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Recruitment / Recruiting Paid Artist for Shadow of Liimina
« on: September 06, 2015, 11:53:55 am »
Super old idea I had, and the most ambitious one that I've shared on this site. I'd like to have an artist or two who can draw in an anime/Minish cap style.  Basically, I want the art to be as expressive but it doesn't have to be horribly detailed. I've got plenty of time to sit and explain and make sure things look right and I am willing to pay, though I can't afford much off of what I make. If you have the ability to create something similar to this piece http://shmuplations.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/minish02.jpg but less chibi, that would be suitable, as the game will feature graphics similar to Minish cap. However, if you can manage a more realistic style like the one here http://onisuu.deviantart.com/art/hyrule-warriors-Wizzro-521252701 that would be even better.

Coding / Anyone have experience with Unity?
« on: July 14, 2015, 11:29:08 pm »
My team is looking to use Unity but we're all new to game development outside of modding. Unity seems to be capable of all that we want to accomplish but it would be nice to have some help with learning how to use it outside of video tutorials.

Entertainment / Super Smash Bros DLC Fighter Ballot!
« on: April 09, 2015, 07:57:01 pm »

Who did you vote for and why? I know they say please only vote for one character but I voted for multiple anyway.

Vaati- Legend of Zelda
Viewtiful Joe- Viewtiful Joe
Lloyd Irving- Tales of Symphonia
Kratos Aurion- Tales of Symphonia
Zael- The Last Story

Recruitment / Any writers want to help me out?
« on: February 18, 2015, 04:18:39 am »
Pretty simple.. I can't get into a writing groove even though I can come up with creative plots and nice twists fairly easily. Getting it to where it appeals to the player is where I fail. Would anyone like to help me out with creating stories for any of my ideas?

Discussion / TLOZ: Tears of the Gods (WW Prequel Idea)
« on: October 15, 2013, 03:22:12 am »
Okay, so this isn't a game that I plan on making at all. It's just an idea I had that I think someone could really REALLY build off of. Many of the games people seem to make are in the same universes but don't fit so well in the canon universe of Zelda. So I figure, what about a game that happens just before Wind Waker? This game is supposed to branch together OoT and WW.

Theme of the game- Rainfall
Major Characters- Link, Zelda, some evil villain

Basis of the idea- Hyrule is threatened once again by an evil more great than anything that has ever been known to the land. Link (likely the grandson of OoT's Link) goes on a journey to stop this evil from destroying the Hyrule. He uses a relic of the royal family said to possess magical powers that saved the land from Ganondorf nearly a century ago. (the Ocarina of Time) In the end of this game however, he ultimately fails to defeat the evil. He prays to the Gods for their wisdom and he does the only thing that he believes will save their world. He uses his Ocarina and plays the Song of Storms (over and over again) beginning the Great Flood in hopes that the people of the world will adapt to what will become their new way of life.

I know it isn't much to go off of, but I was just thinking it would really be something if there was a game where you played up until the flood that changed Hyrule forever. I was thinking that the end of the game would actually be that you'd get to see the storm pouring down over Hyrule as the people of the world all crafting rafts and boats or seeking refuge upon their rooftops noticing that the rain isn't stopping. Maybe that evil was actually Ganon yet again and Link simply wasn't ready to fight him. Only this time, he couldn't travel through time to become more powerful. I dunno, it was just something on my mind after I heard a really amazing version of the Song of Storms.

Entertainment / Ura Zelda Project (Have you seen it?)
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:27:17 am »
I was reading some things on this game and it looks impressive. I'm liking the look of everything aside of the Hero of Light. Graphically it looks almost exactly how I wanted Six Sage Sword to look. I'm really impressed with it. I hope that after finishing up my other projects and learning coding that I can become someone capable of leading a team into greatness such as that.

Discussion / (Untitled) LoZ Side Scrolling Beat-em up idea
« on: January 17, 2013, 10:57:13 am »
So I started playing Scott Pilgrim yesterday, and it inspired me to create a Zelda game that played sort of like it. I have fun with the game and I think it would be great for characters and worlds from all over Zelda to come together and fight in 2-4 player action. I don't intend on a story, it's more just a pick up and have fun game.

I'll probably add some stuff to this idea at random obscure times, as it is really just here so I don't forget.



Young Link/Oni Link
Skull Kid Majora


Wolf Link/Midna

Ghirahim- (All form)

I figure each era could be separated into worlds. Like mario does with 1-1, 1-2 etc. But maybe only go to 4 or 5 for each.


1- Old Hyrule (OoT Era)
2- Holodrum
3- Labrynna
4- Termina
5- New Hyrule (TP Era)
6- The Surface (SS Era)

Mini Games / [Submission] Hookshot Grabbing Game
« on: January 16, 2013, 06:19:12 am »
A minigame that could teach you to master the hookshot. I was thinking of something along these lines...

You are in a room, and on the other side of a counter. You are free to move around on your side. On the opposite end is a whack a mole type thing, but instead of moles appearing to be wacked, Small Tectites are jumping from one random hole to another. What you have to do is time your hookshot to catch them out of the air, and then throw them into a large hole on your side to score. There are multiple types of tectites, each with higher values, movement rates, and rarities.

You are given a time limit to do this.
Red Tectite- 1 Point
Blue Tectite- 3 Points
Gold Tectite- 10 Points

Difficulties could include.

Time Limit- 90 Seconds
Score to beat- 60 points
Cost to play- 20 Rupees
Reward- 30 Rupees. New records could net 40 Rupees.

Time Limit- 75 Seconds
Score to Beat- 65 Points
Cost to Play- 30 Rupees
Reward- 40 Rupees. New records could net 50.

Time Limit- 60 Seconds
Score to beat- 70 Points
Cost to Play- 50 Rupees
Reward- 60 Rupees. New records could net 75. This could also result in a hookshot upgrade if that was planned.

2 Golden Tectites will appear per session. They move faster than Blue, and stay in the air for slightly longer. Before they leap from a hole there is a small sparkle.
Blue Tectites will appear almost just as often as Red, and will move slightly faster.
Red Tectites are the fodder of the bunch. They will leap out, and will never land directly inside of a hole. They will land on top and burrow in, giving the lesser player a chance to grab them.

The only way to beat hard would be to actually snag both of the gold tectites, and to overlook the red ones while aiming for the blue ones.

I would recommend scattering the holes either semi randomly or having 3 lines of them vertically on opposite sides of the room.

Mini Games / [Submission] Treasure Chest Guesser
« on: January 16, 2013, 05:37:17 am »
Plain and simple like the old days.

There will be a number of chests each containing a different and maybe random amount of rupees.

There would be 3 difficulties each with varying chest amounts, which increase your chances of winning big while decreasing your odds. They all have a different cost to play.

Cost to play- 15 Rupees
# Of chests- 3
Prizes- 2 chests have between 5 and 20 rupees. One chest always has between 30 & 50.

Cost to play- 20 Rupees
# of chests- 5
Prizes- 2 chests always have 10-20 rupees, 2 chests have 25, one chest has 50-100 rupees.

Cost to Play- 50 Rupees
# of chests- 7
Prizes- 3 chests always have 30- 40 rupees. 2 Chests have 50, 1 chest has 100, and 1 chest has a Heart Piece. (After the heart piece this chest contains 50-200 rupees.

This could easily be modified to have any number of items if heart pieces aren't your fancy. It could also be modified for well, different costs, or there could even be multiple versions.

It's set up so that you have the same chance of breaking even as you do of losing a profit. You also have that smaller chance of getting slightly more than you paid to play, and a really slim chance to win more than double your pay.

Graphics Requests/Archive / I need maps from a few games in FSA Style
« on: November 28, 2012, 01:45:07 pm »
http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/N64/LegendOfZelda-OcarinaOfTime-Present-SacredForestMeadow(Top).jpg[img] Just the top area with the warp platform. From the top of the stairs to the forest temple entrance.

The entire thing up to the door of time.

All of this would be appreciated. The outside only of course.

The entire part shaped like an arrow, the bridge to the left and the wooden walkway on the right.

The circle area with the warp platform and the bridge leading to it

Draw a line straight up from the oasis and that entire section on the left is what I need.

Discussion / LoZ: Sacred Guardians
« on: November 25, 2012, 06:55:23 am »
Idea number 3, here we go.

So I've been reading some stuff and I think a simpler game may be in order for my very first release. Something that requires less coding and less time. So I thought of this.

Sacred Guardians will be a Tower Defense type of game where you play as a selectable character and fight hordes of enemies to prevent them from reaching a sacred artifact whether it be the Triforce, a Medallion, or Spiritual stone etc. There is no story but I figure the heck and slash action could be fun as either a flash game or just a way to pass time.
It wouldn't require much in the way of mapping, music, or writing which makes it seem like a good choice to start out with.

Characters -
Show content
Starting Characters

Offense- 4
Defense- 5
Agility- 3
Range- 2
Magic- 3

Offense- 2
Defense- 3
Agility- 5
Range- 3
Magic- 5

Unlockable Characters

Saria- Unlock by completing the Sacred Forest Meadow Defender
Offense- 3
Defense- 2
Agility- 4
Range- 5
Magic- 3

Darunia- Unlock by completing the Death Mountain Defender
Offense- 6
Defense- 6
Agility- 2
Range- 1
Magic- 1

Ruto- Unlock by completing the Lake Hylia Defender
Offense- 4
Defense- 3
Agility- 4
Range- 3
Magic- 4

Nabooru- Unlock by completing the Desert Colossus Defender
Offense- 5
Defense- 3
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 1

Impa- Unlock by completing the Kakariko Defender
Offense- 4
Defense- 3
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 3
Sheik- unlock by completing Temple Defender
Offense- 3
Defense- 3
Agility- 6
Range- 1
Magic- 2
Young Link- Available after unlocking World 2: Termina
Offense- 3
Defense- 4
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 3

Young Zelda- Available after Unlocking World 2: Termina
Offense- 2
Defense- 3
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 4

Kafei- Unlock by completing Carnival Defender
Offense- 3
Defense- 3
Agility- 4
Range- 1
Magic- 1

Deku Link- Unlock by completing Deku Palace Defender
Offense- 2
Defense- 2
Agility- 7
Range- 5
Magic- 3

Goron Link- Unlock by completing Mountain Village Defender
Offense- 5
Defense- 6
Agility- 2
Range- 2
Magic- 2

Zora Link- Unlock by completing Great Bay Defender
Offense- 3
Defense- 3
Agility- 3
Range- 3
Magic- 4

Skull Kid- Unlock by completing Stone Tower Defender
Offense- 2
Defense- 4
Agility- 5
Range- 4
Magic- 1

Romani- Unlock by completing Romani Ranch Defender
Offense- 2
Defense- 2
Agility- 4
Range- 6
Magic- 1

Link (Hatless) Available after unlocking World 3: New Hyrule
Offense- 3
Defense- 4
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 1

Din- Unlock by completing Flaming Defender
Offense- 4
Defense- 3
Agility- 3
Range- 1
Magic- 4

Farore- Unlock by completing Skyborn Defender
Offense- 3
Defense- 3
Agility- 5
Range- 3
Magic- 4

Nayru- Unlock by completing Deepwood Defender
Offense- 2
Defense- 5
Agility- 3
Range- 2
Magic- 4

Shadow Link- Unlock by completing Sanctuary Defender
Offense- 4
Defense- 4
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 1

Link (Four Sword)- Unlock by completing Town Defender
Offense- 5
Defense- 4
Agility- 4
Range- 2
Magic- 2

Special Unlockable Characters

Ganondorf- Unlock by completing Hyrule's White Knight
Offense- 6
Defense- 7
Agility- 3
Range- 1
Magic- 7

Fierce Deity Link- Unlock by completing The Fierce Champion
Offense- 7
Defense- 6
Agility- 5
Range- 3
Magic- 5

Vaati- Unlock by completing Demons of the Picori
Offense- 4
Defense- 5
Agility- 6
Range- 3
Magic- 5

Show content
Old Hyrule Stages

Lost Woods: Sacred Forest Meadow

Hyrule Castle Town: Temple of Time

Kakariko Village: Graveyard

Death Mountain: Death Mountain Crater

Lake Hylia: Near the Water Temple

Haunted Wasteland: Desert Colossus

Termina Stages

Clock Town: South Clock Town, Carnival Eve

Southern Swamp: Deku Palace

Northen Mountains: Mountain Village

Western Ocean: Great Bay Coast

Eastern Canyon: Stone Tower

Milk Road: Romani Ranch

New Hyrule Stages

Minish Forest: Outside Deepwood Shrine

Mount Crenel: Cave of Flames

Cloud Tops: Palace of Winds

Castor Wilds: Fortress of Winds

Hyrule Castle: Elemental Sanctuary

Hyrule Town: Town Square

Stats & Leveling Up
Show content
All Characters have base stats as shown above made up of 5 categories.

Offense- How powerfully the character hits.
Defense- How many hits the character can take before falling in battle.
Agility- How quickly the character moves and attacks.
Range- How far away the characters attacks reach. Any above 4 is projectile range.
Magic- How often the character can use special attacks or abilities before needing to refill magic.

There are as many level ups as it takes to max out a characters stats. You will be given 3-5 points per level, and all stats max out at 50.

Skill Tree System
Show content
Skills will be unlocked by leveling up. While there won't be as many skills as there are levels, they will all have their own purposes and usefulness, helping to make the characters feel unique. The skill tree will be divided into 3 branches:

The left branch (Weapon Abilities), The middle branch, (Magic spells), and the right branch, (Specialty skills.)

Left side- Learn Abilities using primary weapon
Middle- Learn spells using Magic
Right side- Learn Specialty skills

Example of a Weapon Ability for Link- Peril Beam. shoot a beam at from his sword when his health is low. Works with each attack.
Example of a Magic spell for him- Farore's Wind. Uses all remaining magic to teleport to the Sacred Artifact immediately. Even works with a small amount of magic.
Example of a specialty skill- Deku Nut. Stun nearby enemies temporarily, allows time to gather items, or to briefly rethink your strategy.

Skill points are unlocked every 4 levels. You can get 8 skills per side, meaning you will have all available skills by level 32.

Show content
Hylian Shield- Raises Defense by 10 for 15 seconds
Mirror Shield- Raises defense by 20 for 15 seconds
Silver Gauntlets- Raises offense by 10 for 15 seconds
Golden Gauntlets- raises offense by 20 for 15 seconds
Bunny Hood- raises agility by 20 for 15 seconds
Mask of Truth- Uses arrows to show you where the enemies will spawn, Lasts 30 Seconds
Heart Piece- Increases defense by 10 for 15 seconds
Heart Container- Increases defense by 20 for 15 seconds
Silver Quiver- Increases Range by 10 for 15 seconds
Golden Quiver- Increases Range by 20 for 15 seconds
Magic Mushroom- Increases magic by 10 for 25 seconds
Magic Dust- Increases Magic by 20 for 15 seconds

Show content
Green Rupee- Increases Score by 100
Blue Rupee- Increases Score by 500
Yellow Rupee- Increases Score by 1,000
Red Rupee- Increases Score by 2,000
Purple Rupee- Increases Score by 5,000
Gold Rupee- Increases Score by 10,000
Silver Rupee- Increases Score by 20,000
Magic Jar (small)- Replenishes half your max Magic
Magic Jar (large)- Fully replenishes your Magic
Fairy (normal)- Heals half your max Health
Fairy (bright)- Heals all of your Health and Magic

Show content
Challenges are the way you unlock characters and completion percentage in game. They will be tracked and marked when completed.

Sacred Forest Meadow Defender- Complete the Sacred Forest Meadow on Normal or higher.
Death Mountain Defender- Complete Death Mountain on Normal or higher.
Lake Hylia Defender- Complete Lake Hylia on Normal or higher
Kakariko Defender- Complete Kakariko Graveyard on Normal or higher
Desert Colossus Defender- complete Desert Colossus on Normal or higher
Temple Defender- Complete Temple of Time on Normal of higher.

Carnival Defender- Complete Clock Town on Normal or higher
Palace Defender- Complete Deku Palace on Normal or higher
Village Defender- Complete Mountain Village on Normal or higher
Coast Defender- Complete Great Bay Coast on Normal or higher
Tower Defender- Complete Stone Tower on Normal or higher
Ranch Defender- Complete Romani Ranch on Normal or higher

Minish Defender- Complete Deepwood Shrine on Normal or higher
Flaming Defender- Complete Tower of Flames on Normal or higher
Cloudy Defender- Complete Fortress of Winds on Normal or higher
Wild Defender- Complete Ancient Ruins on Normal or higher
Town Defender- Complete Hyrule Castle Town Square on Normal or higher
Sanctuary Defender- Complete Elemental Sanctuary on Normal or higher

Hyrule's White Knight- Complete All of World One's maps on Hard or higher.
The Fierce Champion- Reach Wave 25 on any of the World Two's maps on Infinite Mode.
Demon of the Picori- Complete a map of World 3 without using any temporary power ups on Hard, Time Attack Mode.
Hero of Many Names- Defend as every character at least once.
Defender of Realms- Defend on each level at least once.

Recruitment / Looking for FREE Team for Shadow of Liimina
« on: August 10, 2012, 02:15:29 am »
Current Team

Kienamaru- doing whatever i can idea wise. History and Lore, Key NPC dialogue.

Twilight Alchemist- Spriting Items, battle effects, enemies, NPCs.

