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Other Projects / [Ludim Dare 26 Entry] Gors Cross
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:45:37 pm »
So me and two other people got together for a game jam aka ludum dare, and the theme was minimalism. So one of them(someone by the name of gors) suggested an Idea he came up with a few days before and well we put it together, with me making most of the basic spritework and all the programming, someone named Gors with his amazing piece that blows my original chiptune out of the water. So the basis of it is a 5 sided flat rubix cube in the shape of a cross. The basic controls on keyboard work kinda similar to yoshi cookie.

Ludum Dare Submission

Voting Starts at around Midnight of EST(Slightly before) so if you like it please vote for us.

Graphics / Kami's Art Thread(Pixel Art and Drawings)
« on: February 21, 2013, 02:38:50 am »
I've finally felt like doing something with my new tablet, soI've decided to open an art thread.

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tight butthole this sketch gave me trouble, as the original sketch killed itself when I tried saving it.

This is a WIP of a Armored Crab concept art for KOT.

I'll be adding stuff as I work with it

Discussion / Luigi's Mansion 2D: Eternal Night
« on: February 10, 2013, 12:35:15 am »
So as you guys probably have noticed that i've been a bit less active even after I sorted out some real life issues.
It's due to be continuing to work on a project that was in haitus since march of last year, and doing a crapload of coding and spriting for it. I started the game in early December of 2011.
The Games Called Luigi's Mansion 2D: Eternal Night. It's is an openworld game similar to Metroid and the later Castlevania games. Normal when people thing of luigi's mansion they don't think of platforming, but  sofar I'm doing a good job of making it work. This originally was a collab between me and my friend(graphics wise and programming wise) but he ended up getting busy, felt like it's be better of if he worked on his own project and then went into the military. So it's just me and the couple composers working on it.

I honestly have made a crapton of progress more than I have shown(Even though the overall completion of the game is around 5-6%), I just don't feel like having a screenshot for every feature I add. I placed this in the discussion as it's more lax and I don't have to post a certain amount of screenshots a month. I'll post a demo once I get a more formal build finished with a certain amount of the game done.

Show content
Luigi's Mansion 2D's gameplay is unique and complex compared to most 2D platformers and mimics the way the original LM controls. Luigi once again uses the Poltergust 3000 and his flashlight to catch ghosts and must wrestle with the ghosts once he has them being pulled by the vacuum's power. Like in the original Luigi's Mansion there is strong emphasis on atmosphere and the open ended world, Luigi can vacuum many objects in the Mansion such as furniture and decorations and expect to find treasure, power ups, and sometimes ghosts. Generally Luigi will have to search the objects in the mansion in order to make progress. Unlike the original Luigi's Mansion, LM2D is much faster paced and action oriented, Luigi is no longer restricted to just the mansion and can visit areas outside as well, the areas are also much larger and allow more room for platforming where as Luigi's Mansion 1 was strictly an adventure game. And the only linear part of the game is the first area, and even it has hidden secret pathways that can be accessed later in the game.

The Basic Prolouge of the game:
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One day, out of nowhere the sun disappeared and there was an eerie full moon along with an endless night, It lasted for 2 whole days before Mario decided to figure out why, so he sets off to find the cause and stop who caused it, a week later there hasn't been a sign of Mario, so Luigi goes in search of Mario, But what Luigi doesn't know is that King Boo isn't behind Mario's disappearance and the endless night, but a far more sinister entity...... Can Luigi Save his brother again and put an end to the never ending night?

Someone ended up making a video for a demo I release in march of last year.
I've also already fixed a certain few glitches mentioned in this video.
Show content
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1R1ALmQ9lU" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1R1ALmQ9lU</a>

~Of what was actually uploaded to youtube(Theres more, just that this is a little sample of what's done):
Show content
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWfPuhYrf0" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWfPuhYrf0</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re559ncCyJg" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re559ncCyJg</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLSQhM1E1_c" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLSQhM1E1_c</a>

Show content

A screenshot of the first mansion and the fire element

A screenshot of water test, and a custom enemy

Underground Screenshot

Ground-Level Forest Screenshot

This is a screenie of the title screen, note info will be changed to options, once I finalize the options menu.

