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Entertainment / Wind Waker HD announced
« on: January 23, 2013, 03:47:31 pm »
Just announced in the latest Nintendo Direct (Anyone that likes games may want to check this out... (hint: it was epic))

Video of part in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSF-yNvKmjI
(A few tiny details on the latest (brand new) zelda there too.)

woo yeah! :D

Recruitment / Recruiting a few positions for my MORPG
« on: December 06, 2007, 01:36:38 pm »
Game topic: http://www.zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=6930.0
but it'd probably be better and far easier and quicker to view what the game is here: http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com

and then, all you have to do is take a look here: http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?action=site;sa=jobs

Basically, we're VERY near an alpha test release, just that we need some more character sprite stuff, maps and I need to program a few more things, but those first two are whats holding this game up.

Of course members to join the team itself and stay with us on this project would be great, but if you just want to help out to get this alpha test launched, then that'll be a huge help too.

All of this is really explained on the project page of the site anyway (http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?action=site;sa=projectupd)

So yeah, if you can help us out, we'd be immensely thankful (and would everyone else waiting on this game lol) ^^

Other Discussion / My first real Japanese to Englsh translations
« on: May 06, 2007, 05:46:50 pm »
Not too sure if this is the best place, but as i just want to show off my first efforts, instead of generally linking you to cutscenes of games...
(.heck//G.U. cutscenes to be precise)


but yeah, the 7 minute (longest) one took about 3 hours :x (thanks to trying to hear and work out the kanji of complicated words and then trying to make it actually make sense lol)

but i'm pretty sure they're pretty much perfect now and i'm pretty pleased with my first attempts at using my growing japanese knowlegde for something useful :P
adding in the subtitles was easy though, using probably one of the best programs available, aegisub

Recruitment / New Team Member Needed For "The World" MORPG
« on: April 01, 2007, 12:18:31 pm »
We really need someone that would love to help us out with spriting, primarily with the character battle sprites.

You can find out about the basic info on the game here: http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?topic=10.0

and here is some info on planned things to come: http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?topic=404.0

We will be going with a "tales of eternia"/"tales of the world 3" style of sprites, for the battle engine.
You can see screenshots of that style here:

Your first mission will be to create basses for each class and then go from there, to help make sheets for each class.

If you have any previous sprites you've made that are anywhere near this style, then please post a few when you reply, if you are interested.

This isn't just a request for a few sprites, but an advertisement for a new team member that we hope will be with us on this project for quite some time to come.


Feedback / Locking topics
« on: March 15, 2007, 05:46:40 pm »
Not too sure if this is the best place but....
why the hell do people feel the need to actually lock a topic to force people not to reply when they've "solved" a problem? (in boards like the programming one)
what if they solved it badly? someone gave crap advise? i want to tell them they're an idiot?
I can neither try to help or do the opposite T_T
I can't even see a valid reason for locking a topic, just because you think you "solved" whatever problem you had is no *reason* :S
but more like an excuse just to annoy me? :D lol

Please enlighten me to why people do this :S


Nintendo revealed to Famitsu.com, at the company???s recent press conference unveiling its financial results, that Wii would arrive in Japanese stores with a maximum price tag of 25,000 yen.

Let???s break this maximum price down to global prices, by comparing it with the upcoming DS Lite. The Japanese price of 16800 yen converts directly into $150 / ???117 / ??80. Of course due to US prices being listed without taxes, additional shipping to Europe and added taxes there of up to 20% are already included in the price, so it comes down to the official global prices of $130 / ???150 (+28.2%) / ??100 (+25%).

Looking at the Wii price of 25,000 yen, that converts directly into $223 / ???175 / ??119. When deciding regional prices for their products they can???t just stay with the nearest number, but they can round it off so it???s easy for customers to pay for at the store. Keeping that in mind, we can expect the Wii prices to be: $225 / ???225 / ??150 !!

Add in a second controller and you???re at $250, you???re going to get at least one new game, which puts you at $300. Perhaps these low prices are why Nintendo has predicted on the same press conference that sales of six million units by March 2007 are achievable for the Wii.