BlazeBigBang- Spriting enemies and NPCs.

jonblanchette- Audio Engineering. Sound effects and soundtrack.

Malefor- Some Spriting, Mapping Overworld and some Towns

Linkxp500- Scripting

Alright so my current project Shadow of Liimina seems to be getting really noticed. So I'm looking for people who could help me with...

Programming, Coding, and Scripting. I have no idea what all this implies, but I know I need someone who can code. I'll be using the Minish Cap Engine with a fighting system like FSA. Four hit combo as opposed to Infinite slice. I also want to have a week system with full day to night transitions where time actually affects quests and NPC locations. I'd like for NPCs to have a sort of memorization where they recognize you after speaking to you once. That way they seem more alive. I'd like it if they have long term reactions to things you say to them that affect the outcome of potential things down the line. I would also like random weather (cloudy or rainy at random times.)

Concept Art- New enemies that I describe and new environments.
A few cutscene type things.
New Bosses. Places of Importance.

Discussion / Shadow of Liimina
« on: August 03, 2012, 11:36:41 am »
Series- Mythos
Title- Shadow of Liimina
# of Players- 1 (2 cooperative TBA)
Graphics- ? Anime inspired Sprites

In the land of light known as Mynale; a youth by the name of Vitin Hoh, was exploring the forest outside of his city when he chanced upon a rare stone. He didn't yet know it, but this stone would change his life forever.

Transported to the shadow land of Liimina, he has entirely lost his memory. Now in this new world, he must embark on a journey to reclaim his memory and return to Mynale.

The Story
Show content
A boy is traveling through the woods of his world when suddenly he comes across a strange glowing stone. He approaches the stone to touch it and as he does he is teleported instantly to another world. He wakes up days later on the outskirts of a town he doesn't recognize. He then realizes that there is his shadow standing before him looking down at him. He doesn't remember who he is or how he got where he is now. The shadow guides him into a dark cave at the end of a valley and they travel deep inside until they arrive at a small well-kept shrine. At this shrine, the shadow speaks to him.

He informs him that he has somehow crossed dimensions and is now in the parallel world of Liimina. A world of Mynale's shadow. He explains that all people in Mynale and even Mynale itself is connected to Liimina by the shadows it casts. He tells the boy that he is his shadow and that he knows how to find his memories and return him to his homeland. He leads him inside the shrine and calls it the "Shrine of the Shadowblade."

Inside, there is a lone Sword and sheath inside of an ornate chest. He tells the boy that his name is (insert character name here) and that in order for him to return to Mynale, he must gather the 6 Essences of Darkness and use their power to improve his sword, the Shade Edge. He also tells him that creatures felled by the Shade Edge lose their light. It forms an entity known as Light Spheres. He informs you that gathering Light Spheres will gradually return your memories, as they are adding light to where there is now darkness.

The boy draws the Shade Edge from the chest, and another one fades into existence in the Shadow's hand. The Shadow mentions that the Essences lie among The Unseen Evergreens, The Land of Gold, The Endless Ocean, The Center of Time, The Dead Sands, and the God's Twin Towers. A temple lies in each location, and in each temple, a demon must be slain, and it's darkness gathered.

The two head off together in search of the first temple deep in the jungle passing through the marshes to gather information on it's whereabouts. They acquire knowledge of it's location and proceed to the temple and slay the spirit within.
     After absorbing the spirit's energy they leave the forest and head to their next location in the mountains. Unable to gain entry to the mine, they return to town to purchase a tool that would get them in. After returning with bombs and blowing open the entrance they enter the mine and slay the spirit there, gathering it's energy and enhancing the power of the Shadow Blade.
     Afterwards, they return to Chrono City in search of the next spirit. After obtaining the information they need and realizing that they once again can't reach their destination, they head to the mountains after sundown to find the passage to the skies. Atop the clouds they hear about a chapel said to hold a treasure capable of allowing mankind flight-like abilities. They acquire this artifact and return to town, using it to enter the location of the next spirit, and gain it's power.
    With the new power from the spirit, they leave town and head to the coast in search of the next temple. They go to the home of the aquatic people and ask about the temple that they seek. With the information they receive, they locate the temple easily and enter it, defeating the spirit within, further increasing the Shadow Blade's power.
     With partial knowledge of the next location the two find a boat and head out to sea in order to reach the island where the spirit lies in wait. On the island they travel through the savannah and into the town there, talking with the townsfolk about potential places to begin their search for the spirit. They discover a certain region of the desert is rumored to be the most dangerous and head out. After hours of wandering and searching the region, they finally locate and exterminate the spirit.
      A sandstorm begins and they flee the desert to town and stay at the Inn for the night until it settles down. While they wait they hear rumors that the princess has been kidnapped and that the king is offering a reward for her safe return. They head back to the canyon to speak with the king and others who may have seen where the princess was taken. After finding out that she was taken to a hideout in the jungle, they head there in search of her. Following a trail they discover a bandit's hideout and fight their way through, eventually saving the princess from its leader and returning her to town to claim their reward.
      After a day of rest, the two return to the desert town to gain entry to the final area. Two connected towers that sit in the desert. They earn the trust of the townsfolk and get the key to enter. They leave town for the desert and enter the tower, fighting the spirits that dwell inside and finally, slaying the spirit inside to create the final form of the Shadow Blade. 

Story Progression
Show content
Lyco Dungeon
Golden Rock Dungeon
Nimbus Mini Dungeon
Chrono Dungeon
Coral Dungeon
Majana Dungeon
Bandit Mini Dungeon
Towers Dungeon
Final Dungeon

The World
Locations by Path
Show content
Liimina Field- Branches off to White Road and Ailin Ranch, Jidan Road, Mountain Road, and Yamoah Road. Chrono City lies in the center of the region.

Sh'ida Swamp- There is an Inn situated at the entrance of the area. Branches off into the Wandering Woods, leading to the Lyco Greens and eventually the Lyco Deepwood. There is a hidden path in the Lyco Greens leading to Reachwood. Another path from the Swamp leads to the Jid Palace.

Mountain Inn- Branches off to Darem Ridge, Breta Village. and Nomias' Shrine in one direction. Which can be taken even further to Cloudvale Road and the Cloudvale Skies. The other direction leads to the Golden Rock Mountain.

Mist Bay Coast- There is an inn and a small boating hut situated along the coastline. Leads to Zufae Reef and Coral Cove by land. Taking the sea outward goes to Aegis Rock, Tumari Island, the dreaded Majana Dunes, and the desert town of Insamel.

Yamoah Canyon- Branches upward to Yamoah Village, Blackwater Cave, and Yamoah Castle. Down the canyon lies the Yamoah Graveyard.

Chrono City- Has five districts each with a different focus. Southern is the recreational district, central is the merchant's district, while east and west are both residential. The Northern District is the town park. The Chrono City Waterway can also be reached through the back alleys of East Chrono City.

Locations in General
Show content
Liiminan Fields
Chrono City

White Road
Ailin Ranch

YAMOAH TERRITORY (Northern Liimina)
Blackwater Road
Yamoah Canyon
Yamoah Graveyard
Blackwater Cave
Yamoah Village

JIDAN TERRITORY (Eastern Liimina)
Veiled Path
Shi'da Pass
Sh'ida Forest
Wandering Woods
Lyco Greens
Lyco Deepwood
Jid Haven

DAREMA TERRITORY (Western Liimina)
Earthvale Road
Stones Pass
Golden Rock Mountain
Darem Ridge
Nomias' Shrine
Breta Village

ILVA TERRITORY (Western Liiminan Skies)
Nimbus Way
Cloudvale Skies

ZUFAIL TERRITORY (Southern Liimina)
Mist Bay
Zufae Reef
Yana Sanctuary
Coral Cove
Aegis Rock

TUMAN TERRITORY (Southwestern Liiminan Islands)
Tumari Island
Majana Dunes
Insamel Village
Majana Darksands

Week Based World
Show content
The game will feature a day to night system that restarts every 7 Days.

Dawn 6AM - 9AM,
Day 9 AM- 12PM,
Noon 12PM - 3PM,
Evening 3PM - 6PM,
Night 6PM- 3AM,
Dusk 3AM - 6AM.

Depending on the day you will have different parts of quests available. Some quests must be completed in sequence, and some even span over an entire week.

Randomly Generated Weather
Show content
The weather can change from sunny to clear or cloudy to raining at any given moment for random amounts of time. Mostly a cosmetic effect to bring the world to life.

Show content

Humans- The most prominent race of Liimina, inhabiting Chrono City, Yamoah, and Tumari.

Elves- They have pointed ears and longer life spans than humans. They are also more proficient with magic and alchemy. Inhabits the Cloudvale region, far away from society. They speak the elven and refer to themselves in their native tongue as Ilva.

Half Elves- The offspring of human and elf. They live almost as long as Elves and they also appear vastly similar to them. Only an Elf or Half Elf can tell them apart.

Jid- A race very similar to spriggans. They have either wooded or vine like flesh and use natural camouflage to hide in any sort of woodland terrain. Inhabitants of the Lyco Woodland region. They can speak to one another using a special telepathy that also allows them to communicate with animals and nature.
Darem- A large stone skinned mountain people. They don't need food to survive and can also live in subterranean environments as well as arctic climates. They inhabit the Golden Mountain region and are able to live anywhere with little to no water comfortably.

Zufae- An aquatic people. They have scales, gills, and fins like fish but can survive away from water for up to a 3 days at a time. Inhabits the Mist Bay region. They speak Zuan, the language of the sea.

Player Characters
Show content
Vitin Hoh (Name can be changed)- The protagonist. He is an elf from the land of Mynale.
Gender- Male
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Black
Skin Color- Light (like an Asian)

Dark Vitin (Name changes according to Vitin's)- The other protagonist. He is the Shadow of Vitin. From the world of Liimina, parallel to Mynale. He is a resident of Yamoah (A Shadow of Liimina)
Gender- Male
Hair Color- Gray
Eye Color- Blue
Skin Color-Blackish
Age- 15

NPC's by Location
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Yamo Castle

Princess Kini Yamo- The daughter of King Yamo. She is outgoing and spends very little time in the castle. She often sneaks out and goes for walks around the village.

Queen Remillia Yamo- The Queen of Yamoah and a large amount of Liimina. She has great wisdom which she uses to help her King make just decisions.

King Yamo- Ruler of Yamoah and a large amount of Liimina. He is a just ruler though many see him as harsh and unforgiving.

Yamo Butler
Bow Knight
Sword Knight

Yamoah Village

Esla Feldus
Rollo Feldus
Florence Apollo
Lois Apollo
Jada Apollo
Cliff Roxen
Axel Leif
Amie Yestir
Chad Yestir
Stein Backer
Isaac Guld

Yamoah Graveyard

Roth the Gravekeeper

South Chrono City

Serena Flau
Ford Plattina
Tyler Matros
Lotson Dillis
Bella Indie

West Chrono City
Jack Johnson
Emilee Eelime
Haley Grey

East Chrono City
John Jackson
Brad Je'sup
Ava Randt
Ava Randt II
Fujiko Tokomoto

North Chrono City
Diana Myte
Cruice Rivera
Dwight Rice

Central Chrono City
Lana Karol
Zaid Ontor
Timo Thii
Max "Wax" Attax (child with concerning nickname)
Gianna Reid

Swamp Inn

Swamp Innkeeper (male)
Traveling Salesman (male)
Biologist (male)

Jid Palace

King Raek IV (male)
Prince Dumo (male)
Jid Butler (male)
Tolin (male)
Jid Bystander (male)
Jid Bystander (female)
Klema (female)

Mountain Inn

Mt Innkeeper (male)
Travelling Merchant (female)
Treasure Hunter (female)

Darem Shrine


Breta Village

Elder Ganeel
Guard Chief Tel
Darem Shopkeeper
Blacksmith Apprentice
Darem Guard
Darem Bystander


Vorten Adadan (male)
Tyran Asaurus  (male)
Dynamis Fjord (male)
Nar Uto (male)
Fryre Amoe (male)
Myonis Reddoa (male)
Telmek Zey'du (male)
Alihik Drowen (male)
Ende Drowen (male)
Naiz Rafta (male)
Elyss Rafta (female)
Alquas Tymur (female)
Shiima Tymur (female)
Apherada Ottwallo (female)
Copra Laderunne  (female)
Axillea Bleumuth  (female)
Kahmalia Umah (female)
Finity Umah (female)

Ailin Ranch

Ira Ailin (older sister)
Nami Ailin (Younger sister)
Namira Ailin (Grandmother)

Mist Bayside Inn

Fisherman (male)
Ferryman (male)
Boat Attendant (female)
Innkeeper (female)

Zufae Reef

Prince Agane (male)
Romasu (male)
Ereko (male)
Mun (male)
Zufae Bystander (male)
Zufae Bystander (female)
Zala (female)
Sosi (female)
Zufae Shopkeeper (female)
Queen Aris (female)
Royal Guard (female)


Duse Ergon (male)
Pasin Rhiika (male)
Ludis Reppo (male)
Kazu Rahara (male)
Yasu Rahara (male)
Macheska Matros  (female)
Atlus Rottber (male)
Efrain Zuhame (male)
Mari Zuhame (female)
Maya Edworth (female)
Kadanel Serumi (female)
Samano Tosa (female)

Across Liimina (location in world varies by day and time)

Mercenary (male)
Mercenary (female)
Hunter (male)
Hunter (female)
Adventurer (male)
Adventurer (female)

Life like NPCs
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NPCs react differently according to the time of day and whether or not they know you, or you've helped them before. They will remember both Vitins differently based on your actions. Many NPCs will introduce themselves upon meeting you as a one time dialogue. Anytime after that, it depends where you are in the game progress wise, or if they have a quest or task for you. Most dialogues where you have a choice can affect how the NPC treats you for the remainder of the game though it will just be the way they speak to you, there will be some options where you are given a yes a no answer which affects the outcome of the quest. There will also be some options where you can say you won't do something and then do it anyway which would warrant a different response. The game will feature at least one subquest that has two possible outcomes depending on how long you take after starting.

Dynamic Cooperative Play
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Allows both players to be on different screens at the same time as long as they are still in the same area. This makes gathering information possible while the other player buys supplies for the journey ahead. It makes scouting for secrets and Vigor Diamonds more fun and efficient, and it even allows some quests to be handled with extra care.

Default Controls
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I intend for the controls to be customizable but they will have a default. Some abilities such as double jumping will simply require pressing the normal button twice. Ex, dbl jumping is press jump twice, shadow sprint, double tap movement.

Movement= ASWD
Jump= K                     Attack= Space           Guard= ;
Interact= Shift            D. Ability 1= J             D. Ability 2= L
Inventory= I               Pause= Enter              Map= M
Tool/Bottled Item= F

Combat System
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The combat will work similarly to Minish Cap or FSA. You learn attacks as you progress and can do them anytime afterwards.

(Basic Attacks)
4 HIT COMBO- The 4 hit combo is the most basic of attacks. The first three hits damage standard enemies and can kill lesser ones in one hit. The fourth hit can knock back tougher enemies. (Attack four times)

SPINNING SLASH- best if surrounded. Does 1.5x damage of a normal attack but has a charge time. (Hold attack, then release)

QUICK THRUST - while a spin attack is charged approach an enemy to thrust and push small enemies back. (Hold attack near enemy)

LUNGE ATTACK- Move forward while slashing to knock back larger enemies. (Attack + Movement)

(Learned Attacks)
ROLL ATTACK- A long reaching attack that can also be used to extend the distance of a dodge. Staggers larger enemies. (Move + Guard, then attack)

SKY SLICE- An upward slice that must be done while jumping. (Attack while rising)

EARTH THRUST- A downward thrust that can be done anytime while falling. (Attack while falling)

POWER THRUST- When Spinning Slash is fully charged approach an enemy to thrust them powerfully dealing 1.5 times damage and can even knock back larger enemies. (Hold attack near enemy after full charge)

Strategic Combat
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In combat, you can choose to either fight with strategy by confusing bosses or splitting up the enemies, or you can overwhelm them and use brute force to win. Some bosses will call for backup if they feel outmatched which tries to stop at least one Vitin from attacking it.

Some spells take time to use, and if used in combat Dark Vitin can cover Vitin while he charges. There will be a chatbox that can be brought up on command to communicate with your teammate if online. Assuming Co-op is a thing.

Energy Meters
Vigor Meter
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Used to dictate Vitin's remaining Health. Represented with a Diamond and a bar extending from it. When Vitin takes damage he loses vigor. Blocking attacks reduces the amount of vigor lost when hit. Each shield and bracer has a defense rating. Losing all vigor points will result in a game over. Vitin's Vigor Meter has 300 points at first. Collecting Vigor Diamonds will increase his meter by 25 with each one. Maxing out at 1250.

Stamina Meter
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Used to show how close Vitin is from becoming fatigued. Vitin slowly becomes more fatigued as time passes. Taking damage also drains this meter as well as traveling by foot. The stamina meter lasts up to 2 days if if Vitin takes no damage. If Vitin runs out of Stamina he will be unable to run and can only do a single slice instead of a full combo or special attacks. If he has no stamina for 2 hours of in game time he will pass out in the first area that has no enemies and sleep for 6 hours. This will replenish half of his stamina gauge but it won't heal him. To replenish stamina he must consume certain items, food, or sleep at an inn.

