September 28, 2008, 01:52:40 am »
So, with my boredom, I came across an article on Moon: RPG Remix Adventure, a parody RPG Japan-Only for the Playstation 1.

Here, it's on the game and the developers: http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/lovedelic/lovedelic.htm

And here's a review I found:

For clarification: The game starts as a 16-bit RPG, played by the main character, who clocks in 20 hours of gameplay in one 15 minute setting for us. When he goes to bed, he's drawn in to the world of the game, and you must solve all the problems of the world that the "hero" has caused (revive killed monsters, ect...)

It definitely sounds like it strays from the norm of other Jap-RPGs. I would like to find it someday to at LEAST try it.


Other Projects / [Completed] Bunny 2: Rainbow Island Quest
« on: April 08, 2007, 12:01:41 am »
BUNNY II: Rainbow Island Quest

Story: Trigazard has landed into the Rainbow Islands after his defeat
in Bunny 1. He has decided to drain the power of the Islands to power his new
mechanical fortress, and make sure no one gets in his way, so he sent his 7 best
soldiers to rid the Islands of their inhabitants. However, Bunny has decided to take a
vacation, but when he sees the dark clouds around the Islands, he decides to check it out.

What the game has:
- 8 levels
- 10+ enemies
- 5 weapons


And finally, the download:
Download Bunny 2.zip

Happy Easter!

Okay, here's a solution to the downloading problem:
I use Host-A-Hosting, below the link to download, below the link to download, there is
another link, click that link to download directly from Host-A.

Recruitment / I need two positions: Spriter and Background artist
« on: April 02, 2007, 10:57:58 pm »
Here's the deal: I suck at spriting, so I need two people for a new Platformer game.
I will need someone to do:
               Main Character
           Background Art
               Castle Exterior and Interior

I will be doing the programing parts, I'll even show you how your work is being
incorporated into the game.

What you need to be able to do:
   Sprite in a cartoony, bright, platformer style
   Timeliness, an important step in life

    Please post as I really need some help ( The big rush is the Enemies and Backgrounds)

Spriter: *NEED*
Backgrounds: *NEED*

Coding / (GM 6.1) Creating objects at a click point ???
« on: August 15, 2006, 06:28:25 pm »
In Gamemaker version 6.1, how do you make a system where you click anywhere
(global.left or right button click) and an object (such as a spell object) is created where you
Very confused... ???

Other Projects / Bunny 2: Rainbow Island Quest
« on: July 29, 2006, 09:14:35 pm »

DEMO 1 (Probably the only one...):   http://host-a.net/getfile.php?usern=Jetstorm4&file=Bunny 2 DEMO.zip

Bunny 2 is the sequel to Bunny, that one game that's somewhere in the completed games
section. Don't worry, this game is MUCH better than that one.

Bunny 2 Demo:

Story: Bunny has decided to take a vacation in the Rainbow Islands, a cluster of Islands named
after the colors of the rainbow. But when he gets there, he finds that Trigazard is draining the
energy from the Rainbow Islands to power up his cannon! Bunny decides to stop Trigazard at all costs by
defeating his 7 best cohorts and disconect Trigazard's Fortress from them!

Left/Right arrow keys- Move
Up arrow key- Go into doors
J Key- Jump, press in the air to do a double jump!
K Key- Fire weapon (once goten)
P Key- Pause the game, then...
Enter- Resume the game
ESC- Return to Title screen
Q Key- Return to level select.

Bunny can grab different weapons within the game to defeat enemies, grab one when
you see one!
The only weapon in the demo is the Punching Glove.




Sounds/ Music

Sonic 1, 3, CD, and Adventure 2
Mario Series
Wario Land 4
Megaman 3 and X
Kirby Series

Sound Effects are from different resources and
from the RPG Maker 2000 RTP

Graphic Work

(Another Position will be greatly appretiated)

And finally, screenshots!!!

7/29/06 17:10 PM
Well, the demo is here and it's ready for play! Download at the begining of this post.

Other Projects / Arashi Legacy
« on: June 17, 2006, 02:19:08 am »
Arashi Legacy

Info: This is a project I've been working on for some time, it was originaly going to
be made with RM2K but the gameplay got extremley boring when I was working on
it. After years of quiting and trying to find a good story, I  finally have it! This game is made
with GM6 and will have a Zelda-ish style of gameplay.
First though...

Made in: Gamemaker 6.1

Story: The universe was home of two goddesses, they were both able to bend life into
what they wanted. They both wanted to create planets, planets that could hold life.
Althenas, the first goddess, created the first planet. The planet was a huge sphere that was
lush with plantlife and mountains and could easily hold life. Then she created life for her planet.
The planet prospered and was successful.
Tyr, the second goddess, created another planet to rival her sister's planet. This planet was
courupted by Tyr's power, filled with craters and a poison that encircled the planet. This planet
could not support life. Monsters were born from the planet's poison and were able to survive
on there. Tyr, jeleous of Althenas, sealed her into darkness, and sent her poision to the planet of

These planets came to be known as "Earth" and "Moon".

100 centuries later, a young man fell to Earth, he only had 3 things: A Name... A Sword... and... A Book.
He was called to the planet, but why?

Mostly just different actions right now.

Demo: None yet.

Thanks to:
Goodnight for the Heart and Moving engines
Jellyeye for the Enemy engine

More to come soon...

Other Projects / Bunny
« on: April 12, 2006, 12:20:02 am »
This was my first game:
A Platformer Game

Story: Bunny's awesome Golden Carrot made of 24 "Karot" Gold has been stolen by Trigazard, the
evil tiger wizzard!!!
Bunny must fight by traveling to and accending Trigazard's Tower and get his Golden Carrot back!!!

Here's the link:http://host-a.net/getfile.php?usern=Jetstorm4&file=Bunnywithoutinstaller.zip

Here are some screenshots:

*I know the screenshots are not showing, I'll try to find another host*

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