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King of Thieves / Defining Map dimensions,
« on: July 28, 2015, 04:01:19 am »
I find it really critical to define the global overworld map dimensions and what each area dimension will be, even if it's just a blank space defining the size prior to starting any mapping will help us get an idea of what it is required.

once this is done we should start drawing Link's movement through his quest in the map even if it's empty it will help us see unused areas and such, and perhaps start mapping sidequest related things, I was thinking in using an interactive map similar to GOT one in which we could see each key milestone in link quest: http://quartermaester.info/ .

once this is done focus on mapping the houses' entrance or dungeon's entrance only, then once this is done move and map all the overworld area, and fill with sidequest, if it's not used it shouldn't be added, this way we will be mapping critical storyline related areas first. so.. what you think guys?

Graphics / [KOT- Project] One spritesheet a week Challenge!
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:29:53 am »
I challenge all spriter to grab one sprite from the following week and sprite it!

Things to consider:
  • You don't have to actually complete it!
  • Don't polish it! The idea is to get the ball rolling and start doing the sprites, we can later go back and retouch them or improve them!
  • Try to do something that no one else has sprited so we don't do double work!
  • Start with the enemies!
  • And have fun  XD!

The list can be found here!

so go go go!

Armored Crab

A crab-like enemy that is a bit larger than an Octoroc. It has 2 large pincers of equal size and 4 legs. Its outer shell is spiky and brown, but its inner body is smooth and pink.


Overgrown Keese

A 4-foot tall black bat.


Discussion / [Request] Kick the monkey game? or megaworm email D:
« on: September 29, 2014, 01:17:57 am »
Not sure if you guys remember my first game which was about kicking a monkey, it was done way many years ago, I just don't remember well where I uploaded it, or if it's in someone server or if someone even has it still, since that was long ago, this might be a long shot, but if anyone has the game can you please send it to me?  :'( I think this is the only image I have of it:

I was able to remember that I uploaded it to megaworm :

It was uploaded in 2005, lol a nearly 10 years journey, I just need his mail t osee if he has a backup of the server..

Graphics / Goron's poo - (or art for ZFGC game jam)
« on: September 03, 2014, 01:52:23 am »
well, this is all the art that I made for zfgc's contest, hopefully you will like, C+C is always welcomed, most stuff are incomplete though:

testing tiles:



hud elements:


baby dodongo:


boss complete:

Please don't use this since we might use them :P, hope everyone had fun with the game jam!

Coding / Small HTML Bug
« on: April 16, 2014, 09:39:56 pm »
I have been learning how to make websites and was able to make one, yet I got into a bug that involves FlexSlider, I have to add multiple flexsliders one in each accordion, everything looks fine, yet the slider doesn't work all the time, it seems that the hidden attribute of the accordion is messing with it, the website is: http://iplagunera.com/modelos.html the first two accordions have flexslider, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, the code I'm using is the following:

<div class="accordion">
            <div class="accord_cont">
                <div class="flexslider">
                    <ul class="slides">
                        <img src="./index2_files/sa/1.jpg" alt="">
                        <img src="./index2_files/sa/2.jpg" alt="">
While the Jscript code is the following:

      $(".accordion h3").click(function(){
        pauseOnHover: false,   
        slideshow: true,     
        slideshowSpeed: 4000
        animationSpeed: 1300,
        animation: "slide",
        easing: "swing",
        direction: "horizontal",
        controlNav: false,
        directionNav: true
    $(".accordion h3").eq(0).addClass("active");
    $(".accordion .accord_cont").eq(0).show();
    $(".accordion h3").click(function(){
I'm pretty sure it's something simple, like the accordion loading at the same time as the flexslider, while it should be first the accordion and once loaded the flexslider, so zfgc any help D:?

Entertainment / [spoiler?]Iron man 3
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:18:08 am »
Soo I watched Iron man 3 ( it was released yesterday here in mexico) and I must admit that wow, I am so dissapointed, I was expecting a better movie that reminded me to ironman 1 but instead it was just crap, I started laughing at the action scenes, they were too cheesy and some stuff was just out of context, ironman1 was completely realistic for a movie, but this one is just different from the moment you start not listening the typical AC/DC song you know something is wrong, and so it goes, just getting from bad to worse, seriously what is wrong with marvel movies do they suddenly started sucking or whut?

Coding / HTML5/HTML/PHP to C#?
« on: February 28, 2013, 03:03:45 am »
hello, I am a newb in web programming, but somewhat experienced in C#, trying to do a house automation, which I want to control through a website, my process is something like this:

your computer -> website-> send a value -> another computer receives the value -> arduino -> light bulb

my main concern is how I send from a website to a specific computer and how that computer interprets it :/. I can do the website and the c# program that will receive it but not sure about how to send D:, any ideas guys :D?