Map Screenshot


Lightning Element Screenshot

Bomb/Block Interaction

Bomb/Living Enemy Interaction

A textbox Screenshot and It also shows the savefeature

A Screensot of in the Ghostship before I made some tweeks to the fog.

Some Screenies of Pillars(Which are the Solid Equivelant of Moving Platforms)
Ignore the floaty pillar that's visible in one screenshot as it's only there to prove that it moves.

A Screenie of Lava

A screenie of the first Miniboss

Feedback / The Calender is broken again.
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:35:49 pm »
Yep, the calender is broken again. Probably a simple fix.

Found that it was broken while going through out the site seeing if there was anything outdated.

Edit: It says "An Error has occured: invalid year value."

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission]Lithe and the Kompus
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:08:58 am »
Name: Lithe
Location The region is Dependent on the Lunar Phase.(EG. Zora Domain during the first phase, Goron Mountain the second phase, Geruedo Desert the third phase, etc)
Race: Devil/Demon thingy Working on the new extinct race Idea.
Age: She's a Devil/Demon, Question invalid
Description: She likes to give satirical comments and likes to make fun of things. She dislikes Ganon, Octorocs and Kokiri. [/s]She has red hair, bluish-black bat wings, blueish-black horns, red eyes[/s], She wears clothing(Obviously).
She likes to make fun of things and can be a bit sarcastic at times. She greatly dislikes Ganondorf, and secretly hopes for his demise, yet doesn't actively seek a means for his distruction.

~She has lost alot of Kompus, and she wants them back as they can cause quite a bit of trouble.
She will offer to give link a reward depending on how many you get withing a set amount of time.

Also, if this is accepted I call dibs on her Concept Art.

Location:Same region as Lithe, so it's dependant on the lunar cycle.
Some of them are found roaming around hyrule. They only are findable after you  talk to Lithe, and agree to help her catch her Kompus.
Description:White fluffy creatures with eyes, ears, legs and a tail. They dislike being near people in general and like to cause trouble. When ever link approches them, while they are looking at him, they will run away, so he has to sneak up on them and grab them. If link corners one if he doesn't grab it quick enough, it'll knock him down and procede to get away from you. You pick them up like pots and such.

I also call the Kompu Concept art since it goes with Lithe.
Changelog:(I'm using international format because not everyone is from the US)
12-2-13:Some minor strike outs till I get my ideas together on the extinct new race idea.
17-1-13: Quick removal of plot connection.
16-1-13~C:Simplification Again
16-1-13~B:Simplification.(Since Star said she felt it was adding too mch to the game with alot of features)
16-1-13:Adorable Fluffy Thingys that you must collect.
15-1-13:Massive changes(Removed Companion, Changed to normal NPC)
10-1-13~A: Added in the basic origins and her motives.

King of Thieves / [Random Concept Idea]Karma
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:29:04 pm »
So the basic idea is if you do not socially accepted actions you recieve bad karma, and doing positive things gives you positive karma.
So in theory we could have it so negative things can happen if you have a bad karma history and positive things if you have a positive karma history.

Eg. if you steal from houses or shops you get negative karma, if you help someone being robbed you get positive karma. If we think this is a good Idea, I could flesh it out a bit more.

King of Thieves / Are we still alive here?
« on: September 08, 2012, 04:44:25 pm »
So ya, it seems like activity on the project has taken a nosedive. Do any of you guys have an Idea why?

Discussion / Unnamed Indie game.
« on: July 27, 2012, 02:30:50 am »
I've started working on an Indie game a bit ago, I'm not comfortable to say it's name yet since I don't have enough done, and I haven't even started on the engine, I'm currently making the graphics and music. I'll update it as I feel like sharing more.