Magic Meter
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Used for certain Spells and Elemental Gauntlets. The magic meter is a gauge that limits the amount of magical item or spell use before needing to recharge. Vitin's magic meter has 30 points at first, can be upgraded to 40, and 50.

Darkness Meter
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Used for non base level Darkness abilities by both Vitin and Dark Vitin. The darkness meter limits the amount of Darkness abilities that can be used repeatedly. It begins with 20 points, but goes up to 40, 70, and 100 with each level of the Shadow Blade. Unlike the Magic meter, the Darkness meter steadily refills when not in use.

Vitin's Darkness Abilities
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Shade Call- Call Dark Vitin to your position from anywhere on screen. Base.
DP Cost= 0

Shade Control- Take control of Dark Vitin directly. (Only in Single player) Able to use all sword attacks and
learns more abilities than Vitin but can't use items. Base.
DP Cost= 0

Shade Boost- Uses Dark Vitin as a footstool to reach higher areas. Base
DP Cost= 0

Dusk Wave- Fire a wave of darkness from your sword when at max health or critical health. Lvl 2.
DP Cost= 5

Rift Spin- A hurricane spin type move that can be done near Dark Vitin for a dual hurricane spin attack. Uses darkness to pull in nearby enemies while in action making them easier to hit. Lvl 3.
DP Cost= 10

Shadow Splitter- A parry attack that involves precise timing to execute a fatal blow to an enemy's head.
Leaps above and stabs down into the enemy with darkness along his blade. Lvl 4.
DP Cost= 20

Void Hand- Reaches into the ground and opens a portal a medium distance away to retrieve items from afar. (One of the books in Chrono City's Library)
DP Cost= 5

Light Soul- An orb of light capable of purifying evil with a holy power. (Desert Miniboss)
DP Cost= 40
Dmg Rating- Highest (against evil)  Medium High (against non evil)

Dark Soul- A malevolent ball of darkness that can destroy any enemy that isn't evil by drawing them into the void. (Towers Miniboss)
DP Cost= 40
Dmg Rating- Medium High (against evil)  Highest (against non evil)

Dark Vitin's Darkness Abilities
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Shadow Step- A quick dodge in any direction using darkness. Grants invincibility. Base
DP Cost= 2

Shadow Sprint- Able to use darkness to move much faster temporarily. Recharges over time. Base.
DP Cost= 1 per tile

Shadow Leap- Use darkness to double jump. (Level 2)
DP Cost= 5

Void Magnet- Uses darkness to create a black hole the size of 3 Vitins wide (3 tiles) that draws in projectiles and pickups alike. Can be used while moving. (Level 3)
DP Cost= 25

Void Burst- Can cause the black hole from Void Magnet to explode heavily damaging all nearby enemies that were too large to be sucked into it. (Level 4)
DP Cost= 40

Unlockable Dark Vitin Abilities- Must be found in the overworld by reaching hidden areas using darkness abilities. (Encourages mastery of learned abilities)

Shadow Bridge- Use darkness to create a trail behind that Vitin can walk over.  This ability also allow Dark Vitin to walk on top of water and quicksand. Release button to dispel trail.
DP Cost= 2 per tile

Shadow Mine- Use darkness to create a bomb made of darkness that explodes when you press the button again. Small enemies who step on the mine will be unable to move. Larger enemies will be slowed down.
DP Cost= 15 per mine. Limit 3 at a time.

Shadow Warp- Allows Dark Vitin to create a warp point inside of a dungeon that can be warped to at any time aside of during a boss fight. This ability is different in that it is activated by speaking to him. To dispel a warp point speak to him and choose to dispel it. Warping to said point does not remove the warp point.
DP Cost= 30.

Dark Heart- If Vitin dies, he is automatically revived by taking half of Dark Vitin's remaining health.
DP Cost= All remaining DP

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Dragon Vice- An ancient treasure said to give one the ability to latch onto distant objects with the fangs of a dragon. (Nimbus Side Dungeon)
Dmg Rating- Lowest
Appearance= a dragon's head attached to a handle by a concealed length of chain.
Upgraded Version- Magnetic Dragon Vice= Can pull Vitin to walls instead of just targets.

Force Gauntlets- Magical Gloves capable of blasting a non elemental energy to push objects or enemies from a distance. Not powerful. (Chrono City, Curio Shop)
MP Cost= 0
Dmg Rating= Low
Appearance= Gauntlets that go halfway up the forearm. A green color traces the knuckle and finger bones.
Frost Soul- imbues the Force Gauntlets with the power of a blizzard. Capable of freezing nearly anything. (Goldenrock Miniboss)
MP Cost= 10
Dmg Rating= Medium Low (against non heat or aquatic)  Highest (against heat and aquatic)
Appearance= Same as the Force gauntlets, but with the green turned a shade of icy blue.
Upgraded Version- Frozenfire Gauntlets= Combines the elements of Frost and Blaze, ruling out the need to cycle between the two. Elements take most desirable priority on hit.

Blaze Soul- imbued the Force Gauntlets with the power of an inferno. Capable of setting fire to nearly anything. (Coral Miniboss)
MP Cost= 10
Dmg Rating= Medium (against non cold or woodland) Highest (against cold and woodland)
Appearance= Same as the Force gauntlets, but with the green turned a shade of burning red.
Upgraded Version- See FrozenFire Gauntlets

Bombs- Standard bombs that can be used for excavation purposes or combat. (Breta Shop)
Dmg Rating= High
Appearance= Hand sized explosives. They have pale gray color and are round.
Upgraded Version- Remote Bombs= Able to detonate bombs after placement by pressing item button again

Warp Stone- Allows you to warp anywhere you've been before. Single use only. Can hold up to 10 at a time. (Shop)
Appearance= A strange obsidian nonagonal shaped stone that has purple glowing engravings in it. Disintegrates after use.

Warp Rune- Replaces Warp Stones. A magical warp stone that enables you to warp to nearly anywhere you've been previously. Recharges every 1 minute. (Chrono Dungeon)
Appearance= Same as warp rune, but the glow is golden.

Lantern- Allows you to see in dark areas so long as you have oil in it. (Start, off to the side in equipment, not with the other items.)
Appearance= A rectangular oil lantern with a glass casing.
Upgraded Version- Lamp= It no longer requires Oil and has an auto rechargeable battery. (Treasure Maze game reward)

Bottle- A bottle used to store all manner of items. (Start)
Appearance= An oval glass bottle with a wooden cork top
Bottle 2- (Shop)
Bottle 3- (Mini game)

Bottle Items
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Vigor Potion- restores 250VP.
Appearance= A purple liquid

Magic Potion- restores a full gauge of magic.
Appearance= A silver sparkling liquid

Lantern Oil- refills your lantern.
Appearance= A yellow liquid

Milk- restores 100VP & 25 Stamina. Has 2 uses.
Appearance= A white liquid with a stamp

Premium Quality Milk- 200VP and grants unlimited Stamina for 24 hours. (Game time)
Appearance= A white liquid with a stamp and purple logo

Pixie Dust-Revives you with half of your max VP.
Rainbow colored sparkles

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Light Sever- Create a void in the entire screen momentarily, giving Dark Vitin the ability to auto heal and use unlimited dark powers.
MP Cost= 20

Dark Sever- Illuminate an area, making ghosts and undead enemies vulnerable.
MP Cost= 15

Truth Sever- Split secrets from reality, allowing you to see all secret chests and areas on screen until it runs out.
MP Cost= 2 per second

Pain Sever- Use magic to heal 20VP per second. Hold down longer to heal more hearts.
MP Cost= 5 per second

Drop Rate
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Human enemies will drop money and sometimes loot items. Monsters will drop loot items, and light spheres. Supplies will only be dropped in areas where they are mandatory and only then when you have less than 5. (encourages you to buy supplies when in town. Also gives money a real value.)

Loot Items
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When finding random loot items being either rings, necklaces, or earrings, they will be considered "junk" until appraised. Once appraised you have a clear view on the value of the items and you also know whether or not they are beneficial to you (accessories) or simply valuable items to sell.

Junk can be used revealing the effect, but there is a risk. There are some accessories that are cursed and if worn, may offer a positive effect but always include a negative. These cannot be removed until they are purified. Cursed Accessories can be purified at any religious buildings.

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Shade Edge- a mystical sword said to possess many dark powers. It was hidden away in Yamoah's Blackwater Cave.
Dmg Rating= Low
Appearance= A short sword with a purple handle and a steel blade. The sheath is one side black with a silver edge on the other side crossing straight to the other side in the middle, on the top, and the bottom.

Dusk Blade- The improved form of the Shade Edge, now capable of even more dark techniques it is twice as powerful as before. Obtained with two Essences of Darkness absorbed.
Dmg Rating- Medium
Appearance= The same as the Shade Edge but has a darkness reinforced blade. (edges are black) The sheath is the same as the Shade Edge.

Rift Sword- The improved form of the Dusk Blade, the blade has been forged in darkness and now is longer than before and has even more dark abilities. It is 3 times the strength of the Shade Edge. Obtained with 4 Essences of Darkness absorbed.
Dmg Rating- Medium High
Appearance= 1.5 times as long as the Dusk Blade, the sword is Jet Black and the handle is somewhat darker. The sheath design consists of multiple t shaped crosses outlined with silver.

Shadow Calibur- The ultimate weapon of darkness. Has limitless amounts of dark power and doesn't require being near darkness to use them. It is also 4 times stronger than the Shade Edge. Obtained with 6 Essences of Darkness absorbed.
Dmg Rating= High
Appearance= Twice as long as the Dusk Blade, the handle is morphed and now has a full hand guard with an amethyst gem inside. The handle has a new diagonal swirling of white wrapping and the blade has a trapezoid shaped chip missing that is constantly emitting a wispy purple smoke. Has a large sheath with silver wavy lining around it. The inner part is a dark purple.

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Mynale Garb- Vitin's standard clothing, a white tunic accented by a red waist sash topped with a long black vest, with spacious black leather pants and brown boots. Offers no protective benefits.

Smoke Garb- A smoke gray tunic with a hood, black spacious pants and wrist length red fingerless gloves. Cut's the damage Vitin and Dark Vitin take to 3/4. Dark Vitin's eyes become Red when acquired. (Side Dungeon 1)

Shadow Garb- A jet black tunic with a cloak and hood, black spacious pants and forearm length purple fingerless gloves. Cuts the damage Vitin and Dark Vitin take down to 1/2. Dark Vitin's eyes become purple when acquired.

Shields and Bracers
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Yamoan Bracer- A leather bracer reinforced with smoothed wood. Light and easy to wield but can burn easily. Can only block attacks from lesser enemies but allows full speed movement. (Yamoah Shop)
Guard Rating= Low
Mobility Rating= Highest

Yamoan Shield- A small round shield made of wood for basic defense. Easy to wield and use. (Yamoah Shop)
Guard Rating= Medium
Mobility Rating= High

Liiminan Bracer- A heavy bracer made of leather reinforced with steel. Capable of blocking most attacks while moving full speed, but doesn't offer the fire protection of it's shield counterpart. (Chrono City Shop)
Guard Rating= Medium Low
Mobility Rating= High

Liiminan Shield- A midsized shield with steel edges. Perfect for defending against any physical attacks and small fire attacks. (Chrono City Shop)
Guard Rating= High (against non electric) None (against electric)
Mobility Rating= Medium Low

Sky Bracer- A mystical bracer for magical defense. Creates a small but effective anti magic field to allow protection from magic attacks while allowing swift movement. Does very little in regards to blocking physical attacks. (Cloudvale Shop)
Guard Rating= None (against physical)  Medium High (against Magical)
Mobility Rating= Highest

Sky Shield- A mystical shield for magic defense. Slightly more effective against physical attacks than it's bracer counterpart but still not very reliable. (Cloudvale Shop)
Guard Rating= Low (against physical) High (against Magical)
Mobility Rating= High

Deity Bracer- The Ultimate Bracer. So powerful it can protect from any kind of attack and reflect magic, all while being small enough not to impede maneuverability. (Insamel Side Quest, Missable)
Guard Rating= High
Mobility Rating= Highest

Deity Shield- The Ultimate Shield. Large enough to protect from any sized attack, reflects magic, and covers all sides with a forcefield. However it is too large to move when using. (Insamel Side Quest, Missable)
Guard Rating= Highest (against all)
Mobility Rating= Lowest (unable to move)

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Shadow Caster Ring- A ring made from black onyx. It causes Vitin's DP to regenerate twice as quickly.
Ring of Stealth- An amethyst ring that renders Vitin invisible to standard or lower class enemies so long as he isn't moving.

Necklace of Vitality- A golden ring with a topaz gemstone set in its center. It cuts Vitin's Stamina usage down to half.
Lucky Chain- an unassuming copper chain that increases the enemy drop rate.

Spell Singer Earrings-  Silver studded earrings with magic veins running through them. They reduce Vitin's MP consumption by 1/4.
Thieves' Earrings- small diamond earrings that increase the amount of money dropped by enemies.

Enemy Class
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- Enemies are separated into classes according to their threat levels.

Fodder- The weakest enemies. Die in a single attack and don't directly pursue you.

Lesser- These enemies are similar to fodder in that they die in a single attack. However, they will actively attack you if they see you.

Standard- These enemies will often take a single combo to finish. They will attack on sight.

Greater- These enemies are able to take 2 to 4 combos before they perish. They are also able to block your attacks if possible and usually have a weakness to a specific item type aside of the sword. They will attack if you come within a certain radius of them.

Enemies By Region
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Across Liimina (can be found at many places in the world)

Killer Wasp- A wasp that can be found by disturbing it's hive.
Bat- A bloodsucking bat that usually dwell in caves or dungeons.
Snake- A small snake that attacks by lunging at it's enemy.
Greedeater- A giant slug like enemy that will eat either your equipped shield, or a large number of items that you can hold in quantity. (Example, 20 arrows or 10 bombs) Kill them quickly or dragon vice them to get them back.

Lyco Woodlands

Dragonfly- An overgrown strain of dragonfly. They are hostile and will attack anything that seems unaware of their presence.
Flora Maneater- Disguises itself amongst the plantlife of Lyco Greens and Deepwood. Attacks when approached.
Deep Wolf- A wolf with a leafy appearance.
Lyco Child (Male)- Similar to skull Kids in clothing style but otherwise look like people who never grow old.
Lyco Kid (Female)- Above description works for this one.
Deep Spider- A spider with a green hue. Is usually well hidden in grassy areas and always attacks in groups.
Vine Bat- A bat with vine-like wings and leaf thin fangs.
Wood Viper- A small snake that is very territorial, often found in groups.
Deep Constrictor- A large snake that will constrict Vitin and squeeze him until he breaks free.

Bandit's Stronghold

Lesser Bandit (Dagger)- A bandit that uses a dagger to attack at close range. Uses hit and run.
Lesser Bandit Female (Bow)- A bandit that uses a bow to attack from mid or long range.
Lyco Bandit- A bandit that will ambush Vitin and steal his rupees before running away. Will flee if attacked. If killed he always drops 50 rupees.
Lyco Bandit Chief- A bandit that leads 2 lesser bandits. He attacks with a broadsword and sometimes uses bombs.

Golden Rock Mountain

Menidraga- A land dragon type enemy. They are slightly larger than a human and can breathe fire.
Draga- A larger and stronger version of a Menidraga.
Lightning Bat- A bat that will electrocute Link on contact.
Fierce Wolf- A stronger variation of Wolf, they have tougher hides and can only be hurt from behind.
Shockur- A formation of rock that shoots out electricity to attack must be blown up to destroy.
Cart Master- A pest type enemy that often sits on mine tracks and will turn any cart around if it makes contact.
Gold Worm- A worm that fights by coming up from the earth and attacking before going back underneath.
Rupeeater- A Greedeater type of enemy that eats your rupees and won't let you go unless you break free or are freed.
Mimic- Imitates a treasure chest until opened.

Mist Bay

Piranha- A violent fish that will eat anything that enters its waters.
Giant Piranha- A larger piranha that often leads small groups. If defeated the others will die as well.
Coreagle- A large bird from Mist Bay that feeds mostly on coral. It is a natural predator.
Landeel- A type of electric eel that can come ashore.
Crab- A mostly harmless crab that sometimes carries loot in it's shell.
Giant Crab- A highly territorial crab that will attack and pursue any nearby threats. Often leads smaller crabs to fight.
Merman Warrior- A guard of the coral shrine. Armed with a spear of hardened coral. They fight defensively and will not pursue long distances.
Merman Fighter- A guard of the coral shrine. Armed with a sword of hardened coral, they know little of defense and will only attack.

Cloudvale Skies

Sky Talon- A bird of a whitish color.
Pyranha- A fish that shoots fireballs out of the water.
Giant Pyranha- A larger pyranha that often leads small groups. If defeated the others will die as well.

Nimbus Temple

Skyger- A white and single striped tiger that lives in the sky.
Alpha Skyger- A larger more powerful version of the skyger, has short wings for long distance jumps.

Tower of Insamel

Tower Archer- The armor of those who were at one time soldiers, now a possessed empty shell. Uses a bow and arrow to attack. Keeps distance when possible.
Tower Guard- Above description works. Uses a sword for close range.
Tower Knight- Above description works. Uses a sword to attack and shield to block projectiles.