The executive vice president of Opera for Devices, Scott Hedrick, has revealed that Nintendo Wii owners will be using the console's unique remote controller to surf the web.

In an interview with IGN, Hedrick said: "The remote control is an extremely advanced tool. Opera plans to use this to its full advantage and it will provide an intuitive way to surf the Web."

"Imagine the possibilities in terms of surfing with a motion sensitive remote control."

Hedrick declined to give details of how the control system will work, stating only: "I cannot specifically comment on the lack of keyboard, but many devices running Opera don't have keyboards, such as the Nintendo DS, and feature on-screen keyboards to solve this problem."

He went on to say that Opera won't be sold separately from the Wii - but stopped short of confirming whether or not it'll come with the console as standard. However, it's clear that Hedrick believes online gaming will play a key part in the success of Nintendo's new console: "As Nintendo touts Wii as always connected it is natural that a browser should be a part of their strategy, as a gateway to the Web."

"I believe that Web technology will increasingly be a part of the gaming experience, whether it's live content being pushed onto games or you're just checking your Web mail while playing Mario Kart."

"We're seeing access to the Web in more and more places and in more and more ways, it was simply a matter of time before it spread to game consoles."

Entertainment / Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society
« on: August 23, 2006, 04:27:32 pm »
trailer: http://clappa.jp/special/003/special_003_02.html/

airs in japan 1st september
i cant wait :D

edit: i found a torrent of the first shown trailer, translated and pretty high quality
Code: [Select]
gonna have to copy and paste that into your address bar

Other Discussion / has anyone ever had a dream where...
« on: August 19, 2006, 10:26:56 pm »
you've been chased by something and then you end up like running away really, really slowly, or just cant move at all?
or how about a dream that you know is a dream and even maybe can control it? :O
i've had those happen a few times, but i dont usually remember my dreams too often though :(
or how about one where you float down the stairs? apparently evenones had that dream and its incredably scary, but im not too sure if i can remember having a dream like that

Other Projects / [Demo] The World (New graphics coming in! 2009/06/23)
« on: August 07, 2006, 11:39:45 am »

News - 23rd June 2009
We now have a lead artist and things are starting to look nice :D

Old news:

(16th March 2009)
I've released a new client to fix a lot of small things.
As always you'll get it via playing the game normally.

(13th March 2009)
I've been working on programming the client the last few weeks/months, and a client update is finally ready!
You can download it when you start the game normally.

Seeing as I've only been working on the code side of things, there's no new content such as maps or anything (we need your help here!). Also I had to make the new GUI graphics, which is why they're terrible (help here too please!). So please put up with this until the right people with the right talents step up to conquer these problems!

See you in game! ...Maybe.

Newest screenshots of the current version you can play right now too!

Older screenshots:

For the best and most news about this project, please go the the official website.

This is a small MORPG based on "the world" from the .heck series (Find out more about .heck here)

NEW (lies, it's all old):

Battle Engine Preview

New screenshots for the battle engine have now arrived to fuel your curiosity about how the game is progressing. Enjoy!

The battle world will be separate from the world, and they will be fought in an exciting, action-filled sidescrolling world.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're outnumbered...

...but one good attack can give you the upper hand.

There are many environments to explore not only in the overworld, but in battle mode as well.

Don't underestimate the monsters, or you'll lose the fight!

This is just the beginning of what the development team has in mind. Keep your eyes on the forum for more upcoming news on The World's development!

More News: Overworld Map Previews

The team isn't only working on the battle ending, but also working to improve the overworld engine. These improvements include new maps, smoother controls, and an external map maker to allow field generation. Here's a small preview of a bigger and improved version of a particular town.

This next shot shows the special field, Hulle Granz Cathedral, in its developing phases.

As with the battle engine development, stay tuned on the forums for further news on the maps and overworld system.

Upcoming Beta

It's almost time for what you've all been waiting for. This month has brought us many surprises, including people willing to sprite for us! Hopefully, with these new possible teammates, the developers can get the game running smoothly. In the next month or two, expect a beta to be released. According to hawthorneluke, the team is now working to release a beta as soon as possible...

