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Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 07:54:53 pm »
Thanks for the constructive Reply

edit: i tried to look carefully several times to see when the layers fell off but before it gets beaten, i just don't see it... i will look into it again tomorrow

Actually, you can't see them fall off in the battle itself as they don't. Seems like it was not implented in OoT that way.

I should have specified that you can't see them physically fall off, but the Knuckle does lose some beef on it.

EDIT: There's really not much to look into. It doesn't have to SPECIFICALLY be like in the video. Just have a model fully armed, a little bit of armor off, and a bit more. That's it.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 07:08:10 pm »

So first off, hi, I don't know if you know me but I am partially in charge of this project with Steve. I did not know being in charge was a synonym for being an angry mob! Even though this is a community project, we still need to give a certain level of control over what gets in here.

Since you're on this forum, I'd like to assume you have played OoT but I'm starting to doubt myself. When fighting the Iron Knuckle in OoT (at least), the armor falls off gradually:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIuiVop1L4" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIuiVop1L4</a>

In this specific video, yes, Nabooru gets in the !@#$% robot. Let's forget about that.

Pay attention to the mechanics of the fight and how after a certain amount of hits, pieces of the Knuckle's armor drop off and the Knuckle becomes more and more enraged. THIS is what we're talking about. Notice how the helm never falls off. There is NO evidence of ANYTHING being under there because armor is worn in layers. You don't just go gallavanting off into battle with literally pieces of metal on your naked-ass body; you have other layers underneath either of chainmail or leather, or whatever to hold the metal properly.

This is not of my dreams. This is what Nintendo programmed in the 90s.

There is no need to show anything under the armor except for the base layers of armor. It's not that complicated. All we are saying is that we do not want to overcomplicate things right now because we want to get the very basics into the game. When you google an Iron Knuckle and check the wiki, it very obviously states the Gerudo thing is a theory. Rule #1 on the internet is that fanart isn't necessarily canon.

We very much appreciate you helping out, don't get me wrong. However, you are not the art lead and you come across as a know-it-all at times. Even in your response, you're basically accusing Steve and I of being an angry mob and that is beyond disrespectful.

tl;dr do some research, try not to derail development, and respect the team. It's not hard.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 06:02:17 pm »
The armor is fantastic and Spritingbad did a great job on it.  The underarmor looks great as well.  The head is the only thing that would need to change, but I don't know what to change it to..hrum.  Maybe we can just keep the helmet on and leave it as the only part of the armor that doesn't fall off?

I was always under the impression the helm would stay on haha. I think having the helmet off is !@#$% goofy, seeing as in the original games their helmets NEVER fell off.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 05:58:07 pm »
Yet as it is already done, shouldn't it stay like this? I think everyone did a great job with doing the sprite and it would be a nice easter egg for Zelda nostalgics.

It's an interesting thought, but as it stands the Iron Knuckles will stay as their tradition armor-clad selves. Implementing this as fan service later on, maybe, but this is not a priority in the engine right now. Does that work? I just don't want SpritingBrad to continue dwelling on useless head alterations when the originals were fine.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: April 21, 2016, 05:17:22 pm »
It's a fan theory, not a fact. Might want to research first.

Do not change the heads to Gerudos. This is a waste of time.

Entertainment / Re: That time of the year again!
« on: April 09, 2016, 03:21:40 am »
Streamed Zelda today for 4 hours.  Tomorrow (Saturday in EST zone), will finish LTTP and go through all of LA.  Sunday, will be streaming OoT and perhaps Master Quest depending on how fast we plow through OoT.

Roughly 630pm start times for stream for Zelda based stuff.

Might tune in tomorrow! I enjoyed watching you play Zelda 2!

Entertainment / Re: Someone did a Voxel Zelda
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:05:18 am »
yeah but well i hope they get the source code out without the zelda assets ( so that we will see it... maybe interesting for some )

Shouldn't be hard to do.

Updates / Re: Happy 10 Years on SMF, ZFGC!
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:04:17 am »
10 years... lol i thought i joined in 2006 (and it says so because GA and stuff ) but i remember i joined earlier than that and then joined both "temporary" forums (GA and ZFGC.org) and lastly here...

first i was helping in a zelda mmo (hyrule chronicles) and was a spriting noob... and over time i got more into game development as interest... i'm not bringing together anything but i'm happy to call it a hobby =)

I wonder how many OoT2D we will see the next 10 years ;) or if it will shift to another game :D

Here's hoping we see an OoT2D with a team of people with better attitudes too!