Tuman Troll- A large creature that viciously pursues any enemy it sees. Fights with a large club.
Sand Golem- A large and slow moving monster. It is difficult to destroy and easy to avoid. Usually carries 20 rupees.
Majana Warrior- A member of the hostile Majana tribe. Uses a spear to fight. Dresses in robe like apparel.
Majana Hunter- Above description works mostly. Dresses in Indian like garbs. Uses a blowgun to fight.
Majana Mage- Above description works mostly. Dresses in a hooded cloak. Using fire, ice, and lightning to fight.
Lost Soul- The ghosts of hostile creatures who were cursed by the Majana.
Apparition- The ghost of hostile bandits who were cursed by the Majana.
Desert Thief- A rogue from the Tumari Savanna who will try and steal Vitin's rupees. If killed he always drops 50 rupees.

Old Chrono City Prison
Spirish- A ghost fish.
Zombie- A flesh eating creature who will latch on to Vitin and hurt him until knocked off or escaped.
Ghoul- A type of zombie that can curse you if he hits you.
Ghost- The ghost of creatures of the ancient times.
Dread Bat- A bat that curses you if it hits you.

Minibosses and Bosses
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Lyco Mancer- A Lyco who uses geomancy to attack you. (fights with the environment.) Also summons Lyco Kids and Children to help fight you.

Lyco Rider- (Miniboss of Lyco Temple) A Lyco Kid riding atop an Alpha Deep Wolf and arching. Once knocked off, the wolfos must also be killed.

Aparatun- A large automation that surges with energy. After years of disuse, dark energy has begun to power the machine causing it to attack living creatures. Attacks with morphed mining drills.

Doom Chest- (Miniboss of Golden Rock Mine) looks like a large chest but attacks once opened. Drops dungeon item. Attacks by firing blasts of ice either straight forward, in a circle around itself, or by clamping with it's teeth.


?- (Miniboss of Coral Dungeon)

Skyvernac- A large wyvern that soars around the Nimbus Temple. Flies overhead breathing fire, swoops down to attack with claws, and occasionally lands to attack close range.

Dracen- (Miniboss of Nimbus Chapel) A small dragon type enemy that flies around but can't breathe fire. Does mostly swooping attacks. Can also claw swipe.

Ilva Lich- The ghostly embodiment of all of Chrono City prison's tortured and killed inmates from the past. Negative energies, hatred and sorrow have created this entity of pure evil. Attacks from mid range with wide sweeping attacks. Sometimes uses a vacuum attack to pull Vitin closer for a more powerful grapple attack that pulses him with dark energy for multiple hits.

? - (Miniboss of Old Chrono City Prison)

Lanore- A shamaness who was outlawed from the Majana tribe for using forbidden arcane magic. Able to curse Vitin, heal herself, and summon undead enemies to aid in the fight. Can also attack with homing spells. Her only weakness is close range as she cannot defend herself without help.

Earth Wyrm- (Miniboss of Majana Wastes) A large land dragon that attacks by trapping prey in quicksand patches and sandblasting them.  Can claw swipe.

Radoku Zuhame- A man who was at one time a mortal. He uses his sword to shoot powerful electric shockwaves if far away. He is capable of jump attacks, and has powerful close ranged attacks that hit a wide range. (3 tiles) Moves faster than Vitin but only focuses on one target at a time. Able to block any projectile with his sword.

? (Miniboss of Towers of Insamel)

Spex Ett Trettio Hundra- A fallen angel of technological Chaos. (more to come soon.) 

Dungeons and Essences
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Lyco Temple- A large temple nearly engulfed in the underbrush of the Lyco Deepwood. Vines entangle the structure covering windows and decor. The architecture appears ancient and possibly Elven. Much of the stone is mossy or cracked and is a pale shade of grey. This temple houses the Essence of Shade.

Golden Rock Mine- A mine on the side of Golden Rock Mountain. There is a multitude of Gold deposits and treasure to be found. Mine carts lead throughout the dungeon and the shrine lies at the very end, where it houses the Essence of Dusk

Coral Temple- A temple that is located one the coast of a coral reef. The temple itself is almost completely built of coral and shells giving it it's name. Hues of purple, peach, and red give the temple a very calm feeling. This temple houses the Essence of Night.

Old Chrono City- Located beneath Chrono City, it is speculated that this abandoned town became haunted due to the cruel treatment of the inmates who died during their imprisonment. Access was cut off nearly a century ago and no one has entered it since. It is damp and dark throughout much of the area, as it is completely underground and only lit by scattered torches.  Somewhere in this town lies the Essence of Rift.

Majana Wastes- A vast and barren desert. The decrepit structures scattered about, and bones of old animals and adventurers make this land an intimidating sight to behold. Dangerous monsters lurk in this part of the desert as only the toughest creatures are able to survive. In the farthest reaches of the desert lies the Essence of Shroud.

Towers of Insamel- Two large towers that match in height and stature, connected by multiple bridges. To climb one must ascend both. These towers stand out above all else in the desert and are visible from the entire Tumari Region. At the top of the Towers lies a connecting point and a shrine which houses the Essence of Shadow.

Mini Dungeons
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Nimbus Chapel- A chapel in the sky that is said to have been blessed by the dragons. It was once a major place of worship for the Elves though now it is simply considered a Holy Ground.

Bandit's Stronghold- A hidden stronghold deep inside the Lyco Greens. Little is known about it aside of the fact that it has always been used by the fiercest bandits of Liimina.

Spaceship- A mysterious alien mothership that intends to abduct cattle from the Ailin Ranch. It contains pods, rooms, and strange technology. It is very large to be mobile and must be sabotaged from the inside by Vitin before he can reach the bridge and fight the leader.

Player Friendly Dungeons
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Dungeons will have a Skyward Sword type feel with a blend of OoT. They will have a linear way out, but at the same time the linear path must be unlocked using the dungeon item. This makes it so that if you leave to resupply before the boss, you can enter the dungeon and go straight to the door. (Also makes game overs a bit less irritating.)

The majority of mandatory puzzles inside of dungeons will require the use of Vitin AND Dark Vitin to solve.

Subquest Items
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Slot 1- Bank Stamps. Getting a stamp in each town will grant you a bank Card which allows all towns to keep track of your money. Normally all banks hold it separately.

Slot 2a- Love Letter, Heartfelt Reply, Romantic Proposal, Expensive Fabric, Item Voucher.
2b- Love Letter, Rejection Note, Wilted Flower, Letter of Apology, Item Voucher.

3- Memory Book. Works as an in game list of enemies, towns, regions, and items discovered. Has information on all things accessible, including known NPCs, and completed sidequests.

4- Light Spheres. Collecting these brings back Vitin's memories about himself. Affects your overall ending as well as some choices of in game dialogue.

1 Sphere- image of himself
10 Spheres- image of himself in the woods of Mynale
25 Spheres- image of himself in an arena in Mynale
50 Spheres- image of his city
90 Spheres- image of him in his favorite hangout spot (sitting underneath a bridge eating a fruit)
180 Spheres- image of his home
270 Spheres- image of his room sword and trophies on the wall, indicating he is a skilled fighter)
360 Spheres- images of his family (him, mother, and father)
455 Spheres- image of his father scolding him after a spar (holding sword pointing it down at him. Vitin's sword is on the ground)
600 Spheres- image of his bestfriend wielding a bow and arrow, shooting a fruit from his hand)
800 Spheres- image of him and his girlfriend (lying down together looking up at the stars) 

Vigor Diamond Locations
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1- Temple 1- Boss
2- Temple 2- Boss
3- Temple 3- Boss
4- Temple 4- Boss
5- Temple 5- Boss
6- Temple 6- Boss

7- Side Dungeon 2- Chest

8- Yamoah- Hidden on chest on High ledge
9- Yamoah- (Mentor Sidequest, for Kini Yamo. Teach Knights all abilities.)
10- Yamoah- Opposite end of Blackwater Cave in chest too dark to see normally

11- Yamoah Graveyard- Sealing Quest for Gravekeeper. (Revealed in book how to defeat. Kill ghosts and then use Light arrows on graves to seal them. Each night of the week.)
12- Yamoah Graveyard- Inside Chest in Hut. Enter from behind, use Force Gauntlets to blow away boulder blocking back door. (Mentioned in diary)

13- Chrono City- Minigame, Treasure Chest Guess. Guess Correctly on VH Difficulty.
14- Chrono City- Hidden in chest on rooftops. Requires jumping gaps and then using Dragon Vice to latch to chest.
15- Chrono City- Protector Quest, for Mayor- Stop Thief

16- Ailin Ranch- Hidden behind pullable wardrobe in Nami's room. (Mentioned in diary)
17- Ailin Ranch- The Escort Quest reward

18- Cloudvale- Hidden in abandoned house. Two switches require both being pressed at the same time. Opens hidden compartment. Use Dragon Vice to pull out.
19- Cloudvale- Crier Quest, for Tour Guide- inform other towns about Cloudvale to bring in tourism.

20- Insamel- Minigame, Arena
21- Insamel- Hidden Behind thick Shrubs. Burn with Blaze Gauntlets, then cut them down.
22- Insamel- Nightwatch Quest, for Guard- fight off hordes of ghosts trying to enter the town.

23- Sh'ida Forest- Burn decayed tree revealing a grotto.
24- Jid Haven- Retrieval Quest, for Butler- Asks for Milk. Once you give it to him, he asks for Premium Milk.
25- Jid Haven- Shop (250)

26- Wandering Woods- Take hidden path (revealed in a book.) Leads to secret area with chest.
27- Lyco Deepwood- Cut through thin vines blocking path and climb tree to find.

28- Darem Ridge- Dive under water in a certain spot. (revealed in book that there may be things to find)
29- Breta Village- Shop (250)
30- Breta Village- Extermination Quests for Elder. Complete 3rd Quest. 1st- 4 Fierce Wolves , 2nd- 5 Mini Dragas, 3rd- 3 Dragas.
31- Golden Rock Tunnel- Blow open a wall using bombs. Only visible using Truth Sever but can be found by poking wall.

32- Southern Skies- Hookshot the chest from behind the waterfall.

33- Aegis Rock- Swirling around in a whirpool. Use boomerang to grab it.
34- Tumari Island- Freeze the ? and jump across them to reach an islet.
35- Tumari Island- Solve riddle of statues using Light and Dark Soulshots. Opens door to special chamber.

36- Majana Dunes- Hidden in a certain patch of quicksand. Takes you underground instead of hurting you. Find with Truth Sever. (Mentioned in book)

Side Quests
Nami Quest Line
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Meeting Nami- An introductory phase. She tells you who she is, and a little bit about the ranch. Tells you that she could use some help in a few days if you're interested.

Homeland Security- When you return a few days later she tells you that she needs some help setting up fences around the ranch and making a gate to keep it safer at night.

The Escort- A similar style to MM's quest, you protect her wagons on the way to the Shi'da Swamp's Inn, Chrono City, and back to the Ranch.

The Beacon- Nami tells you that something strange fell from the sky a night ago and landed in the ranch. She wants you to help her find it. Investigate the ranch and dig it up to find it.

Nami's Protector- Later on, Nami takes you on a second delivery run in Chrono City, only this time you're walking around the town making sure no thieves get to her while she does her deliveries.

Mystery of History- Nami tells you the spooky history of the ranch. Claiming that her ancestors had contact with otherworldly beings. She doesn't know what they are or where they're from but she thinks they want her livestock.

Alien Invasion- The aliens have come! You have to drive out the aliens by rushing into their ship, damaging weak points, and then fighting the ship captain.

Royal Delivery- Nami wants you to come with her to Yamoah Village while she makes her runs. You are to protect her again.

Special Delivery- Nami has a deliver that needs to be made at Cloudvale. However, as horses can't fly she asks if you mind doing it for her.

Princess Kini Quest Line
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Meeting Kini- An introduction to Kini, she greets you and tells you a bit about herself. Mentioning that she could use someone like you around the castle.

Missing Butler- The butler has gone missing and it becomes your job to find him. What happened? Nobody knows...

Rat Troubles- Rat's have infested the castle cellar, and the butler is afraid of them. Kini turns to you to exterminate the pests.

Kidnapped!- The Princess has been kidnapped! You have to find her and return her to the castle before who knows what happens to her.

The Mentor- Kini never wants to be kidnapped again, she asks if you would teach her guards some of your combat techniques and promises you a reward.

Construction Quest Line
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Building A Tower-
The Tower of Tribulations-

Dark Vitin Quest Line
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Involves finding special areas that have meaning to him. They may be hard to access and require using darkness abilities, and some are even off the map. As these locations are scattered across Liimina, and all completely optional to find; they will simply serve to make Dark Vitin more helpful all around. The rewards are setup so that the sooner you find the areas, the easier you will be able to progress through the game.

1- Blackwater Cave: Behind the Shrine of the Shadowblade (requires nothing)
2- Yamoah Canyon: Underneath the bridge (requires nothing, exact jumps across small rocks)
3- Lyco Greens: Atop the trees (requires Shade Jump)
4- Goldenrock Mountain: Inside a cave, near a mine cart (requires nothing)
5- Cloudvale Skies: (requires shadow sprint and shade jump to long jump across a gap)
6- Chrono City Park: Atop the slide (requires nothing)
7- Mist Bay: behind the waterfall (requires shadow bridge to move against the current)
8- Tumari Isle: On an Islet with a hammock off the coast ( requires shadow bridge to water walk, and shade jumping to reach the islet)
9- Majana Dunes: Hidden Oasis (requires Shadow Mines to hit 3 switches and open the entrance)
10- Insamel: The Warrior's Journey (a bonus dungeon. Requires Void Magnet to enter. After completing all waves in the Crucible it triggers)

1st reward- regenerate DP faster in darkness
2nd reward- Shadow Bridge Ability
3rd reward- regenerate health in darkness
4th reward- Shadow Mine Ability
5th reward- freely shadow sprint in darkness
6th reward- Shadow Warp Ability
7th reward- when blocking in shadow becomes invulnerable
8th reward- Dark Heart Ability
9th reward- attacks deal 1.5x damage in darkness
10th reward- instant DP regeneration in shadow. Allows infinite Darkness abilities in shaded areas.

Mini Games in Detail
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All Minigames will be completely optional, offer distinct rewards for mastering them, and will have multiple difficulty levels.

Shooting Gallery- There are many targets all set up at once. They move around and you have to hit as many as possible to set a high score. Certain targets have higher values than others, and the game is timed.
Requires Bow
Reward- Swift Bow

Sword School: Blade Training- There is a course that familiarizes you with the standard attack options available. Completing this course will unlock new lessons. In these lessons you will learn new sword attacks.
Requires Nothing (as you always have a sword after the beginning)
Rewards- New Sword Attacks

Sword School: Defense Training- In this course you will learn how to block and dodge effectively. You will be timed and put against many obstacles. You must complete it taking minimal damage by evading and defending against the projectiles and obstacles.
Requires Nothing (as you always have a sword after the beginning)

Chrono City
Treasure Maze- Go through a maze opening up chests with varying prizes inside. The chest at the end has the best prize but provided you don't get lost and run out of time, you can open up multiple chests and still reach the final one for the biggest reward.

Chest Guess- You enter a room that has multiple chests. The higher the difficulty, the more chests there are. between 3 and 7 with the odds to break even and the odds of losing occupying all but 2 chests from 5 on up. The chests are randomized but the rewards are set according to difficulty.

Easy- 3 Chests
Cost- 20
Prizes- 10, 20, and 30

Normal- 4 Chests
Cost- 30
Prizes- 20, 20, 30, and 45

Hard- 5 Chests
Cost- 50
Prizes- 40, 40, 50, 55, 70

Hard- 6 Chests
Cost- 70
Prizes- 50, 50, 70, 70, 80, 100

Very Hard- 7 Chests
Cost- 100
Prizes- 70, 70, 70, 100, 100, 150, 200 (or Vigor diamond if not won already)
Requires- Money
Rewards- Money, Vigor Diamond on VH if not already won

Blast Master- Standing behind a fence there are multiple moving targets in an area. They come in waves and it is not timed. You play by throwing a bomb into the targets to try and destroy as many as possible while using as little bombs as you can. You are given 5 bombs per wave. When either all targets are destroyed or you run out of bombs, the wave ends.
Reward- Remote Bombs

Easy- 3 Waves
Normal- 5 Waves
Hard- 7 Waves
Very Hard- 10 Waves

Marksman Gallery- Targets spawn in a designated area but only stay for a short time before going away. Break as many targets as possible and avoid penalty targets. Difficulty affects total number of targets as well as penalty targets.
Reward- Quiver Upgrade

Targets- 25
P Targets- 10

Targets- 35
P Targets- 10

Targets- 45
P Targets- 15

Very Hard
Targets- 60
P Targets- 20

Cavern of Mystery
A sequence of chambers each filled with 2 chests. One has a key and the other has either an item or money. You must open all key chests to reach the final reward at the end.
Reward- Lamp

Easy- 4 Chambers
Normal- 6 Chambers
Hard- 8 Chambers

Dragon Race- There are multiple Dragon Vice targets setting up pathways which all lead to dead ends except for a set amount of possible correct ways. Some platforms move, making the aiming more difficult. The only reward is at the end of the maze.
Reward- Magnetic Dragon Vice

Proper Pathways- 4
Dead ends- 6

Proper Pathways- 3
Dead ends- 7

Proper Pathways- 2
Dead ends- 8

Very Hard
Proper Pathways- 1
Dead ends- 9

Arena Challenge- You get to take on hordes of enemies that you specify when selecting a challenge. Once you enter you cannot exit until you complete the challenge or are defeated.

