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Author Topic: [Submission]Scripture Ripture  (Read 1350 times)

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[Submission]Scripture Ripture
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:16:52 pm »
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Name: Scripture Ripture
Location: Nigel's Antique shop.
Description:There is a messy pile in the center of the shop, Nigel will ask you if you'd like to help him clean up the mess. You have to sort the books, scrolls, vases and other objects. The more objucts put into the correct place the more rupees you'll earn. You'll have 120 seconds to complete the minigame. When you grab an item, an arrow will show you where to place the object, by hovering over it. If the object is a broken version, an arrow will appear above the trash can. You can place the objects in any place but it'll only count if you put it on the right shelf or table. Large Vases and Large Hourglasses slow you down. You can only take an object on top of the pile.
Cost: 20 Rupees
Basic Book-10 pts
Rare Book- 25 pts
Basic Vase- 20 pts
Rare Vase- 40 pts
Simple Scroll- 5 pts
Intermediate Scroll- 10 pts
Rare Scroll- 20 pts
Manuscript- 10 pts
Rare Manuscript- 15 pts
Hourglass- +10 seconds
Big Hourglass- +20 seconds

Point Set 1- 20 Rupees
Point Set 2- 40 Rupees
Point Set 3(First Time)- 15 secret seashells
Point Set 3(Else)- 60 Rupees
Point Set 4(First Time)- Empty Bottle
Point Set 4(Else)- 80 Rupees
Point Set 5+(First time)- Heart Piece
Point Set 5+(Else)- 100 Rupees

I'm still in the process of think of the value for each point range, so it would have to be play tested.
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