EDIT: found some guide not sure if it's the right way but..



Graphics / MC IronKnuckle attempt
« on: July 13, 2012, 02:30:27 am »
decided to make an attempt to do a MC Ironknuckle for the CP:

Sprites/Tiles / [Submission]DarkNut
« on: July 13, 2012, 12:58:59 am »
Still incomplete just something I found on the internet:

the owner of the photobucket is Aab , each sprite is 64x64 somewhat big.

What is missing:

Name: Darknut

   Unarmed Attack- 1.25 HP
Must be Unarmed. It uses arm thrusts or punches you.

Name: Mighty Darknut(Red Darknut)

   Unarmed Attack- 1.25 HP
Must be Unarmed. It uses arm thrusts or punches you.

Apart from the previously mentioned ( well just the unarmed attack is missing) it's also missing the recolors.

Side Quests / [Submission]Seashell Dungeon
« on: July 12, 2012, 05:45:06 pm »
A dungeon in which locked doors can be open using seashells or keys found inside the dungeon, each door has a number with the required seashells you need to open it, each new area will have a puzzle, enemy spawn, subboss or even boss from other dungeon, if you leave this place the seashells you spent will return to you, and the doors you opened will be close again, so you will have to restart the dungeon each time you leave.

The chest you will encounter at different places will be arrow upgrade, bomb upgrade, etc, this will also require you to use seashells to open the chests.

At the end you will encounter a unique enemy and pretty hard too, perhaps equally harder than the last boss of the game, since you will require the 100% to get to him.

Another thing, perhaps not having all the arrow upgrades and bombs upgrades in here will be a good idea, since they should also have sidequest for them, and getting in all sidequest just seashells might be a little boring for the player, but let's say they are four arrow upgrades perhaps the first 2 are obtained by normal sidequest and the last two from this dungeon, same for everything.

Graphics / soo I have been searaching for this image for years :,)
« on: June 29, 2012, 12:21:07 am »
Well, I remember long ago I saw a FourSword mockup made for the GBA, I really loved it, I thought that it kicked MC-style ass hardly, I however lost the website, and I wasn't able to find it no matter what, some days back someone posted retro pixelart over a pixelforum, and in there I could see the artist work posted, after searching the website and using Internet Wayback Machine I found it :,)

now that I look it it's still amazing, I was truly expecting more but this is a win for me, thanks to that site I started to sprite :D

Feedback / Zelda map collaboration :p.
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:10:31 am »
Well, I was wondering if we could make an activity in which there is a overworld divided into screens, and each one of us select one screen and start mapping it out, to make our own zelda overworld :), it can be in lttp or Mc style, we would use the same basic tiles to keep the colors mistake to minimum, but you can also make your own tiles and such, the basic rule would be to stick to your canvas only, and make it fit to the neighbors maps, you can only pick one at a time, once you are done with it you can pick another one. I have seen it done in pixel related sites with incredible results :

It will be fun to give it a try and make our own Hyrule :D.

« on: January 09, 2012, 01:31:33 am »
Team we are asked to make designs of the current items of the item list! this is the item! so grab one and do a drawing of it! and how it will be used!

This is the current item list!

Thief Bracers
Found in Hyrule Town

Pressing the button next to certain locks allows you to pick them. Using them away from locks would do nothing. Each of the cogs can be individually equipped to the bracers, and using the bracers next to locks then would allow you to pick special locks which correspond to the type of cog equipped. Using the bracers away from a lock with cogs equipped will result in that cog’s special attack.

Forest/Wind Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, and when released, Link summons a tornado around him, then shoots it off in the direction he's facing. The tornado blows around and stuns enemies it hits. The tornado can also blow some windmill type switches and put out flames.
Using this attack uses up a portion of Link's magic.

Sea Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, and when released, Link releases a concussive wave of water in a radius around him. When it hits enemies, it damages them, and it can turn waterwheels and perhaps nourish plants.
using this attack uses up a portion of Link's magic.

Earth Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, that when released, drags smallish rocks from the ground up around Link to form a shield. Pressing the button again deactivates this shield. The shield protects Link from enemy attacks. When used near some walls, the stones will be taken from the wall to form the shield instead of the ground, revealing whatever was behind them.
Link's magic drains for a long as the shield is activated. Link also moves more slowly with the shield.

Shadow Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, releasing the button releases tendrils of dark energy from Link's hand. When certain, designated statues are touched with the energy, Link can take control of them. Different types of statues can do different things. When enemies are struck with this dark energy, they are driven mad with visions of tormentors, and attack other enemies. Weak enemies may rather opt to destroy themselves (perhaps jumping down holes, into water).
Using the shadow cog uses a portion of Link's magic.