Crucible- Another arena type game, instead of choosing your opponent you must face groups of enemies all becoming progressively stronger. You can choose to exit after each round but if you leave you must start from the beginning again if you return.
Rewards- Money, Blessing of Mana on Very Hard (Half MP Cost)

Easy- 5 Courses
Normal- 8 Courses
Hard- 12 Courses
Very Hard- 15 Courses

Mini Games in General
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Shooting Gallery
Sword School: Blade Training
Sword School: Defense Training

Chrono City
Treasure Maze
Chest Guess
Blast Master
Marksman Gallery
Cavern of Mystery

Dragon Race

Arena Challenge

Bonus Dungeons
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Bonus Dungeons are completely optional dungeons that will test the skills of the player. These dungeons are full sized dungeons but set up to be much more linear. They offer special rewards that serve to make the game easier if they are obtained.

Mage Trials- A dungeon that was made to test the user's adequacy with the three types of gauntlet powers. The enemies and puzzles inside all revolve around using the different powers. This trial must be taken alone, with no help from Dark Vitin. All of your other items are temporarily removed as well.
Located- Cloudvale
Required to enter- Both Elemental Souls for the Force Gauntlets.
Reward- Frozenfire Soul

Tower of Tribulations- A newly made tower that was made to test the potential limits of the Yamoan Knights. There are multiple floors with difficult puzzles as well as enemies, minibosses, and bosses every few floors.
Located- Yamoah Entrance
Required to enter- Complete Construction SideQuest sequence, then talk to guards to gain entry. All dungeon items, and sword attacks.
Reward- Time Sever

History and Lore
History of Yamoah
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Long ago before the land of Liimina was named, there was no safe haven from monsters for humankind. A band of settlers led by a group of warriors known as the Wolves of Dawn had journeyed in search of a new land to inhabit. After traveling across the sea, they eventually came to find that the land was rife with monsters and savage wildlife. Seeking an area away from monsters with a suitable climate for everyday life, the Wolves of Dawn continued to traverse the land.

Many lives were lost searching for a new home as the seasons came and went, and many miles were traveled. Eventually they came across a canyon with a large cave opening into the opposite side of a waterfall. For hunters this would be the perfect area to settle in. A constantly streaming water source, a cave for shelter, and walls guarding all sides but the entrance to the valley; they had all they needed to survive aside of food which the wildlife could offer them. Though the seasons changed the climate of the valley remained nearly constant throughout the year. This weather was perfect for building as it was never too warm or too cool to sleep outside and the construction went on undisturbed by monsters for many years.

They fashioned buildings from sturdy stone with wooden doors and ceilings, with windows being small gaps in the walls. Due to their hunting lifestyle, each building was made with an easy access latched roof from the inside. After nearly a decade, the leaders of the Wolves of Dawn Yamoah and Rikai settled down as rulers of the town which was named after them.

Rikai, after decades of protecting Yamoah from evil creatures noticed that his sword began to change in hue. He was unsure why, but thought it may have been a curse caused by the blade's power to absorb the essence of those it slays. Afraid that the curse might someday overcome him. He had a shrine built deep inside the cave where he would lay his sword to rest.

Centuries later, as the town had advanced far enough, a bridge was built to the other side of the valley and a castle was built to watch over the town's entirety. The Rikai bloodline eventually became royalty and lost their hardened survivalist nature as the town became inaccessible to all monsters that didn't possess flight. This was made possible by a famous inventor who created a bridge that could retract by winding a lever. From that time on, Yamoah has been largely untouched by monsters and hasn't seen much change.

The Tribe of Dawn and the Shifting Vigor Arms
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The Tribe of Dawn is an ancient tribe of settlers from a land that was once an island near present day Liimina. They were wholly self sufficient and able adventurers consisting solely of humans. The Dawn was capable of forging mystical living weapons using a special type of metal found nowhere else in the  world. This metal was known as Soulsteel and could only be obtained by destroying one of the atronachs native to the island. These weapons were able to absorb the life essence of whatever they killed and doing so caused them to grow just as the atronach would.

These weapons were often wielded by protectors of the tribe and were known as the Shifting Vigor Arms. Depending on the type of beasts they slayed, the weapons could become as dark as night or as bright as the sun itself. Not only that, but they would become exponentially more powerful.

It is thought that these weapons still exist somewhere in the world as they do not deteriorate over time or use. However, it is highly possible that they became lost in time, just as the island from whence they came. An ancient log depicts images and names of all Vigor Arms created after their first shift.

Shifting Vigor Arms:

Shadow Blade
Sola Daggers
Luna Bow
Cosmos Rod

History of Ailin Ranch
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Long ago, even before the founding of Old Chrono City, the Ailin Ranch was formed by a small group of travelers who had grown tired of the hunting and gathering lifestyle of Yamoah. They took to the plains of Liimina in search of an area with similar terrain to Yamoah; a single entry way with a source of water nearby and high cliffs surrounding. A few days passed and they eventually found the perfect location not far from the entry to the neighboring swamp. This area had a pond that was large enough to support a small amount of people and livestock. Not only that but the grass was perfect for grazing and it shared the same temperate climate as the canyon.

Within days of returning to Yamoah for workers, fences and buildings began construction in what would become Ailin Ranch. As time passed a gate, barn, stable, shack, and a two story house was built and the couple lived there peacefully and eventually started a family.

The Ailin Invasion
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Not more than a decade after the Ailin Ranch had been created had there been strange sightings in the skies above. Mysterious glowing figures and seemingly flying buildings had hovered above but whenever someone came out to investigate they would vanish in an instant. Until one night, when the sky was void of stars and the clouds poured down a heavy rain they came back...

A large circular ship appeared in a haze above the ranch and beamed down multiple rays of blinding light with a deafening crack. In it's wake were mysterious beings all headed for the barn. The Ailin's could only watch in horror as beacons were placed all around and the barn was lifted into the air and absorbed by the ship. A moment later, the beacons dissipated and the beings along with it. Just like that, they were gone. However, a marking was left in the fields in the shape of a half circle. What could it mean..?

History of Jid Palace
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Located deep within the woodlands, the Jidan are one of the three native races of Liimina. Their home is known as the Jid Palace and is one of the oldest structures in Liimina. Long ago, the palace started with a single structure built to shelter the King and his family. Saplings were placed inside of a trench around the plot of land and over time they grew into a massive wall of trees. These trees became vital in the construction of a city and homes were carved into them once they reached full maturity. These trees help to keep the air constantly refreshing. allowing those who live inside its walls to live longer than the commoners who often live in trees or tunnels.
It was once home to only the noble and Royal Jid. Over time, they began to allow non nobles to take up residence in their palace. Every half century, the Jidan build a new section onto the palace to accommodate more and more citizens. The Jidan pride themselves on status. They have rankings from Ruler to Exile and seem to have no problem allowing visitors of all kinds into their most prized haven.

The Jid are a very peaceful race and do no harm to their own kind or other races. Those who endanger the safety of the palace are exiled from society and can only return after living in the woodlands for a decade. This has kept the palace strong and secure since the beginning of their civilization.

The Lyco Exiles
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While there is no recorded history of violence in Jidan society, this does not mean that there is no conflict. The Jidan cast those who break laws into exile and give them the name Lyco after the forest for which they are to become one with.

The Lyco are cursed to lose their ability to communicate with plant life and to temporarily age in reverse until they reach pre adolescence. At that point they cease aging until they serve their sentence in exile and are able to return to the palace. Many of the Lyco are forced to take up primitive methods of self defense and will prey on anyone who enters their territory. As they can no longer differentiate friend from foe by using their senses, and they are physically inferior to all other races, they utilize poisons and long range tactics to keep themselves from being harmed. Lyco who have returned to the palace are deemed peasants and are unable to ever reach nobility.

History of Chrono City
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Underneath Chrono City lies a town buried in time. In the days of old, Chrono Town began as a small trading establishment founded by humans. Located in the center of Liimina, it quickly became a prosperous community. All of the races came together, building upon the town,  expanding it by sectioning the town into districts designed for trade, tourism and lodging, or recreation. Business thrived but not all was well. With the rise of the economy, there was also a rise in crime and an increasing interest in black market goods. Thieves prowled the streets after dark mugging travelers and breaking into stores, selling the stolen goods back for a profit.

The settlers became concerned and decided upon a system of law enforcement. A large prison was constructed underground alongside an aqueduct, and guards patrolled each district in shifts, an effort intended to keep the townsfolk safe from crime. The criminals who were captured were taken to the prison which proved harsh but effective. Weeks confined in a dark cell with nothing other than the blare of waves crashing against the walls of the prison proved to be punishment enough to drive men mad. This harsh system of law enforcement ensured that only the most foolhardy of citizens would even consider committing felonies, and was instrumental in keeping the town peaceful.

Not even a decade after the Human Elf Peace Treaty was signed, began the reconstruction of Chrono City. The new city was to be built atop the old town and it would be even larger to support more settlers. The prison and aqueducts were abandoned in place of a community jail house and building walls around the town. The main entrances to the town would be raised drawbridges by night leaving only one guarded entrance and exit to allow travelers. The seasons came and went and Chrono City quickly flourished with the help of all the races coming together once more. Generations passed and eventually everything anyone knew of the Old Town and its dark past has been long forgotten.

The Elfin Plague
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Several decades after Chrono Town became somewhat of a peaceful town, an illness began to spread that was known as the Elfin Plague epidemic. During this time many elves were imprisoned and tortured under false charges. As their race was the only one to not be afflicted by the disease while others suffered and died, many humans sought to believe they were the cause of it. This torture and animosity against elves went on for decades while a war was waged and hundreds of elves were tortured to death in the Chrono Town Penitentiary throughout the century.

Less than 50 years after the last case of the Elfin Plague, an elven emissary descended from the sky city of Cloudvale and proposed a peace treaty to stop the aggression between humans and elves. This treaty was accepted and the humans decided that they would go back to their old ways so long as no more cases of the plague showed up.

History of Breta Village and Nomias' Shrine
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Carved into the base of one of the Goldenrock Range's many mountains lies Breta Village. This village is one of many Darema villages accompanied by a small shrine to honor their god. No one is certain how long ago the village was founded, but it likely dates back to a time even before the Ilva came to be. Their homes are stacked in an asymmetrical fashion and are made with no windows. Instead of doors, they have simple openings for entry.

The Darema Shrine of Goldenrock was built to honor the Darem God of Wealth, Nomias. It is thought that the shrine was built in his honor due to the mineral and gem rich land that it was built upon, however this could be coincidence, as the Darema are not very materialistic.

History of Cloudvale
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Long ago in ancient times, the humans and elves waged a terrible war on the land now known as Liimina. This war lasted for decades upon decades and there was no end in sight. Tension between elves and humans was not without reason however. There was a deadly plague being contracted by humans that the elves were immune to, known as the Elfin Plague. The humans didn't know it, but this disease was not caused by the elves, and it continued to ravage the land for nearly a century. The war waged on and the humans began to attack all elves on sight. Seeing no way to end the conflict for as long as elvenkind existed; a powerful elven woman by the name of Skylis Ernea created a powerful magic spell that would ensure the life of the elven people.

Skylis called a meeting among elven officials that would see al of elvenkind retreat to Earthvale. It took days, and in this time she appointed a renowned elven warrior as her emissary. This warrior was also an inventor of great skill, who had created a multitude of weapons and gadgets for the war. One invention in particular caught Skylis' attention, it allowed the user to move quickly across various types of terrain. This invention was known as the Dragon Vice, and with knowledge of this item, Skylis assigned her emissary the task of returning to land every few years to observe the humans. She delayed no longer in casting her spell; raising the entire region of the earth up into the sky, hundreds of feet higher than any weapon could ever fire. The spell was eternally effective, but in turn it cost her own life. In the end, she saved the lives of many in exchange for her own.

The emissary lived his life devoted to serving Skylis. Decades passed, new rulers came and went, and the humans who were hostile towards the elves eventually died out. When peace had returned to Liimina, Earthvale was renamed Cloudvale in Skylis' honor. Skylis' emissary opened a hidden route from Cloudvale to Liimina, that would only be accessible to the few who knew of it's secret.

The Zufae Civil War
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For nearly a decade, the Zufae of Mist Bay have been at war with those of the Tumari Sea for resources and territories. This has led to the Coast Zufae going by the name Yana (translating roughly into land fish in Zuan) while the sea Zufae are addressed as the Teili which translates to Water Dweller) Most of the battles are waged underwater where the other races can't intervene, though it is still quite often that one may encounter the Zufae fighting on either side of the sea on land.

In one of the more recent attacks, Zufae Reef was invaded by a small group of Teili spies. The spies lived among the Yana, observing them and planning an attack. The attack was successful and the late King Agane was assassinated on the throne. The reef broke into chaos as the assassins fled, and though they were eventually caught and put to justice, the Yana have made it clear that they have no intentions to back down until all of the Teili are eliminated.

The Demon of Insamel and the rise of the Majana
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Nearly 150 years ago a civil war between the Samelians occured. This event in history is referred to as the Majana Uprising. During the uprising there was a small scale war between those who wished to live the traditional way of life and worship their revered gods, and those who chose to worship the outlawed god Majat Kanaal. These worshipers of evil were cast out of the town and forced into the harsh Tumari Desert. Through sweltering days and frigid nights, the worshipers prayed to their god for the power to sustain their lives. Their prayers did not go unanswered... They adapted physically to have lower body temperatures during the day, and higher by night.  Their instincts sharpened and they began to require less water to survive. Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months, they began to civilize.

It was the next season by the time anyone from Insamel had heard of them again. The Samelians began referring to them as the Majana and feared that they were planning an assault on Insamel. To prevent this a militia was formed, headed by Liimina's greatest swordsman; Radoku Zuhame. Before the Majana could devise a plan to attack the city, he led the militia to their town in the desert where they proceeded to slaughter everyone they came across. Men, women, children, even the lives of animals were taken in the massacre. The Majana retaliated with powerful arcane magic, setting their enemies alight and disintegrating them. Nearly all of the militia were wiped out in the initial siege. Radoku went into a fury, he fought and slaughtered the Majana until they were routed to a nearby tower. A tower that was built by his ancestors. His rage intensified, he relentlessly charged and destroyed everyone who came across him, friend or foe.

 Eventually he reached the top of the tower where a Majana bearing the visage of Majat Kanaal was lying in wait. He offered Radoku unlimited power and eternal youth in exchange for his loyalty. Without a moment of hesitation Radoku pledged his loyalty. He knew he was outmatched, but with the power of a god he wouldn't be. Majat Kanaal granted him power and eternal youth just as he had promised. Radoku's hair began to turn a radiant white and he appeared 20 years younger. However, after realizing he had gained what he desired, the Majana was nowhere to be found and a magical door with a seal was keeping him trapped inside the room. He had been deceived in his power lust, granted immortality but forced to spend it confined to a single room.

Through the entire siege only one soldier ever made it back to Insamel. He had followed Radoku, and seen what he had become. He considered him a traitor for swearing loyalty to Majat. He knew what the Majana were capable of and quickly fled the tower to tell the townsfolk what had occurred. From that day onward, the Tumari Desert was renamed the Majana Desert after the fearsome tribes who had taken over and none dared venture into its reaches. Radoku Zuhame was give the title of "Demon of Insamel."

Key Dialogue
Cloudvale Key NPC Dialogue
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(This game features choices in conversation which affect responses, they will be labelled A, B, etc.)
At Cloudvale entrance
Dynamis: Welcome to Cloudvale. If you've made your way here, then I'll bet you're looking for something in particular. I'm sure you can learn anything you need to know at the chapel on the far side of town. Enjoy your time here.

Inside the Chapel of Skylis
Vorten: Greetings child, what brings you to our chapel at this hour?

A- Vitin: I'm looking for a way to reach areas that normally can't be reached. I was told you might be able to help me.
A- Vorten: Child, what you seek is an old treasure used by the emissary of Skylis. This artifact is protected boy our guardian. If you would seek it, head to the Nimbus Chapel. The Guardian will test your worth. Farewell child, may the clouds forever guide your way.

B- Vitin: I was just exploring actually.
B- Vorten: Well do be careful child, and watch your footing. Skyvale has many dangerous and unexpected drops.

C- Vitin: Uh... what is this place?
C- Vorten: This is the Chapel of Skylis, our Deity since the ancient times. If you wish to know more, please don't hesitate to ask our scribe Apherada.

D- Vitin: Nothing really, I'll be going now.
D- Voten: In that case, farewell child. May the clouds forever guide your way.

Apherada: Hello child. Do you wish to know the history of Cloudvale? I've been a scribe here since my childhood and I'll happily answer any questions you may have.

A- Vitin: Tell me the history of Cloudvale.
A- Apherada: (see history)

B- Vitin: Who was Skylis?
B- Apherada: Skylis is our Deity. Although she was in reality, just an exceptionally magical elf. She taught magic to the ancestors of many of the great elven mages today. Without her help, none of us would be capable of casting magical spells.

C- Vitin: Tell me about Skylis' emissary.
C- Apherada: Skylis'' emissary was a famous warrior and inventor named Keimo Surisys. He invented magical shields, clothing, and many more items you can only find in Cloudvale. However, most of his inventions have ceased to function over the centuries. It is said, that he created a magical suit of clothing as light as nightwear and as durable as armor that is capable of fitting itself to anyone who dons it.