King of Thieves / Re: Goals for next release
« on: April 05, 2016, 01:31:37 pm »
Not when we already have a map editor, no.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: NPC Sprites
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:04:54 am »
Tried to fix Tilo a bit. I kinda went overboard with the messy hair, but I think it works in her favor. Her dress still needs some work though.

just did a few edits if you don't mind ;-)

if you mind, then maybe some idea bringing stuff...

edit: i looked at the wiki though
I actually really like the face and the hair is also cool. Did some edits and combined parts from both. The left one is yue's original and the one on the right is the edit.

looks good, even though i don't like the fat arms since the artworks showed them thin and resting on the hips like some kind of know-it-all... the hair has definitly more volume with you, but the only thing i didn#t like about mine was the shading, since i'm not used to spriting since a long time and came from the nightshift as i made that ;P

won't be editing another one and your new skirt is actually nicer than before

Since it's tough in general to make thin sprites, I really don't mind if you keep the chubby arms. They're kinda cute, actually.

Updates / Re: Happy 10 Years on SMF, ZFGC!
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:03:54 am »
I've been here for a long ass time too. I originally joined in 2005 and shared goofy comics I made based off of my friends and even included two characters based off of members here (they're no longer here). I rejoined in 2007 when I was bored in class. Very glad I was bored in class or else I'm not sure I would have become friends with Steve, 4Sword, and a whole bunch of others here. I met my best friend through a member here.

I feel like we all witnessed each other grow up, through the good and the bad. Yeah, yeah, I am talking about me :P I displayed some real horrible attitude here at times.

But yeah, happy 10 years ZFGC. And metal? Hope you're doing well, wherever you are.

Sprites/Tiles / Re: NPC Sprites
« on: April 01, 2016, 11:57:55 pm »
Tried to fix Tilo a bit. I kinda went overboard with the messy hair, but I think it works in her favor. Her dress still needs some work though.

Thank you.

Honestly, thank you. You did the concept justice. <3

Sprites/Tiles / Re: KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: March 25, 2016, 01:33:51 pm »
That sounds great!! So do you need anything else for the darknut and the Iron Knuckle, or are they good?

My home machine will probably be down for another week at least

RIP blocks of storage memory, at least you died before the cat peed on you

plot twist, steve peed in the machine and blamed it on his cat.

King of Thieves / Re: Demo 2!
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:14:49 am »
it looks like you may still be running an old version, a bunch of those tiling issues are now fixed.  But I'm looking at the others!

you may want to link the 2.1 in your post... i had to search it too

edit: nevermind, i hate it when people say such a thing when they could do it themselves in the same time


Well it's a darn good thing you can do it yourself!

King of Thieves / Re: Goals for next release
« on: February 15, 2016, 02:34:49 pm »
Those are mistakes made during the tiling process. They'll take about 5 min to fix now that I know where they are and are included as part of the 1.5 fixes. Spawn issues are also just a configuration thing, not a coding error

This. Steve would be crazy to code every map individually without using the same system for each, so adding more "buggy maps" is actually not an issue.

Zelda Projects / Re: To anyone asking for a Zelda Maker
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:36:31 pm »
This is pretty great and I agree with Zhello, it might be neat to make an extension where you can edit NPC's and dialog. Nice job though!

Discussion / Re: Build a Zelda fangame with HTML5 + Javascript
« on: January 18, 2016, 06:29:42 pm »
It doesn't matter if you have barely any controls - you still have to figure out how it's going to work on mobile. Are you going to put a joystick and buttons on the screen? If so, how are you going to adapt the world to not be completely covered by said controls, since you can't make the controls too small on the screen?

Zelda Projects / Re: [DEMO]The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 2D
« on: January 11, 2016, 01:02:40 am »
I am the author!  XD Just thought it would be better than starting a new thread.

No, I'm just an idiot, carry on lol.

Zelda Projects / Re: [DEMO]The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 2D
« on: January 10, 2016, 12:06:33 am »
How much interest is there in restarting this?  :huh:

I think it would be best if you sent the author a private message. We have a policy/rule here where we typically don't "gravedig" posts - aka, revive a thread that is 7 years old. I would suggest you do that instead.

Other Projects / Re: The Untold Legacy
« on: January 10, 2016, 12:03:16 am »
*clap...clap...clap clap clap clap CLAP APPLAUDS*

Your art is gorgeous and I'm very excited to see the game in action in some sort of demo!

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