Setting:The game takes place in a plane know as the Demon World by average people of the Mortal Plane(Human World). The Demon World is split into regions or Kingdoms, each kingdom is ruled by Noble Family of Demons with a pure bloodline. Members of  these noble families are called Kami or Gods. Members of these families Have superior control of what their Has chosen when it was first started. You start out with a few weapons and items(Including a Health and a Magic Potion) and a type of magic depending on the character you chose. The Technology level of the game is similar to feudal Europe and Feudal Japan, But is specifically higher for Forge Demons.

Story:The story depends on the individual character.

Medium: C# and XNA

Planned Gameplay Info:
The game itself will be a heck 'n' slash action platformer.

Finally finished it, someone I know felt theat I should add the two WIPs together, so I did and with a little tinkering This is the result.

Graphic Previews:
-Generic Dragon:

It's a work in progress colorwise.

Feedback / More Profile Modifications
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:46:25 pm »
Could whoever was messing with my custom member title stop it, I don't like changing it back, but it irritates me when it's messed with.

The issue was that someone kept replacing the 'I' in Kami with an 'E'.

Entertainment / Minecraft(IDK, I felt like getting it for no reason)
« on: July 22, 2012, 05:15:00 pm »
I won a bet yesterday got some money, and now I have Mindcraft. IDK why I got it but I already died in it.  :o

Anything happen to you guys this weeken that's video game releated?

Graphics / Jabu-Jabu inside tileset
« on: July 21, 2012, 01:59:31 pm »
I was looking around on another forums and found this:
The tileset aslo has a few examples. Don't credit me for it. I felt like showing MaJoRa it, but it's usable for anyone.

The tileset itself uses the limitations of the SNES LTTP palette.

Mini-Bosses / [Submission]Helmaroc
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:09:30 pm »
Name: Helmaroc
HP: 8
Location: Mini-Boss for Roc's Cape, Theres only one in the game.
Description: It is similar to a Kargaroc, but slightly larger by a about a foot, it has naturally forming armor plates on it, and you can only damage it by using objects on it's back. WW Design for kargaroc is used as a base.
   Peck- 2 HP
It moves back and then pushes forward to peck you, and theres a 50% chance of knocking you down. It stops for a second to regain it's Balance after this attack.
   Wing Buffet-
It only uses this if link trys to flank it while it's not stunned, isn't stopped, or right after link hits it's back with something.It starts flapping it's wings rapidly, and the wind from pushes link away from the helmarock.(It'll slowly push link towards the edge to make it fair.) If link gets pushed to the edge he will fall as if it was a pit and would then fall to the map right below the arena(Close to were you climbed up to the peak, which isn't very far away.) and you'd have to climb back up to restart the battle.(Moldorm Battle Reference). While being pushed by the buffet, walking towards it doesn't allow you to move, because it cancels out the effect of the Wing Buffet, Rolling is also slowed if your going in the direction that the buffet is coming from, the rolling is speed up if your rolling in the opposite direction of where the buffet is coming from.
   Skull Smash- 2.25 HP
It moves back and then pushes forward to peck you, but this time it slams it's head into the ground, causing a small shockwave(With a diameter of four 16x16 squares) that knocks link down if he touches it. It's head is stuck in the ground for the same amount of time it's stunned, this counts as it being stunned.
Player Combat Countermeasures:
-When it pecks, you have a chance to stab its back real quickly.
-If a boomerang hits it and is ineffective.
-Hookshot bounces off of it's armor; if it hits it's back, it's stunned for a part of a second.
Combat: He is pretty simple, he acts kind of like a Kargaroc, but will try to keep you from flanking it by using wing buffet to push you back, When it pecks, like a kargarock it stops for a second to regain it's balance, leaving it's back exposed. You they use an item or slash it a couple times and it then turns around and uses wing buffet to push you away, after a few seconds it move in and then it would do a Skull Smash, after a few hits to the back it would use wing bufffet again, pause for a seconde before coming over to peck you and then the battle continues.
-When he's off balance you can use the magnet gloves to pull him to the ground, which makes him fall and it stuns him for a little longer than if he was just off balance.
Arena: The battle takes place at the peak of Mt. Goron. To get to the arena you have to climb a wall. The arena is surrounded by cliffs.