"...We need the spirtes, need to strip the client down to an offline mode and make sure its all OK, and fix whatever, add in the new, already done networking and whatever other features, and have maps made, host the server somewhere, and the beta's ready."

A date will be disclosed to the public for the release once the beta progresses through its final stages. Features will include customizable characters and improved controls. A taste of the battle engine is possible, but highly unlikely due to the lack of work completed on it so far.

Final Words

To all who are waiting anxiously to try .heck//The World, thank you for your patience. Once the game gets into gear, it will be worth the wait. Thanks to the volunteer spriters. It's all down to you guys, but we believe that you can pull through for us, and we can't have the beta without your skills. The team is working hard to bring you the best beta they can give you.

Also, remember that these screenshots are VERY early, and there is still a lot of aesthetic work to be put into it, so don't take in too much from them. They are simply a preview of how things work.

Until next time!

(copy from http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?topic=771.0#msg7648)



Online (Low Quality):
Google Video

It's started to get dark, best turn on the lights.

Just trying to change a few settings.

Strolling around another "root town" just before morning.


The Overworld is where most of the time will most likely be spent by the players.
In the Overworld, the camera-perspective will be top-down very much like in RPG Maker or the Overworld in the 2D "Tales of" series.

These are what the Overworld contains:

Monsters (with which you can initiate a fight)
Other Players
Other Players that are in Combat-mode (seen from outside the fight)

Towns will work pretty much like .heck.
They're lobbies for players to find eachothers, contain shop npcs and the Chaos Gate with which you can move out to fields.

-will come soon-

Going to a field is done by using the Chaos Gate, just like in .heck.
You form together your area with the usage of three letters and after having been to a field, it'll pop up in a list below the input for easy access.

-will come soon-

Monsters will be found walking around in fields. This means that there will be NO random battles. If you don't run into a monster, you won't fight.
When you initiate combat with a monster, you will leave the Overworld and go into Combat-mode.
This will transition you away completely from Overworld. You won't be able to see players outside your party while in a fight unless they are taking part in the fight too.

Other Players
When not in a fight, you will be able to see and talk to players in the Overworld freely, be it in a town or a field. You are able to give your member address (though this will not mean you get the other player's member address unless s/he gives it to you) and invite players into your party.

Other Players that are in Combat-mode
When walking around in a field or dungeon, you will see other players fighting monsters.
These will be shown with their Overworld characters standing still in front of their opponent, surrounded by a Battle Area.
You will not be able to see their individual actions in combat from outside the Battle Area.
Approaching a Battle Area will transition you into Combat-mode, putting you into the fight, allowing you to see the players fight and join in.
Note: You CAN take damage from monsters if you have entered someone else's Battle Area.

As you approach a monster, combat will commence and you will be transferred from the Overworld into Combat-mode.
While in Combat-mode, the camera-perspective will be sideways 2D, much like that of Tales of Phantasia (SNES, GBA), or as shown in this picture.

The combat will be action-oriented with your stats as a base for power and such and will be set at a fairly high pace.

-MANY more details will come about combat soon-

I've just tried to use PALib and it seems amazing and i'd like to actually use the games on my DS instead of emulators and i've seen theres quite a few ways to do so. so can anyone tell me what they think is the best way to go about doing this and why? (so far it seems like the EZ Flash 3 looks the best)

Feedback / what happened to my email notifications?
« on: August 04, 2006, 06:16:01 pm »
since z3, they've stopped coming :S

Entertainment / tales of symphonia OVA
« on: July 27, 2006, 11:01:05 pm »
scroll to the bottom

i think that'l explain what there is to explain

i thought the game story was incredable, so the ova should be pretty interesting and hopefully awesome to watch :D
btw, i've heard people say that the tales of symphonia story isnt amazingly great, but i thought it was, but i havent played too many rpgs, so could someone that thinks that way tell me what some rpgs are with even better storys? thanks :D

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