D- Vitin: What makes the region float?
D- Apherada: The region is held up by a permanent levitation spell cast by our Deity Skylis.

E- Vitin: Who are you? Tell me about yourself.
E- Apherada: I'm the scribe here. I was born and raised in Cloudvale and I'll likely live here for all of my life. I enjoy my job and could never dream of doing anything else.

Insamel  (Part 1) key NPC Dialogue
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Entering Insamel
Atlas: Hail adventurer! What brings you to Insamel?

A- Vitin: Ever heard of the Dead Sands?
A- Atlas: The Dead Sands? Everyone in Insamel knows of the Dead Sands, though you won't hear mention of it often. It's a region known as the Majana Wastes, and it is THE most dangerous place in the world. You've no doubt noticed the animal skeletons all around Tumari. Well those are nothing compared to what you'll find once you enter Majana territory. If you still wanna go, I'd advise stopping at the general store to get some supplies. Tell them Atlas sent you, I'm sure you'll get a discount. Godspeed Adventurer.

B- Vitin: Just exploring.
B- Atlas:  I understand, but it is quite dangerous in both Tumari and Majana. So do yourself a favor and be careful. You might even consider purchasing a map at the general store.

C- Vitin: My feet. A boat. My feet some more.
C- Atlas: Ahahahahahahahahaha! A literal are we? Well that was a fine laugh. Ahem, so why have you come here?

D- Vitin: I'm not sure, anything cool here?
D- Atlas: Well that depends what you're looking for. You can check around the town, I'm sure someone could use a hand. There's also a general store that sells all manner of things, and an inn to rest if you're weary. There are a few buildings where you could go to get a nice view of the desert if that appeals to you.

At General Store
Maya: Welcome! Can I help you find anything?

A- Vitin: Just browsing.
A- Maya: Well take all the time you need.

B- Vitin: Atlas sent me.
B- Maya: Oh did he? In that case you can get any two items you need for half off. One time only of course.

Insamel (Part 2) key NPC dialogue
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In Insamel
Duse: You're trying to get inside the towers of Insamel? They were made and watched over by the Kuzunoh family. They live in the house closest to the oasis.

Inside Kuzunoh house
Vitin: I heard you have the key to the door of the Towers of Insamel?

Mari: Yes, it's true that I have the key to the tower. I've kept it here for years. Can I ask what you're hoping to gain from going there?

A- Vitin: I'm seeking the Demon of the Twin Towers.
A- Maya: You must mean Raidou... either you're stronger than you look, or you've not heard the tales. I suppose it doesn't really matter. Here's the key, please... be careful. Go prepared.

B- Vitin: I'm seeking adventure.
B- Maya: Adventure? That certainly explains your being out this far. I can give you the key but I wouldn't dare going inside were I you. There's a fine line between bravery and foolishness after all.

C- Vitin: It's... personal, and hard to explain.
C- Maya: A personal goal? Sounds like a journey of spiritual growth to me... I can see this key is of importance to you. I don't need it anymore, just be careful. I'd hate to be responsible for your death.

D- Vitin: I just like collecting keys and junk.
D- Maya: Well the key of Insamel is hardly junk. You have no idea what you're asking for do you? Do you truly have no reason for wanting to gain entry to the tower? I can see you're armed.

(Optional, activates hidden quest)
Efrain: You're going to challenge the Demon of the Towers? Promise me that you won't fail. We've been regarded as fiends for longer than I've been alive. Ever since my great great grandfather became mad and obsessed with power. It's hard to sleep at night knowing that a person can be so powerful that he becomes immortal. I've guided many a warrior to that tower; in groups even, but none have ever come back. It would be a great relief on my family and my conscience if someone could finally lay his soul to rest. If you can do this for me, I'll reward you.

A- Vitin: I promise.
B- Vitin: I'll do my best. I'll return here when I've done it.
C- Vitin: Sure, I was gonna do that anyway. 

Main Quest Guide  Dialogue
This will be updated as more is created... this dialogue is the essential bits that will be involved in locating and dealing with all of the main temples.

On finding temple 1- The Unseen Evergreen
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"You remember what we're looking for right? The Unseen Evergreen. I've never been there before, but I know the Sh'ida Swamp is surrounded by forest. I'd say we start looking there."

In region- "This is the Sh'ida Swamp. There aren't many people in this area, maybe we should ask around the inn to see if anyone knows anything that might help us."

After Learning- "The Jid mentioned that we can reach the Lyco Greens by going through the Wandering Woods. He also mentioned danger, make sure you're fully prepared.

In Lyco Greens- "This forest is huge! All we have to go on is unseen. I can't think of that meaning anything other than in the depths of the forest. Let's press on until we find it."

Inside Temple- "So this is the temple of Shade... Let's find whatever we can to help us get through here so we can get the essence and move on o the next one."

On finding temple 2- The Land of Gold
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"Alright, we're trying to find the Land of Gold. The first thing that comes to mind is the Golden Rock Mountains. There aren't many places to mine in Liimina, and the mountains are known for their mineral dust."

In the region- "So we're here, let's ask around the inn. They can probably lead us in the right direction."

After Learning- "Darema? Of course! They're known for their mining and technological prowess. It's only natural they would know how to enter the mine. Let's check out Breta Village."

In Tunnel- "Now this is a comfortable amount of darkness. I should be fine here, I just hope you've got everything you need. Let's blow some stuff up till we find our mark."

Inside Temple- "Talk about flashy... this place has more lights than Chrono City on Festival Night... Some of these currents are blocking the way forward. Maybe we can find something to stop them and get through."

On finding temple 3- The Endless Ocean
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"The endless ocean, well that's an obvious one. Mist Bay is in eastern Liimina. Only problem is, I'm not sure how we can get out to sea... Maybe a fisherman could ferry us."

In the region- "Well the fisherman's hut is right on the shoreline, but we still don't know where to go. The ocean is pretty vast, we need to ask someone who knows the sea better than a fisherman."

In Zufae Reef after learning- "An entire region behind the waterfall, who would've thought that we didn't even have to go out to sea? I guess we can't always assume things are as they sound. The Zufae mentioned the temple was made of coral so it should be easy to spot."

Inside Temple- "Call me weird, but I'm actually starting to enjoy all this dungeon diving and exploring, aren't you? I know you are too, because I AM YOU!!! See that icy gate? I'd bet you any amount of money that there's a treasure in here somewhere that we can use to melt that ice right off. Let's find it."

On finding temple 4- Dragon in the Sky and The Center of Time
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"The Center of Time... Chrono City comes to mind. It's smack in the middle of Liimina and it revolves around clocks. Heheh, revolves... like a clock. *Ahem* Let's go. We can do some shopping while we're there."

In region- "I doubt anyone here would know about a temple... It has to be somewhere that few people would ever go."

After finding and failing to enter- "Well that blows. I couldn't jump that gap if I tried 1,000 times. Did you see those markings though? We need to find something to get us across. We should see if the guy in the Curio Shop has anything that can help us."

After talking to Curio Shop guy- "So we need to find a book on a city that floats.. Let's check out the library in East Chrono. They've got books on everything."

After finding and reading book on Cloudvale- "Look to the moon at the edge of the mountain? Vague but it's worth a shot. Let's get back to the mountains and see if we can find out what that means. Or we could just rough it and see what happens. Your call."

In Cloudvale Skies- "Whoa... I never knew people could walk on the clouds. Well according to that book there should be a city up here with what we need."

After Learning- "A chapel in the sky... sounds fun. Let's go find that dragon."

At Nimbus Chapel- This place isn't very large, and for once it seems like the builder actually intended for people to be able to move without getting lost. Should be easy finding a dragon here, assuming it isn't an invisible dragon of course... because those shouldn't exist."

After Dragon- "That was totally worth the trek. We got to see a dragon and got some new gear in the process! Well, we got what we came here for so I guess there's no reason to stick around unless you wanna explore some more. I'm ready to leave when you are."

Back at Chrono in Temple- "Who would've thought..? There's basically another city underground! Listen to that ECHO!......... I wonder how they managed to build Chrono City on top of it all... What kind of demon do you think lives here?"

On finding temple 5- The Dead Sands
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"The Dead Sands... you know something? I think we can finally set out to sea. There's a huge desert island far beyond Aegis Rock in Mist Bay. Let's hire a boat."

In region- "The Tumari Savannah, this place is a mystery to me so I can't help much from here on out. However, there was a boating dock and that means there is some form of civilization out here."

In Insamel- "Is it just me or does something seem off about this town? Not that it's our problem. Let's see if we can get a lead on that temple."

After learning- "Follow the footprints of the Great Beast? Do you think the temple has some sort of guardian? Let's be on the lookout for tracks in the sand. It does make me curious how the sand never covers them up though..."

At Temple- "Some temple. It looks like no one's been here in a millennium. I can't complain, at least it's dark. You be extra careful here. You might wanna use your lantern."

Enemy Units / [Revise] Wolfos and White Wolfos
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:22:15 pm »
Wolfos are enemies about the size of an adult hylian. They are fast moving beasts, similar to werewolves. Gray and Black fur, sharp claws, and fangs make them an intimidating creature that many hylians fear.

Size= same as Link
Hp= Takes 2 hits to kill in weak point. 4 If hit in front.
Weak point= Tail, can be stunned by boomerang
Speed= Twice as fast as Link when running, making them hard to run away from.
Attack Pattern= Swings twice, once with each paw and pauses a moment before resuming movement. At this time they can be easily maneuvered around allowing you to hit their weakpoints.
Damage Output= A quarter heart per hit
Defensive Abilities= Can block standard attacks but not projectiles. If a wolfos is standing before you and you attack it while it attacks you will both be damaged, and it blocks afterwards unless hit from behind. Usually won't block unless they are moving toward you.
Evasive Abilities- Capable of side dashing a projectile if there is enough range.

White Wolfos
Size, Weakpoint, Speed, Attack Pattern, Defensive and Evasive abilities are the same as Wolfos.
Hp= Takes 3 hits to kill from their weakpoint. 6 if attacked from front.
Damage Output= Half a heart per attack

Bosses / SUBMISSION (Black Wolfos) Forest Temple Boss
« on: June 07, 2012, 04:48:49 am »
Okay, so we all know of wolfos. Here's my idea for a cool boss fight.

Black Wolfos Description
Well... he is the Alpha of the wolfos beasts. He has black fur, bright green eyes, sharp ivory claws about as long as a small sword, and a bushy tail. Other than that, he is overall just a larger wolfos.

Black Wolfos Stats

HP= Medium High, Takes around 20-30 hits to kill
Damage Output= Medium, Deals about half a heart damage per attack
Speed= High, the fastest moving boss in the game. Covers ground quickly due to size.
Weakpoint= Tail, if hit from front takes half damage

Black Wolfos Abilities
Claw Swipe= A quick swipe with either the left or right claws. Blockable.
Claw Crush= raises both hands overhead and stands on two legs before trying to smash you. Cant block
Claw Flurry= rapidly swings alternating claws up to 6 attacks. Run to avoid
Wolf Wind= Shoots out wind spheres to cut you. in patterns leaving a safe opening each time.
Teleport= Sinks down into the ground and comes up elsewhere.
Beast Call= Call forth a white wolfos or 2 wolfos to aid him

Fighting the Black Wolfos
Strategy= This fight would flow like a mix between a Wolfos and the Final Ganon battle from OoT. You would have to focus mostly on dodging fast attacks and when he does a slower attack get behind him either with a roll underneath his legs or by running directly passed the attack. When he raises his arms he can be stunned by your hookshot to make things slightly easier. After the first 3rd of the battle (under roll tail attacking), He enters a more desperate phase where he will alternate between summoning 2 Wolfos or a white Wolfos each time you damage him. To summon them, he must be still, get on all fours and arch his back before howling. This is your chance to attack him. After each summoning, he retreats underground (Wolfos often come from underground somehow) until the summoned creatures are defeated. When he comes up, he attacks as usual and if hurt, he will summon more and retreat. When he has 1 hit remaining, he will Summon 2 white Wolfos, and instead of retreating, he gets near a wall and shoots triple wind blasts at you. These blasts of wind can be nullified by tossing your boomerang through them. Otherwise, you get hit and pushed back a few tiles. Kill the wolfos, use your boomerang to get in close, and finish him like usual.

Battle Summary

Phase 1- Block fast attacks, stun him with hookshot during slow ones and attack his tail
Phase 2- Kill summoned creatures, repeat phase 1
Final stand- Kill summoned creatures, nullify one of three projectiles to get in close, repeat phase 1.

Graphics / Could someone rip Zelda 64 Models and textures for me?
« on: June 07, 2012, 03:30:17 am »
This is for a project that I would like to believe is not just a pipe dream. I need a multitude of items ripped from Majora's Mask as well as a few environmental textures, and a few towns ripped from OoT.

Needed Items
Wallet - Blue rupee center
Adult Wallet - Yellow rupee center
Giant Wallet - Red rupee center
Big Quiver
Biggest Quiver
Bomb Bag
Big Bomb Bag
Biggest Bomb Bag
Bullet Bag
Big Bullet Bag
Biggest Bullet Bag
Fairy Bow
Hero Bow (MM)
Megaton Hammer
Pictograph Box
Fairy Ocarina
Ocarina of Time
Iron boots
Hover Boots
Kokiri boots
Hylian Shield
Kokiri Sword (MM, will be called Razor Sword)
Razor Sword (MM, will be Tempered Razor Sword)
Gilded Sword
Fishing Rod
Shovel (Dampe Holds one I believe)
Lantern (Dampe has one, if not, the Poe Collector in OoT has one)
Deku Mask
Goron Mask
Zora Mask
Mask of Truth
Keaton Mask
Postman Hat
Stone Mask
Blast Mask
Bunny Hood
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Nayru's Love

Custom Items (look like spell items, but different texture)

Ether - White orb inside
Hylia's Light - Gold orb inside
Bombos - Red orb inside
Quake - Brown orb inside
Sheikah Veil - No orb inside
Sheikah Sight - black orb inside
Gerudo Sprint - purple orb inside
Stalfos rage - Ivory orb inside

Custom masks (requires very few modifications)

Dark Soul mask - Looks like fierce deity, but is all black with red eyes
Owl mask - take the top of the owl statue head

Custom Items could be textured from other items
Wooden shield- kokiri with no emblem, slightly more rounded if possible
Rock shield- like MM mirror shield with no mirror and a stone texture
Scale shield- Zora link's shield but more triangular
Iron shield- uses shape of Heroes Shield from MM, less designed
Old Hylian shield- Hulian shield with cracks and worn paint
Mirror Shield- uses WW shape if possible, custom design
Remote bomb- a gray bomb with no fuse
Power Gauntlets- Look like silver gauntlets but with fingers filled in if possible
Titan gauntlets- look like golden gauntlets but with fingers filled in.
Noble Wallet- Looks like Giant wallet, has Purple rupee center
Ember Bullet Bag- Has a fireball logo instead of writing (larger sizes get wider)
R. Bomb bag- A dark gray bomb bag (larger sizes get a silver ring and gold ring)
Bombchu bag- a dark blue bomb bag (larger sizes get a silver and gold ring)
Emerald Ring- a small ring around Links finger, can use model of his earrings, but green
Sapphire Ring-a small ring around other finger, can use model of earring
Ruby bracelets- use model of Goron bracelets but give them red symbol
Shadow earrings- use model of earrings but smoke gray
Black boots- use kokiri boot model for young and old, but black
Grip Boot covers- bottom of boots have a stitch like texture
Snow boot covers- bottom of boots have white chain link like texture
Pegasus boot covers- use hover boot design but with red bottoms and white Wings
Hylian Shortsword- similar to WW sword
Hylian Longsword- similar to Master sword, does not thin at base, handle goes straight, handle is gray and has no triangle or triforce.
Gerudo Greatblade- Similar to Gerudo thief sword but much longer.

I technically need the entire world from OoT, Minus a few areas.

Unneeded areas
Any adult Link Dungeons, except for the Ice Cavern.
Jabu Jabu & Jabu Jabu's Belly
Dodongo's Cavern
The Master Sword Chamber
Great Fairy Fountains
Link's Home

Discussion / Six Sage Sword (On Hold)
« on: June 05, 2012, 08:00:03 pm »
On hold for now, don't lock this topic as i will return to it after Shadow of Liimina.

I am taking elements from pretty much every Zelda made so far. For starters, this game focuses on an entirely new sword, 2 eras, and will perhaps have 2 major villains. The racial focus is more so on the Sheikah than any games before. The purpose of the game is to have the best of all Zelda worlds. A multitude of optional side quests, some more rewarding than others. Plentiful npcs and player interactions. Vastly different dungeons, styles, and many item upgrades and fusion possibilities. The child era will focus more on the transformation and masks similar to MM, while adult era focuses more on item usage. Also note that this game will feature optional equipment and items that can be acquired in sidequests, minigames, stores, or other ways.

Title - Six Sage Sword
Chronological Insertion - Nearly a century after OoT, the era before TP.

Desired Graphics  - Majora's Mask or OoT 3D
Desired Gameplay - Majora's Mask or OoT 3D
Conversation Flow- Conversations will work similar to Skyward Sword, offering 3 choices which affect the initial response of the npc. Unlike previous games, if you say no to someone, you aren't forced to reconsider.

Extra Mode Carry Over- After beating the game you can start a new game with access to all optional equipment from the start, if you unlocked it in your previous file. This does not include heart pieces.