I seperated it from Kargaroc since it's a miniboss. Also could upper management move the repies that have to do with the helmaroc to this topic.

Discussion / 39Dll, What data should I send for online coop?
« on: July 18, 2012, 01:52:32 am »
I'm currently working on a game in GM8, It is planned to have online coop.
I'm working with the DLL, 39dll for online support since GM8's basic online support sucks.
I have an intermediate understanding of 39dll.

I'm wondering what I should send data-wise so it's efficient and works on 2-4 "clients" with minimal bytes being sent.
I know I should Sync up collisions but but should I just send the x, y, direction, speed, and if it's dead and so forth.
What to you guys think I should do for it? I'm kind of lost, TBA.

Mini Games / [Submission]Scripture Ripture
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:16:52 pm »
Name: Scripture Ripture
Location: Nigel's Antique shop.
Description:There is a messy pile in the center of the shop, Nigel will ask you if you'd like to help him clean up the mess. You have to sort the books, scrolls, vases and other objects. The more objucts put into the correct place the more rupees you'll earn. You'll have 120 seconds to complete the minigame. When you grab an item, an arrow will show you where to place the object, by hovering over it. If the object is a broken version, an arrow will appear above the trash can. You can place the objects in any place but it'll only count if you put it on the right shelf or table. Large Vases and Large Hourglasses slow you down. You can only take an object on top of the pile.
Cost: 20 Rupees
Basic Book-10 pts
Rare Book- 25 pts
Basic Vase- 20 pts
Rare Vase- 40 pts
Simple Scroll- 5 pts
Intermediate Scroll- 10 pts
Rare Scroll- 20 pts
Manuscript- 10 pts
Rare Manuscript- 15 pts
Hourglass- +10 seconds
Big Hourglass- +20 seconds

Point Set 1- 20 Rupees
Point Set 2- 40 Rupees
Point Set 3(First Time)- 15 secret seashells
Point Set 3(Else)- 60 Rupees
Point Set 4(First Time)- Empty Bottle
Point Set 4(Else)- 80 Rupees
Point Set 5+(First time)- Heart Piece
Point Set 5+(Else)- 100 Rupees

I'm still in the process of think of the value for each point range, so it would have to be play tested.

Mini-Bosses / [Submission]Heretic Darknut
« on: July 17, 2012, 10:48:25 pm »
Name: Heretic Darknut
HP: 12
Location: Mini-Boss of the Secret Mini-Dungeon of Sheikah Temple
Decription: A Heavily Armored Knight, it carries a sword and shield. Each Darknut is a swordmaster with decades of training before they were given objectives or tasks. He used to have authority over all darknuts until his betrayal. Design is based off of the Black Darknut from MC, but his armor and personality were corrupted by the possessed book. His armor is Black-Red in some Places and Black Purple in others. His armor has spikes coming out of it. His helmat is more spiked than normal. He was sealed into the minidungeon my the elders of the sheikah temple since he read a heretic book of black magic. He's only important to the Sidequest Nigel gives you. He also has a reduced stun time when ever he is stunned. When you enter the room through the broken door, he'll roar, and then a purple barrier will appear where the broken door is.
   Unarmed Attack- 1.5 HP
Must be Unarmed. It uses arm thrusts or punches you. After jumping out of the way of an attack, he may counter you with this attack.
   Weapon Attack- 2.25 HP
Requires Weapon. It stabs or slashes at link. He pauses for a moment after this attack. After jumping out of the way of an attack, he may counter you with this attack.
  Shadow Fire Charged Attack- 2.5 HP
Requires Weapon. It charges up for a moment(Leaving it open for an attack), It will fling a ball of purple-black fire at link and the fireball will explode when it touches something or the place where link was when the fireball was created, leaving a mass of shadow fire where it exploded. He stops for a moment after this attack. It will set link on fire and temporarily curse him. If link uses the wooden shield the shield will distinigrate.
   Shield Bash 1.75 HP
Requires shield. If you get to close when he's facing you he'll hit you with his shield.
   Shadow Hurricane Spin- 1.5 HP
Requires Sword. He'll charge up and then spin around the room, it suprisingly doesn't affect him much, Just a quick stun.
   Sword/Shield Call
Requires a missing sword or a missing shield, He'll reach upwards and his sword(If removed) and shield(If removed) will teleport into his hands. Requires a charge up of a 30 seconds to use.

