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Author Topic: [Rejected] The Gyorg, Man Eater  (Read 2617 times)

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[Rejected] The Gyorg, Man Eater
« on: September 21, 2012, 09:29:51 pm »
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Gyorg(Called the man eater by locals)


Deep water areas

3 hearts
Black Gyorg(4 hearts)- somewhat rare.
The Great Gyorg of The Sea(10 hearts)-This one is a rare spwan, drops 300 rupees upon death.

The beast resides in deep waters... It is know for killing those who are stranded overboard at sea.

If the player were to swim around long enough in an area which contains a mass of water, The Gyorg will spawn(having it's fin appear, moving towards the player.) When it gets close enough it will surface, and tries to attack the player.

A sound plays when they get close to you.

In-Game Description

The beast uses the water as it's primary weapon... It shows no remorse upon those it savagely attacks... If it is to have you cornered, what would you do to escape from it?

It attacks without warning, and leaves without a trace... (By the time you spot the beast, it will be too late...)

Attack List

HeadButt: Uses its rocky forehead to hit the player for 2/4 hearts, this also knocks the player back a bit.

Gyorg Bite: A savage bite from it will take a way 1/4 hearts, this attack can be done mutiple times if the player is still near by(Think fury swipe from pokemon XD)

Violent Splash: It doesn't damage the player, however, it knocks them back far. This happens if the Gyorg is hurt and or wants to swim around the player for a surpise attack.

Recovery: If it is nearby by other fish and or enemies(smaller then it, and not its kind, it eats them for HP.) Example: if Link and a Moblin were to fight on a small raft while it is present. It will attack them both destroying the raft. It will go for Link or the Moblin, if the Moblin, it eats it and recovers lose HP.

Last Stand move(Take Down): If it is not killed and has a low amount of Health, it will perform "one-time attack". After it does it's violent Splash, it will go underwater, and become somewhat invisible. If the player remains there long enough, it will leap out and bite the player for 1 full heart, this will cause the player to go underwater for a 3-4 seconds and then surface, afterwards, the Gyorg sticks to its normal attacks.

Fleeing: The chance of it running away is if it has lose sight of the player and or know that it is getting it's butt kicked.

Ice, due to it's water nature
Bombs, it cannot take too many hits in the face due to bombs. Can sometimes flee if it sees too many explosions.
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Re: [Rejected] The Gyorg, Man Eater
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2012, 10:22:51 pm »
As good as these drawings are, I hate to say that they aren't acceptable for two reason:

  • This is not a custom work
    Reason why we want you to create your own content is to avoid complications with giving credit and such. Also this allows us to keep the style of content consistent. Note what Ash and Sinkin been doing. ;p
  • Doesn't really fit the overall style defined for King Of Thieves
    This is primarily for consistency and the spriters. It allows us to make translating the designs from concept to final form be a more pain-free process.

Sorry, Linkwolf. :(
Re: [Rejected] The Gyorg, Man Eater
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2012, 09:28:18 am »
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Well, I am not as bothered by the images as GM is, because they can always be removed as you work on your submission.

However I still don't see this submission working. It would have been a great submission if the game would take place at sea, like in WW, and if the style was more darker. I get the feeling that you are trying to get some really scary horror vibe with these enemies. However the style is still MC and not resident evil. MC is bright and colorful. It doesn't fit to well with scary and horrific. MC is more a silly and goofy style. And for the former critique the game takes place on land with some rivers and a lake there is no sea.

A single type of gyorg might be floating around Lake Hylia and maybe in the Water Temple, but not as described above here. My advice, take a look at the Gyorg in MC. The one that you can find in the cloud tops.
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Re: [Rejected] The Gyorg, Man Eater
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2012, 07:52:49 pm »
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I have to agree with Niek, besides the nature of this enemy as sneaky and chasing, it relies on Link swimming for long periods of time, and is also pretty complicated with all his attacks. He's almost on a mini-boss level. Perhaps he could fit in as a miniboss, but as a common enemy, he'd be a bit much for this game.
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