Health Meter- Typical Zelda. Start with 3, max out at 20.
Magic Meter- Similar to OoT. Small Meter has 50MP, doubles to 100MP with Large Meter.

Time Passing System - Similar to Majora's Mask but with 7 days & no game end, simply a new week. 4 Weeks mark the start of a new Season.

Seasonal Weather- Many areas will not be affected by Season changes. Those that are will feature greener grass and shrubbery in Spring. Yellow tinted grass and drier land in Summer. Multi colored leaves and scattered leafless trees in Autumn. Snow and sparse shrubbery in Winter. (Lost Woods region is an exception to Winter, as it always has shrubbery and trees full of life)

NPC Schedules- similar to Majora's Mask. Weekly schedules. Each day of the week the NPC will be found in a different area depending on time of day. This cycle restarts with each week.

Young Time Period - just before technology gets more advanced. Magical items are still popular and common throughout Hyrule.
Adult Time Period - just after technology advances. Allows use of new technologically advanced items. Due to passage of time, the spirit energy in the magical masks has faded.

Country - Hyrulean Territories, consisting of Hyrule, Gerudo Desert, Snowpeak, and the Lost Woods as the subregions.

Plot Line (part 1, Young)
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Nearly a century after the events of Ganondorf's sealing into the Sacred Realm, a new era has begun. In this era, all of the races are at peace and civilization is advancing. Hyrule Castle Town has become a bustling trade center and tourist attraction, Kakariko and many other tribes and villages have expanded, and new towns have been built all around Hyrule.

In this new Hyrule, Link is just a boy from Kakariko Village soon to become a member of the Sheikah Tribe. He has taken up self defense training and is just approaching the trial exam of the tribe. After his trial is over, he is considered a member of the Sheikah Tribe and told to see the fortune teller about what awaits him in his life. The teller uses her "Eyes of Truth" and is surprised to see that Link has a great destiny set before him. He is the Chosen one of Fate, destined to follow in the footsteps of the hero who came before him. With that information, the teller informs Link that he should come by tomorrow as she will surely have more information by then. Link goes to his home and prepares for the next day.

That night, Link has dreams showing of a mystical sword with 6 Medallions embedded in the sheath. He sees that the one holding that sword is an older version of himself. Suddenly, time seems to rewind as he sees the medallions fading from the sword as beams of light shoot up into the sky and spread throughout Hyrule. Each beam going to a different location, and with each two medallions, the form of the sword changing to look less and less mystical. Eventually, it all rewinds to him playing a song on a blue Ocarina and reverting to a child, standing in what appears to be a royal tomb of sorts, dressed in a green hat and garb. In a quick and startling flash he sees the faces of a Deku, a Goron, and a Zora. As they fade away and all is dark, he hears demented laughter getting louder and seemingly coming from all around; he can see 2 round yellow glowing eyes and a spiked heart shaped silhouette.

The following morning Link tells the fortune teller of his dream and she confirms that it was a prophecy. She tells him that he has to infuse himself with the souls of a Deku, Goron, and a Zora before he can set out to find the sacred clothes worn by the hero and the fabled Ocarina of Time. With that knowledge confirmed, neither Link nor the teller has any clue who or what the Yellow Eyes in the silhouette could symbolize. Link leaves the teller house and the start of his grand journey begins.

Plot Line (part 2, adult)
NPC list, Models used/ New names/ Role in Game
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Happy Mask Salesman-
Professor Shikashi-
Pamela's Father-
The Professor-
Poe Collector-
Anju's Mother-
Anju's Grandmother-
Bean Seller-
Bomb Shop Owner-
Clock town shooting gallery manager-
Gorman Brother 1-
Gorman Brother 2-
Madame Aroma-
Mayor Dotour-
Mamamu Yan-
Curiosity Shop Man-
Trading Post Man-
Mr. Barten-
Part Timer-
Bomber 1-
Bomber 2-
Bomber 3-
Bomber 4-
Old Lady from Bomb Shop-
Post man-
Shiro (carpenter)-
Rosa Sister 1-
Rosa Sister 2-
Shiro (guard)-
Swamp Shooting Gallery manager-
Swamp tourist guide manager-
Treasure Chest Lady-
Juggler 1-
Juggler 2-
Captain Viscen-
Medicine Shop man-
graveyard Boy-
Know it all bro 1-
Know it all bro 2-
Nabooru's Second in Command-
Skulltula Family 1-
Skulltula Family 2-
Skulltula Family 3-
Skulltula Family 4-
Skulltula Family 5-
Skulltula Family Father-

Important Npcs
Epona (Young & old)
Zelda (Young & old)

ITEMS + Upgrades (Young Era)
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Slingshot - Dual Slingshot, Scattershot (shoot seeds at switches or enemies far away.  Enhancements shoot up to to, and then a circle of 6 with 1 in the middle. Only costs one seed.)
Deku Stick (light it on fire to touch higher torches, or use it as a weapon on tough enemies.
Deku Leaf (Blows gusts of wind,  allows safe landing, and hovering)
Elemental Rod - Wizard Rod, Sage Rod (a rod that can gain elemental properties of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Derived from ALttP Fire and Ice Rods and TLoZ Magic Wand.)

<Mask List, Young Only>
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Deku Mask (Assume form of a Deku allowing Spitting, Spinning, Flower flying, and faster movement. same as MM can now drop Deku Nuts faster, without using from inventory)
Goron Mask (assume the form of a Goron allowing Rolling, Lava walking, rock crushing, and Ground pounding. same as MM)
Zora Mask (Assume form of a Zora allowing Waterbreathing, fast swimming, forcefield attacks, and dual Boomerang fins. same from MM with an added move. Can backflip kick while swimming by pressing Attack.)
Dark Soul Mask (Dark Link, immune to environmental threats such as poison or gas and also to dark magic and curses. Has a special ceiling walk ability where he can use special pads to flip to the ceiling. Similar to TP magnetic zones or flipping Stone Tower. But only he flips, not the dungeon.)
Fierce Deity Mask (An immensely powerful mask that can fire shockwaves from his sword. same as MM, can now be used throughout entire dungeons, not just bosses.)
Owl Mask (allows dungeon warp from end to beginning statuettes)
Postman Hat (used to check inside post boxes. same as MM with added use for certain Side Quests)
Blast Mask (same use as a bomb, but takes away a half heart and has a recharge time and self detonation. same as MM)
Stone Mask (Become invisible. same as MM but you must move slowly to remain undetected)
Keaton Mask (Discover and summon Keatons from Keaton circles to be quizzed on Zeldology. same as MM)
Mask of Truth (able to see into chests, through false walls, discover grottos, read animal minds, find enemy weakpoints, and read gossip stones. Blend of Lens of Truth and Mask of Truth from MM)
Bunny Hood (Double movement speed and jump distance, same as MM)

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Deku Nut (Used to stun enemies with a blinding flash.)

Bomb (used to blow up rocks, weak walls, and certain enemies.)

Bottle (used to hold potions, bugs, fairies, and many other items.)

Lantern - Slow burn Lantern (used to light close torches, and surround Link with a small light, illuminating dark areas. Enhancements burns oil half as fast.)

Bug Net - Big Net (Used to catch bugs, fairies, and scoop up items. Enhancement self explanatory)

Telescope - Improved Telescope (Zoom in to see far off places. Used for scouting routes and treasure searching. Can be combined with bow. Improvement makes it zoom farther and faster.)

Grappling Hook - Extended Grappling Hook (used to grab certain surfaces or poles and swing across as well as climb to new heights, extension self explanatory)

Boomerang - Magic Boomerang (used to hit switches, grab items, stun enemies, and cut ropes. Enhancement allows Target Lock as well as WW style multi targetting.)

Roc's Feather - Roc's Cape (allows you to jump a larger distance and height than normal, cape allows you to glide if there is a draft)

Ocarina - Ocarina of Time (An instrument capable of learning many songs. same as MM)

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Jump Attack - standard lock on jump attack from every 3D Zelda
Roll Attack - thrust sword after a roll from TP
Parry - press Action when prompted. Consists of Backslice and Helm splitter from TP and WW
Shield Attack - Deflect projectiles or attacks by thrusting shield forward
Spin Attack - Link's spin attack from every Zelda since ALttP
Fatal Blow - Finish off downed enemies with a jumping downward thrust or standing down thrust. From TP & SS, works on bosses in a special manner.
Sky Thrust - thrust high when airborne to attack flying foes or switches. from TAoL
Earth Thrust - thrust low when airborne to attack low foes or switches. from TAoL
Dash Attack - run full speed with sword thrust ahead to charge enemies. from MC & ALttP
Jump Strike - An improved jump attack. Swings to both sides before crashing down with a powerful shockwave. from TP
Hurricane Spin - Rapidly tap Attack after starting a spin attack to spin rapidly while moving. from WW
Great Spin - With full health all spin attacks deal double damage and have increased range. from TP
Mortal Draw - With weapon sheathed and no lock on. Press A when prompted near enemy to instantly kill them. All but bosses or Minibosses die immediately. from TP
Mirror Blade - Allows your sword to reflect magic projectiles by slicing them.
Life Blade - with low health, hold a spin charge to heal slowly to just above beeping health.

<Song Book>
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Zelda's Lullaby (open passages, unlock secrets, spawn fairies at some areas. same as OoT)
Song of Healing (Heal wounder spirits, broken hearts, and restore broken fixtures. same as MM)
Wind's Requiem (Change the direction of the wind. Outside only. the part that plays as the wind changes on WW, same effect as WW)
Song of Storms (Cause a purifying rainstorm. Cures curse. same as MM)
Epona's Song (Call your horse, field only. same as MM)
Song of Soaring (warp between owl statues or exit dungeons. same as MM)
Song of Time (rewind time. same as MM, instead of 3 days you can choose between 1 & 7 days.)
Song of Double Time (fast forward 12 hours. same as MM)
Inverted Song of Time (slow time down to half speed. same as MM)
Nocturne of Shadow (leave a shell behind to stand on switches. works like Elegy of Emptiness from MM, shells can distract low rank foes.)
Song of Ages (new song, allows you to travel between Eras.)
Song of Seasons (new song, allows travel between Seasons.)

ITEMS + Upgrades (Adult Era)
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Deku Bow - Hero's Bow, Sacred Bow (used to shoot far off foes and switches, can cut ropes and be combined with various spells. Upgrades increase range and power, and adds piercing capability.)
Megaton Hammer (used to smash small rocks, push rusted switches, and cause small quakes to flip or stun enemies. Can combine with a spell.
Power Gauntlets - Titan Gauntlets (used to break boulders, weak walls, enemy armor, and enemies' guard. Upgrade allows faster breaking of objects that are larger and increased damage.)
Pictobox (used to take and store up to 5 colored Pictures.)
Remote Bomb (a bomb that can be detonated manually from a distance. Also work underwater.)
Bombchu ( a remote controlled bomb that can stick to walls and ceilings and be manually detonated.)
Hookshot/Double Hookshot - Longshot, Clawshot (used to latch on to wood, fences, and vines as well as stun enemies and kill weaker foes while pulling some of them toward Link. Upgrades dounle length, and allow it to latch on to chain link as well.)

<Magic Spells +MP cost, Adult Only>
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Ether - Freeze all items within a medium radius. Can combine with Bow. 14MP

Bombos - Create a chain of explosions in a medium radius. Can combine with Bow. 18MP

Quake - Create an earthquake in a medium radius. Can combine with Megaton Hammer. 18MP

Din's Fire - Create an expanding dome of fire around Link. Can combine with Bow. 14MP

Farore's Wind - Set up Beacons, teleport to them, or dispel them. Inside dungeons only. 10MP

Nayru' Love - create a forcefield for a limited time, negates all damage but stops use of other magic. 20MP

Hylia's Light - Create an illuminating blast of light in an entire room. Stuns enemies and damages evil or undead enemies. Can be combined with Bow. 16MP

Sheikah Veil - Turn invisible while constantly draining magic, Able to move full speed undetected. Self deactivate. (derived from ALttP Magic Cloak) 5MP per second

Sheikah Sight - Works as Adult Link's version of the Mask of Truth. 1MP per second

Transform - Turn low level enemies into a random Chu. Useful if low on items or in need of potions. (derived from ALttP Magic Powder) 2MP

Gerudo Sprint - Works as Adult Link's Bunny Hood. 0MP <equip to use>

Stalfos Rage - Doubles your Attack power for a set time, but disallows use of items until it runs out or is deactivated. 30MP

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Fire Arrow- Ignite far off targets and deal concentrated fire damage. 4MP

Ice Arrow- Freeze water, enemies, or targets, and deal concentrated ice damage at range. 4MP

Light Arrow- Leave a trail of light, hit targets, and deal concentrated light damage at range. 6MP

Bomb Arrow- Blow targets up from long range. 8MP

Quake Hammer- Cause the normal quake effect to be much larger and stronger. 10MP

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Red Potion, Red Potion +- Heals 10 Hearts, Heals 20 Hearts

Green Potion, Green Potion +- Restores a small magic meter Restores a large magic meter

Blue Potion, Blue Potion +- Recovers 10Hp & a small Magic Meter, Restores 20Hp & a large M meter

Purple Potion, Purple Potion +, Grants infinite Magic for 12 Hours (game time), Inf Magic for 24H

Yellow Potion, Yellow Potion +, Fixes broken shield, Fixes shield automatically before it breaks

Lon Lon Milk- Heals 5 hearts and has 2 servings

Fairy- Revives you if you die. Heals 8 hearts.

Bugs- Used to find secrets by releasing near soil patches.

Water- Used to make magic beans grow or put out fires

Hot Spring Water- Used to melt ice

Blue Fire- Used to melt red ice

Poe- Used to heal or hurt 4 hearts. Effect is random

Big Poe- Used to heal or hurt 8 hearts. Effect is random

Fish- Can be sold.

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Quest Notebook- A book that keeps track of all Quests, Personal Quests, and Side Quests started as well as progress in them. Works as an ingame Synopsis. Located in Link's Home.

Symbol of Honor- An upside down black Triangle attached to a necklace. After Dungeon 1. Story Advancement

Ranch Voucher- Allows you free entry into Lon Lon Ranch, also opens the Epona Subquest line. After Dungeon 3. Goron City, Speak to the tourists you helped.

Hero's Hat- The hat of the Hero of Time. Dungeon 4, room after Boss. Story Advancement

Hero's Garb- The Clothes of the Hero of Time. Is removed from quest items and added to clothing. Dungeon 5, room after Boss. Story Advancement

Forest Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Deku Wind Sage. After Dungeon 7. Story Advancement.

Light Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Hylian Light Sage. After Dungeon 8. Story Advancement.

Fire Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Goron Fire Sage. After Dungeon 9. Story Advancement.

Water Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Zora Water Sage. After Dungeon 10. Story Advancement

Spirit Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Gerudo Spirit Sage. After Dungeon 11. Story Advancement

Shadow Medallion- A medal that houses the spirit of the Sheikah Shadow Sage. After Dungeon 12. Story Advancement

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Slingshot- Town of Mido, General Store. Costs 50 rupees. <optional>
Deku Stick- Town of Mido, G. Store. 10 rupees. Or can be found in the Lost Woods & Deku Swamp
Deku Nut- Town of Mido, G. Store. 20 rupees per 5. Or can be found in L Woods & D Swamp <optional>
Deku Leaf- Deku Swamp, Old Cathedral in a lone tree. The last leaf of a magical but dying tree.
Bug Net- Deku Swamp, Escort a lost Kokiri back to Mido. Offered as a reward. <optional>
Bomb Bag- Goron City, after saving tourists on Death Mountain.
Bombchu Bag- Goron City, General Store. 200 rupees
Remote Bomb Bag- Hyrule City, Bomb Shop. 150 rupees. <optional>
Pictobox- Hyrule City,  General Store. 70 rupees. <optional>
Shovel- Hyrule City, G. Store. 30 rupees
Fishing Rod- Town of Ruto, Fishing Hole. Offered as Reward for setting a record weight fish. <optional>
Bottle 1- Link's home, on a counter.
Bottle 2- Hyrule City, Potion Shop. Reward for Ingredient Side Quest part 1.
Bottle 3- Gerudo Haven, kept after Water Delivery Side Quest.
Bottle 4- Zora's Domain, Reward for Underwater Minigame.
Telescope- Link's home, in his drawer. <optional>
Lantern- Link's home, on his table.
Roc's Feather- Dungeon 1. Miniboss treasure.
Ocarina of Shade- In Kakariko during story advancement. Sheikahs congratulate Link for graduating.
Elemental Rod- Dungeon 3. Miniboss treasure. Comes with Fire.
Grappling Hook- In Kakariko during story advancement. Link trains with a Sheikah upon returning to Kakariko from Dungeon 3.
ER: Ice- Dungeon 4. Miniboss treasure.
ER: Lightning- Dungeon 5. Miniboss treasure.
Boomerang- Dungeon 6. Miniboss treasure.
Ocarina of Time- End of Dungeon 6, in room after final Boss.
Hookshot- Dungeon 7. Miniboss treasure.
Bow- Dungeon 8. Miniboss treasure.
Power Gauntlets- Dungeon 9. Miniboss treasure.
2nd Hookshot- Dungeon 10. Miniboss treasure.
Megaton Hammer- Dungeon 11. Miniboss treasure.