Player Combat Countermeasures:
-A Bomb Stuns Him. He'll jump out of the way of the explosion.
-Melee Weapons and Projectile weapons, except Bombs, can only affect the darknut by hitting it from behind or it's sides. But only if it hits him.
-Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows don't need to hit it from behind in order to effect him. But only if they hit hit him.
-Shield Bash is ineffective unless it's about to slash or stab you.
-If you use Arrows, a Boomerang, or the Hookshot, while it has it's shield, if its from the front, it will block the ranged attacks with it's shield. If it doesn't have a shield if roll out of the way depending on which direction is free and that direction isn't crossing the arrows flight path. He will try to avoid all projectils
-If you use your shield when it's about to hit you, you get pushed back 2 squares, it will not drop it's sword this way.
If you preform a rolling stab it'll jump out of the way, it'll jump to the left if the left is free or the right if the right is free.
If you try to slash at it it'll jump back if it is free in that direction, or the left if the left is free, or the right is free. You will only be able to attack it right after it attacks.
If you run into his armor you get knocked down and knocked back.
A downward thrust will remove his helmet unles he avoids(Unles he's paused or stunned)
-A Boomerang stuns him, unless he moves out of the way.
-Hookshot stuns him, unless he moves out of the way.
-If you stab him from behind twice his armor falls off. But only if it hits him.
-If you use the magnetic gloves when he's about to shield bash you, his shield is removed; disabling it's shield bash attack until it has it's shield again.

Heres the armor pieces and anything removable:
-Chest Plate(Main body armor, basic Frontal protection)
-Gauntlets(One on each arm, Protects the sides)
-Helmat(Not needed to be removed in order to kill it, Protects his head, obviously)
-Shield(Also Not needed to be removed in order to kill, Advanced Frontal protection)
-Sword(A weapon, not armor, but hell you can make him drop it, so it's removable)
-Cape(Not armor, Just a single hit to remove, Weak protection of the back)
-Back Armor(He has armor under the cape that prevents you from striking from behind until it's removed.

As I said in the design submission magnet glove is able to remove metalic objects,
I didn't say this in the submission though:
You can remove the sword(will resist, so ends up being a small tug of war) and the shield(will resist, so ends up being a small tug of war) each seperatly, cape has to be cut off to be removed, gauntlets can be removed by magnet glove after being loosened(Is loosened by being hit). Chest Plate can be removed right after you quickly hit it twice to loosen it, or after you remove his cape to loosen the armor.
He wears a Chainmail that is covered in serated edges, under his armor.

I already stated they aren't removed in order, and there is only 4 pieces of armor, the helmet, and cape don't count since their optional. The Shield are optional as well. The sword is a weapon, so only the chestplate and the gauntlets affect overall health, since they must be removed in order to be able to damage the darknut.

