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Author Topic: READ BEFORE POSTING: Note To Contributors[UPDATE 12-19-12]  (Read 7420 times)

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READ BEFORE POSTING: Note To Contributors[UPDAT...
« on: May 16, 2012, 03:21:26 pm »
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First and foremost, DOWNLOAD AND READ THE DESIGN DOC! It's in the Design Doc thread on this board!

Please only post game content in the child child boards.  I.e. if you want to submit concept art, please do so in the Artwork->Concept Art board.  DO NOT post it in the Artwork board or in the root board!  Thanks! :)

NOTE: KoT staff != staff.

KoT Staff == project managers and local mods
staff == forum staff

Submission Rules:
1. Prefix ALL submissions with a [Submission] tag and state clearly what you're submitting.  Ex, if it's a midi for the Kokiri Forest, label is something like:
[SUBMISSION]Kokiri Forest Theme
2. Do not make multiple threads for the same submission.  If a submission is rejected, it will be tagged [REVISE] by KoT staff.  You may use this thread for your revisions and constructive criticism.
3. Do not post your work in another person’s submission.
4. If a submission is approved, it will be tagged as such and moved to an appropriate board.  You will be notified when it’s approved.  Should you want to make changes, contact a staff member to have it moved back.  Please note this will restart the review process for it.
5. Do not (DO NOT D:) post code submissions in the code board.  This board is purely to organize who’s working on what.  You may post a submission thread (and you should), but do not put your entire code base in it.  Use this thread for help and such.  Snippets are fine.  Keep full code in your git branch.
6. The NPC board is not for artwork.  This is for designing NPC behavior (AI, battle flow etc).  Physical descriptions are fine.
7. Please only make submissions for what’s needed.  If you’d like to suggest new content, please do so in the design doc thread.  There will be a list of everything needed in each board.
8. When work is approved, all submissions for that work will be removed.  Please don't repost your work, the approved work is what will be used.
9. We will not accept work without a submission thread.
10. Joint submissions are allowed, but must be kept to one thread.
11. The only board other than artwork that should be doing any type of artwork is World Design.  It's a bit hard to do that without art...
12. World Design is the ONLY section that requires joint submissions.  There's no way we expect one person to design a dungeon. (we're kind of overlooking this one, but we'd prefer joint.)
13. If a section doesn't have a needs list, then don't post in it.  It's not ready yet.
14. You're welcome to try and build on other people's designs in your own submission. HOWEVER you must get permission from the original user first and provide proof of the agreement.

If your post violates a rule, it WILL be removed.  We're not trying to be mean, we just want the boards to remain clean and free of clutter.

Remember, this is based on a create-revise process.  You just keep revising your designs until they're accepted or someone else's design is accepted for the same thing.

For local mods:
Your job is to work on the approval process and keep your board clean.  Project managers will assist in this.  If you are found to be inactive in this, you will be removed.  Again, we are not trying to be mean, but work needs to be done.
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