Found in the forest, needed to get into the temple.

Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Releasing the button throws the boomerang, which goes in a straight line in the direction you're facing for a bit less than half the screen, then comes back toward you, to wherever you may have moved since throwing it.
When enemies are hit by the boomerang, they're stunned, some weak enemies may take damage. Impact switches (activated by striking) can be activated with the boomerang, and perhaps some specific things hanging from ropes or vines can be cut down.

Found in the forest temple, used first to traverse the forest canopy, going from tree to tree and branch to branch.

Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Release the button, the shooting end extends on a chain from the grip. When the hook end hits your target, it stuns enemies and removes whatever power ups they might have, destroys some things like pots, latches and pulls in light objects, and drags link toward larger anchored objects it can attach to. The hookshot can drag you across gaps, activate switches if they're close enough and the right type, as well as be useful in combat.
A hookshot is used by one man in a port town as a tool to pull ships in to the docks, but was discontinued because it just kept pulling him into the sides of boats (not really relevant... Haha)

Given to you by a member of the Zora Royal family after you rescue him from the cave where they were stored. Used to rescue the remaining Zora royalty and enter the water dungeon.

Once you have the flippers, you can swim and dive. Swimming is standard Zelda, you blub blub along, press the action button to dash, b button to dive. Diving in shallow water lets you dodge enemies. But diving in certain deep waters lets you enter another under water map, like OOX and pokemon's HM dive.

The under water parts could be either side scrolling or like other maps, or perhaps some of both. You can use your sword while diving, but not swimming, both on side scrolling maps as well as top down under water maps. Most other items wouldn't work while diving; however, some would, such as the water cog.

Magnetic Gloves
Found in the water dungeon

Pressing the button activates the magnetic gloves, one polarity at a time. Pressing the equivalent of the R trigger switches polarity instantly. The magnetic charge is active for as long as you hold down the button.
When the magnetic gloves are activated, a strong magnetic pulse is sent out. Items of opposite polarity are attracted to it, and if they're mobile, they'll head toward Link. If they're stationary, Link will be dragged toward them. Items of opposite polarity will be repulsed away from Link, or push him away, depending on whether or not they're stationary.
When the magnetic gloves are equipped, Link can use them to climb metal walls and attach himself to magnetic platforms and cranes, particularly in the Goron dungeon and Gorons use these to mine. Certain switches can also be toggled with the magnetic gloves, but only when they're in range.

Bow and Arrow
Found in the Goron mountains, needed to access the Goron mines.

Pressing the button fires an arrow in the direction Link is facing. It does not go the entire length of the screen, but the majority of it. If an arrow hits an object, it will stop, but they can fly over certain low fences and barriers.
The bow and arrow can be used to hit enemies from afar. It does minor damage to enemies. The projectiles can also be used to hit basic impact switches that are out of reach, eyeball switches, and when necessary, knock some hanging items down.
Obviously, you need arrows to shoot.

Bomb Cannon
Found in the Goron Mines
Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Releasing the button without charging the cannon will plop a bomb out right in front of you. Holding the R button (or equivalent) while the cannon button is held down will charge the cannon, which when released will shoot a bomb a distance directly proportional to how long you charge for. The bomb shoots out and will either land, if the trajectory is uninterrupted, and spark for a little time before exploding, or if it collides with some objects it will explode on impact. Certain things cannot be destroyed unless they're struck by a bomb moving with sufficient speed. Bombs do lots of damage to enemies and the structural integrity of specific things such as walls. In certain areas, a bomb will clear a tunnel through something weak when shot.
Obviously, shooting the cannon uses up a bomb.
Along with the item, you gain the ability to carry bombs, which will hereafter be found randomly in grass and stuff, and sold by some merchants. Bombs, like arrows, are not used on their own, though. The capacity of bombs you can initially carry will depend on how many puzzles use them, but probably about thirty. This can be upgraded through side quests.

Fire and Ice Arrows
Found in Gerudo Fortress before entering the Valley of Death.

When aiming the bow, but before releasing it, you can press the equivalent of the R trigger to switch types of arrows. The selected type remains equipped to the bow until you switch again or unequip the bow from its button.
Fire arrows could burn things, to light torches and open pathways blocked with wood. Ice arrows could freeze things to use as stepping stones, or freezing some things would make them breakable, for instance freezing a certain type of plant would make it so you could shatter it and get past.
Using the fire or ice arrows requires magic which is used up based in how many arrows you shoot, not how long you aim the bow for. I.e., it takes 5 points to shoot a fire arrow, no matter how long you charge the arrow in your bow for.