As I've stated:
-The Cape is removed by being cut(optional, this also loosens the chestplate)
-Back Armor is removed by loosening it and then using the magnet glove(Optional)
-The Armor pieces must be loosened to be removed by the magnet gloves.
-The helmet can be knocked off with a downward thrust(Optional)
-Sword & Shield Don't have to be removed(So it's optional)

Side Quests / [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
« on: July 17, 2012, 10:25:25 pm »
Name: Black Book, Where to Look?
Person who gives the sidequest: Nigel, once his shop is finished and opened.
Description: You will go and look in a secret part of the sheikah temple that is a seperate mini-dungeon within the main dungeon, for a rare book in which he has been looking desperatly around hyrule for. He will give you the key that will unlock the door for the entrance of the mini-dungeon. He won't know where exactly it is but he'll say that he's heard rumors about it being somewhere in death valley. The mini-dungeon is inaccesible until Nigel gives you the key. He wants the book to finish an ancient sheikah book collection. You'll have to clear the mini-boss which is a unique darknut know as the Heretic Darknut, who used to be a captian, it has used the book and has gained powers that make him stronger than a normal Darknut Captain. He has the book, but that book is now useless, but it still is valuable so he keeps it.

Reward: A safe to store extra rupees(A safe to put you rupees which then allows you to carry more after deposting them into the safe) If you finish within a certain amount of time, Nigel will pay you 50 rupees.

Interiors / [Submission]Nigel's Antique Shop
« on: July 17, 2012, 09:44:39 pm »
Name: Nigel's Antique Shop
Location: Hyrule Heights
Description: The shop is a construction site. After key points in the storyline, the building will have progress on it. After the last of Nigel's story encounter's he will be seen in the finished shop. When you enter it the first time once it's open you'll see him turn around and fall into a bookshelf causing all of the books on the shelf to fall and bury him. You'll pull him out. And he will recognise you.

The shop will have a minigame in which you can sort the books, and the more put into the correct places the more rupees you'll earn.

He will also have a sidequest in which you will go and look in a secret part of the sheikah temple that is a seperate mini-dungeon within the main dungeon, for a rare book in which he has been looking desperatly around hyrule for. He will give you the key that will unlock the door for the entrance of the mini-dungeon. He won't know where exactly it is but he'll say that he's heard rumors about it being somewhere in death valley.

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission]Grourin the Goron Guard
« on: July 17, 2012, 08:32:32 pm »
Name: Grourin
Race: Goron
Age: 40's
Description: He's a big muscular goron with Sunglasses. He has a handlebar mustache and a goatee to go with it, He Guards the entrance to the path that leads to the Large Rock Wasp hive and is a military Genius, yet the gorons just chill in the Carbon Mines and don't send military action, He has a negative disposition of anyone that isn't goron born, or accepted as a true ally of gorons. He sits on a bench on the right side of the gate, drinking what ever Gorons drink at a bar. He's pretty serious about the plague and usually doesn't approve of outsiders since they might carry the disease. He is also in charge of the people who search incoming people. He is very strict about customs so he has all of links weapons confiscated on entry(The first time only) and locks em in a room in the prison. Add you have to sneak in the prison and get them back. You won't be able to leave without your weapons since the gorons will block the exits. If you get close to the gate, he will get up and block you if you try to go in. He will not let you through unless you have been recognised by the elders or the community. If you get close without being recognised he will grab you and roll you(Like a bowling ball) off a small cliff that leads to the town square, where you will fly into a stall and have to pay the owner for damaged goods. If you keep being persistant he'll call Goron guards to chase you away or lock you in a cell if you get caught. The cell lock can be picked but then you will have to avoid the goron guards stationed at the prison. There may be a heart piece or a large amount of rupees hidden in the prison.

He must have a Russian accent for his speech pattern.

Cut / [Cut]Lizalflos
« on: July 13, 2012, 04:26:55 pm »
Heres a Lizalflos concept art based on HyperRidley's Description. Didn't include his axes, but you get the point.
I might add in basic shading.

Entertainment / What are you currently watching, reading or playing?
« on: July 08, 2012, 06:55:44 pm »
So kinds of things are you currently reading, watching, or types of games you play.

I'm currently in the process of reading through the manga series, Hellsing.

I've been kicking people's asses up in Bioshock 2 Multiplayer, for the hell of it. :P

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