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Standard Wallet- starter item. Holds 500 rupees.
Adult Wallet- Hyrule Castle Town, General Store. Holds 1,000 rupees.
Giant Wallet-
Noble Wallet-

Bullet Satchel- comes with slingshot.
Large Bullet Satchel- Mido, Slingshot Shooting Gallery
Largest Bullet Satchel- Hyrule Castle Town, Slingshot Shooting Galley

Ember Bullet Satchel- Hyrule Castle Town, Curio Shop
Large Ember Bullet Satchel- Hyrule Castle Town, Bomb Shop
Largest Ember Bullet Satchel-

Quiver- Comes with bow
Large Quiver- Gerudo Fortress Archery Minigame
Largest Quiver- Hyrule City, Night Watch Side Quest

Large Bomb Bag-
Largest Bomb Bag-

Large R. Bomb Bag-
Largest R. Bomb Bag-

Large Bombchu Bag- Hyrule City, Bombchu Bowling Minigame.
Largest Bombchu Bag- Hyrule City, Bombchu Blaster Minigame.

Bug Case- Hyrule Castle Town, Curio Shop. 50 rupees
Spoils Case- Hyrule Castle Town or City, Curio Shop. 100 rupees
Treasure Case- Hyrule Castle Town or City, Curio Shop. 100 rupees

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Wooden Shield- Starter shield.

Kokiri Shield- Mido, General Store. 30 rupees.

Rock Shield- Goron City, General Store. 80 rupees.

Scale Shield- Zora's Domain, General Store. 70 rupeel.

Iron Shield- Hyrule Castle Town / City. 100 rupees.

Old Hylian Shield- Adult Bonus dungeon, room after Boss.

Mirror Shield- Dungeon 12, First Miniboss treasure.

Sheikah Dagger- Starter Item. (cannot be stolen) Damage = 1x. 2x vs undead
Honed Sheikah Dagger- Goron City, Blacksmithy. ^upgrade Damage = 1x. 3x vs undead

Hylian Shortsword- Hyrule Castle Town / City. 40 rupees. Dam = 1.25x <optional>
Hylian Knight S.Sword- Goron City, Blacksmithy. Dam = 1.75x ^upgrade

Kokiri Sword- Mido, in a hidden chest passed the Swordsman Maze. Dam = .80x <optional>
Tempered Kokiri Sword- Goron City, Blacksmithy. Dam = 1.50x ^upgrade
Razor Sword- Goron City, Blacksmithy. Dam = 1.50x, longer than T Kokiri ^upgrade
Gilded Sword- Goron City, Blacksmithy. Dam = 2x, longer than Razor ^upgrade

Hylian Longsword- Hyrule City, Armory. Dam = 2.25x
Hylian Knight Longsword- Goron City, Blacksmithy. Dam =2.75x ^upgrade

Sealed Sage Sword- Story Advancement, Chamber of Sages. Dam =2.5.  3x vs undead
Unsealed Sage Sword- Dam =3x.  3.5x vs undead
Awakened Sage Sword- Dam =3.5x  4x vs undead
Six Sage Sword- Dam =4x.  6x vs undead

Gerudo Greatblade- Gerudo Training Ground, Final Chest reward. Dam =5x

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Emerald Ring- Great Deku Tree, final chest reward - increases def by 50% <optional>

Sapphire Ring- Sky Temple, final chest reward - increases def by 50% <opt>

Ruby Bracelets- Story Advancement, Hyrule Castle during an event. - Allows heavy lifting and larger block pushing.

Shadow Earrings- Sheikah Training Ground, final chest reward. <opt>

Iron Boot Cover- Wave Palace, 2nd Miniboss treasure

Hover Boot Cover- Gerudo Boneyard, 2nd Miniboss treasure

Grip Boot Cover- Hyrule Castle Town / City, Clothing Store. 80 rupees - prevents sliding on slopes or ice. <opt>

Snow Boot Cover- Hyrule Castle Town / City, Clothing Store. 80 rupees - Allows you to walk full speed in deep snow. <opt>

Pegasus Boot Cover- Hyrule Castle Trail, hidden in a secret tunnel inside of a chest. - Allows you to sprint over trap floors and weak ground <opt>

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Home Clothes- Similar to Outset Link, No crawfish, different colors. Black loose fit pants, low cut shoes, and a dark purple long sleeved shirt with a red teardrop going down the chest. Starter Wear.

Town Clothes- Similar to Kafei. A loose long sleeved shirt with colored and designed sleeves over shin length Hylian Crest printed shorts with black short boots. Hyrule Castle Town, Clothing store. 30 rupees

Gerudo Clothes- similar to Vaati. Shin high baggy pants worn over sandals with a form fitting neck high sleeveless undershirt decorated with the Gerudo symbol, accented by a midriff vest and fingerless gloves. Gerudo Haven, Clothing Store. 45 rupees

Hero's Clothes- Similar to WW Link. A green tunic with a matching hat, light green sleeves, white leather pants and brown boots. Dungeon 6, room after boss.

Hero's Mail(adult)- Similar to SS Link. A green hat and Tunic with short sleeves. Underneath is short sleeved chainmail and a black long sleeved undershirt. Worn atop Bunched leather pants and brown and black boots.

Goron Mail- Similar to ^. A red tunic and hat that resists heat, worn over the same under clothes as the H. Mail, comes with black pants. Story Advancement, before entering Death Mountain Core in an event. Can be bought in Goron City, General store. 150 rupees

Zora Mail- Similar to ^. A blue tunic and hat that resist cold and include a special mask for waterbreathing. Worn over same underclothes as H. Mail. Comes with Gray pants. Story Advancement, before entering Wave Palace in an event. Can be bought in Zora's Domain, General Store. 175 rupees

City Clothes- Similar to engineer Link. A black button up shirt with short gray sleeves. Worn over Loose gray pants and topped with a dark cap. Accented with short cuffless brown gloves. Hyrule City, Clothing Store. 45 rupees.

Gerudo Garb- Low sandals with airy Gerudo print pants tucked in, a long Vest is worn over it and a long scarf wrapped around the bottom half of the face covering the mouth and nose to complete the look. Rova, General Store. 80 rupees.

Sheikah Garb- Extra baggy pants with a waist cape, special shoes split at the big toe, and a form fitting black shirt marked with the Eye of Truth on the front. The dark color is accented by bandages wrapped around the ankles and wrists. Kakariko Village, Sheikah Sword School. Given to Link after learning Mortal Draw.

Deity Armor-Similar to Fierce Deity Link. A large torso piece of armor that goes over a white tunic and mail. The chest is marked with a sun and crescent moon. Eclipse Maze, Final chest Reward

Magic Armor- Similar to TP. A suit of Golden armor that goes over a green tunic. Includes armored gauntlets, a hatpiece, and golden mail underneath. The tunic itself has extravagant designs. Hyrule City, General Store. After an extensive, shop upgrade Side Quest. 2,500 rupees

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Song of Healing- learned when you receive the Ocarina of Shade
Wind's Requiem- Mido, During an event after Dungeon 1
Song of Soaring- Deku Swamp, before Dungeon 2.
Song of Storms- Lake Hylia, before Dungeon 4.
Zelda's Lullaby- Hyrule Castle, when you meet Princess Zelda during an event before Dungeon 6.
Epona's Song- Lon Lon Ranch, after Dungeon 3. <optional>

Song of Time- learned with the Ocarina of Time.
Song of Double Time- learned if played anytime after getting Song of Time. <opt>
Inverted Song of Time- learned if played anytime after getting Song of Time. <opt>

Nocturne of Shadow- Kakariko Village, during an event before Dungeon 12.

Song of Ages- Hyrule Castle, after receiving the Ocarina of Time. During an event. (Nayru's Song. 1st 8 notes)
Song of Seasons- learned alongside ^

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Jump Attack- Starter Skill.
Roll Attack- starter skill.
Parry- Starter skill.
Shield Attack- starter skill.
Spin Attack- starter skill.
Fatal Blow- Kakariko Sword School, after Dungeon 1
Sky Thrust-^ After Roc's Feather
Earth Thrust- ^After Roc's Cape
Dash Attack- ^After Pegasus Boots
Jump Strike- Hylian Sword School, After Dungeon 4
Hurricane Spin- Gerudo Blade School, 1,000 rupees
Great Spin- Hylian Sword School, After 2nd Sage Medallion
Mirror Blade- Hylian Sword School, After 4th Sage Medallion
Mortal Draw- Sheikah Sword School, After having 15 Heart Containers
Life Blade- Gerudo Blade School, hidden behind a scroll wall

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Dark Soul Mask- Dungeon 1. First Miniboss treasure
Deku Soul Mask- Dungeon 2. Miniboss treasure
Goron Soul Mask- Dungeon 3. First Miniboss treasure
Zora Soul Mask- Dungeon 4. First Miniboss treasure
Mask of Truth- Kakariko Village, Fortune Teller's House. Back room in a chest.
Postman Hat- Varies. Given by the Postman at start of Delivery Side Quest Line.
Keaton Mask- Hyrule Castle Town, Happy Mask Shop. 60 rupees.
Owl Mask- Hyrule Castle Town, HM Shop. 30 rupees.
Blast Mask- Hyrule Castle Town, HM Shop. 50 rupees.
Stone Mask- Hyrule Castle Town, HM Shop. 200 rupees.
Bunny Hood- Hyrule Castle Town, HM Shop. 100 rupees.
Fierce Deity Mask- Transformation Trials. Reward Item.

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Din's Fire- Dungeon 7, Miniboss treasure
Ether- Dungeon 10, Miniboss treasure
Sheikah Sight- Kakariko Village, Fortune Teller. Anytime after Adult
Hylia's Light- Dungeon 12, Miniboss treasure
Bombos- Rova, Magic Shop. 300 rupees
Quake- Rova, Magic Shop. 200 rupees
Farore's Wind- Lost Woods, hidden in a false tree
Nayru's Love- Hyrule Field, Hidden in a cave
Sheikah Veil- Bottom of the Well, hidden treasure
Gerudo Sprint- Gerudo Haven, hidden behind the waterfall as an Adult
Stalfos Rage- Hyrule City, Magic Shop. 500 rupees
Transform- Hyrule City, Magic Shop. Ingredient Side Quest part 2 Reward.

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Hyrule Field - The central field connecting nearly all parts of Hyrule.
Lost Woods - Located in East Hyrule, this covers the entire area up until near Zora River.
Deku Swamp - Located In the deep southern Lost Woods, reached through Mido.
Death Mountain Trail - Located in Northeast Hyrule, reached through Kakariko.
Death Mountain - From Death Mountain Trail.
Lower Zora River- located northeast of Kakariko
Upper Zora River- from Zora River
Zora Fountain- Connected to Zora's Domain
Ice Caverns- Connected to Zora's Fountain
Snowpeak- Connected to Ice Caverns
Gerudo Fortress- Conmected to Gerudo Haven
Gerudo Desert- West of Gerudo Haven and far west of Hyrule
Haunted Wasteland- Connected to Gerudo Desert
Lake Hylia- South of Hyrule Field, also connected to Gerudo Haven by the waterfall
Hyrule Castle Trail- Connected to Hyrule Castle Town / City

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Kakariko Village (young) - Link's birthplace and hometown. A quaint village known for being founded by the Sheikah tribe. Many Sheikah still live there among a few non Sheikah citizens. An iconic landmark is the windmill that keeps the well running and the water pure. Connects to Death Mountain Trail through a northern exit, Kakariko Cemetary to the east, and Hyrule field to the west. Houses a Potion Shop, General Store, and Sword School.
New Kakariko - Nearly a decade has passed, and an inn has been built near the trail to Death Mountain making Kakariko a more lively place due to passing travelers and miners.

Hyrule Castle Town (young) - The capital city of Hyrule.  A bustling, multi district city that thrives on trading and tourism. Features an entire district for shopping, and another for recreation. An iconic landmark is the Temple of Time, said to house the Legendary Master Sword. The shopping district features a Curio Shop, Potion Shop, Magic Shop, Happy Mask Shop, Equipment Shop, General Store, Clothing Shop, Bomb Shop, and a Sword School. The recreational district features a multitude of game houses, an inn, and a tavern. Exits North to Hyrule Castle and South to Hyrule Field.
Hyrule City - After a decade and a breakthrough in technology, Hyrule Town has evolved into a larger city. Some buildings that were incomplete are now finished, and the back alleys are even more expansive.

Mido - A place that was at one time called the Kokiri Forest. Home of the Kokiri people and has expanded into the territory of the Swordsman Maze, a small section of the Lost Woods, and the area of the Great Deku Tree. Features a General Store. Exits to the Lost Woods to the North and Hyrule Field to the west.

Goron City - Home of the Gorons, a proud rock eating race of hard skinned and large statured people. They are known for developing bombs and other technological advances, as well as having skilled blacksmiths. An iconic landmark is the rotating expression vase in the center of the town. Features a General store and a Blacksmith. Exits to Death Mountain and to the Lost Woods.

Zora's Domain - Home of the Zora people, a semi aquatic race that must always live near water. They can live underwater or on land for extended periods of time. An iconic landmark is the massive waterfall pouring down from Zora's Fountain. Features a General Store. Exits to Zora River and Zora's Fountain.

Jabua - A small establishment founded near Lake Hylia and is now in conjunction with the Fishing Hole. Houses an inn, and fishing spot. Exits to Lake Hylia.

Gerudo Haven - A newfound establishment located on both sides of Gerudo Valley that extends down the valley walls by cliffside trails. Houses a Clothing Store, General Store, and Sword School. Exits to Gerudo Fortress to the Northwest and Hyrule Field to the Southeast.

Rova - A small hidden town in the middle of the Haunted Wasteland near an oasis. Not known of by any but the Gerudo tribe. An iconic landmark is the Desert Colossus of the Spirit Temple. Houses a Magic Shop and a General Store. Exits to the Haunted Wasteland.

Lon Lon Ranch - A small ranch located in Central Hyrule Field just south of Hyrule Castle Town and West of Kakariko. Well known for being the major supply of dairy products as well as high quality horses.

Hyrule Castle - The Grand Castle of Hyrule along with it's expansive courtyard. Link is allowed to explore the bottom 2 floors of the Castle and the outside perimeter.

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7 General Stores- Kakariko, Hyrule, Mido, Goron City, Zora's Domain, Gerudo Haven, Rova
3 Sword Schools- Kakariko, Hyrule, Gerudo Haven
2 Potion Shops- Kakariko, Hyrule
2 Mag

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Spring and Summer Bugs

Zoran Cranefly- Zora River, Lake Hylia, Zora Fountain *Night*
Zoran Strider- Zora river, Lake Hylia, Zora Fountain, Hyrule Field
Gerudo dragonfly- Gerudo territories *day*
Sand Cicada- Gerudo Territories
Hylian Mantis- Hylian Territories *day*
Hylian Butterfly- Hylian Territories
Kokiri Firefly- Kokiri Territory *night*
Kokiri Grasshopper- Kokiri territories *night*
Deku Moth- Deku Swamp *day*
Deku beetle- Deku Swamp
Volcanic Ladybug- Kakariko Village, Death Mountain Trail, death Mountain
Volcanic Stag beetle- kakariko village, Death mountain trail, death mountain
Snow ant- snowpeak
Frostleg Spider- snowpeak *night*

Fall and Winter Bugs

Zoran Worm- lake Hylia *day*
Zoran Rainbowfly- Lake Hylia, Zora river *night*
Gerudo Wasp- gerudo territories *day*
Pit Spider- Gerudo territories *night*
Hylian horsefly- hylian territories
Hylian Cricket- hylian territory *night*
Kokiri phasmid- Kokiri territory
Kokiri Locust- kokiri territory
Deku Dartwing- Deku swamp *day*
Deku caterpillar- Deku Swamp
Goron Roller- Death mountain trail, Death mountain
Volcano Crawler- Death Mountain Crater *night*
Snow Bee- Snowpeak
Snow Hopper- Snowpeak *day*

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Sturdy bark- deku family
Rubbery vine- baba family
wolfos fang- wolfos family
white wolfos fang- white wolfos
skulltula skull- skulltula family
dodongo scale- dodongo
peahat blade- peahat
dense ore- lizafols
obsidian ore- dinofols
joy pendant- any enemy
ancient glass- poe family
tektite goo- tektite family
red chu jelly- red chu
green chu jelly- green chu
blue chu jelly- blue chu
bat wing- bad bat
keese wing- keese family
guay feather- guay
small bone- stalchild
Large bone- stalfos, large stalchild
Glowing Pearl- aquatic enemies
gold dust- rare enemies
Skull necklace- Skull kids
Knight's Crest- Iron Knuckle

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Rare Gem- A rare and sparkling gemstone.
Silver Ring- a ring made of pure silver.
Gold Ring- a ring made of pure gold.
Gleaming feather- A rare and mysterious golden feather.
Dark Crystal- a crystal found only in the darkest places of Hyrule.
Skull flute- A unique instrument often played by Skull Kids.
Stal Cap- the hat from a stalfos
Knuckle Horn- one of the horns from an iron knuckle helmet

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Small Poe Soul- Special souls taken from normal poes. Only found using the Dark Soul mask. in fields during the rain.
Big Poe Soul- Special souls from Big Poes. Only found using the Dark Soul Mask. Only found at night in fields.
Silver skulltula token- Special skulltula tokens found only in towns as an adult.
Gold skulltula token- special tokens found only in dungeons as an adult.

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