Shadow Cloak
Found in the Sheikah dungeon.
Pressing the assigned button toggles on/off the cloak. Holding the button for a little while youre wearing it creates a shell of yourself that is left behind in the spot you created it. The shell dissipates when you press the action button at it, or if you remove the cloak. The shell can be used to hold down switches, and perhaps other uses, to be decided as puzzles are created. The shell can be destroyed when exposed to direct beams of light, from the sun or light type attacks.
While wearing the cloak, illusions become obvious. Spikes or blocks that aren't real will have some kind of visual effect, and will be passable while the shadow cloak is worn. Some invisible paths will become visible as well.
Wearing the cloak consumes your magic.

So team! sharpen your pencil and open photoshop it's now time ;D to do some kickass artwork

Hello, MG-Zero and I are going to revive ZFGC community Project, King of Thieves, for this we would like to know who is willing to help us make this game come true, right now we would like to know who we can count with and what to they plan to aport to the team, here are the categories so far:

Software Engineering (Programming, planning, debugging etc)
Artwork (sprites and concept art)
Sound (sfx and music)
Game Design (story, characters, items, dungeons etc.  Although a good chunk of this is done already and just needs sorting.)

I beleive that what we need more right now is Game Design, we want to get clear what exactly needs to be done before the spriting/music/programming is done.

Phases of the actual project development would probably go something like this:

Project definition and requirements gathering - What the project is, whats the scope, what will it need.  Leaded mainly by the Game Design division.

System Design - Designing what the engine will need to do, how it will be done etc.  This is also where sounds, artwork etc is done.  Entire team participates.

Coding/Debugging - Putting everything from the previous 2 stages together into a working thing.  Leaded mainly by the Software Engineering division with support from the other 3 divisions.

So yeah ;p, lets complete King of Thieves!

current stage: Old content organization

Responsibilities for directors are as follows:

  • Submit work from their division to the project managers
  • Delegate work to each member of their division
  • Manage quality control for submitted work
  • Check-in with division members to make sure each are doing their job
  • Keep a list of all work done by the division and who worked on it

Current Team
Project Managers
Star Forsaken

Software Engineering
Director: MGZero
King Tetiro
Sprite guy(?)

Director: Kren
Dark Hylian
Sprite guy

Sprite guy

Game Design
Director: Foreshadower/Bludleef
Dantztron 3030
Dark Hylian

Entertainment / the natural origins of pokemon
« on: January 13, 2011, 06:08:49 pm »
while trying to find some enemy designs I came upon a website which not only contain almost all terror movies monsters used during the snes era but it also contained tons more for example this article containing where the pokemon actually come from, I already knew that Satoshi Tajiri liked insect, yet I thought the new pokemons came from just random animals and insects not specific ones here is the link if someone is interested :


Recruitment / [Recruiting] coder for OoT nes :3!
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:00:01 pm »
Hello, I am asking help to make a fast nes zelda game, it will contain everything you see in zelda1, just a different story different map, different dungeons, I really doubt it should be hard for any good coder to do so, the idea is a really interesting one, make Ocarina of Time in a 2d retro format, of course I will have to delete most features you see on the 3d version (no hookshot, no slingshot, no tunics, etc,etc) the idea in here is to remake OoT using the same limitations the nes has, same sprites, same tiles, just a different story.

The game should be made really fast, most of the job would be mapping the Hyrule and the dungeons, coding wise will just require enemies to move and shoot in random direction, and bosses that will act the same as in the original nes, and add text box(since zelda1 doesn't contain textbox on the overworld.)

 If no one is interested I would like to get help finding a program that allows me to edit 100% the nes rom and make from that OoT nes!

Feedback / http://beta.zfgc.com/
« on: October 20, 2010, 10:50:33 pm »
Yeah just wanted to know what's the difference :P or why it seems to load twice. :P, just wondering what this mean. ..

Entertainment / you shouldn't have done that
« on: October 15, 2010, 03:08:25 am »
I found this website about creepy majora's mask errors D;!


anyone have seen this :P?

Entertainment / Old school games design doc?
« on: June 21, 2009, 05:46:40 am »
well, as you know currently they are careers dedicated to gaming,in which they teach you to designing a document, and actually making the document come true which is like magic.. but I have always wondered, what technique the programmers used in the old nes, atari, and such generations to make games.. how the hell they managed to make good quality games and organize a team without knowing what should be first? >_> anyways.. so how do you organize yourself while making a game, what would you like to improve of your way to organize in gamemaking?

Graphics / Need help finding author of painting..
« on: June 11, 2009, 04:32:20 am »
well, the other day I saw a  painting I liked, I don't remember the author or the name, I just know the story, it is about a boy that while sleeping sees the ghost of one of his ex girlfriend, the painting is about the guy seeing the ex girlfriend she is green colour.. soo any ideas :o?
 edit: I saw it in a display pic, my friend doesn't know the name or author haha. but here is it in small size.

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