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Author Topic: [Submission] Gumbo's minecart coaster  (Read 1462 times)

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[Submission] Gumbo's minecart coaster
« on: September 22, 2012, 01:26:25 pm »
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This is a mini-game that is organized by Gumbo of the Gorons. In this mini-game the player has to ride the minecart track that Gumbo made specifically for this game in a separate cave. Link has to use his sword to hit switches to change the tracks. The minecart automatically follows the tracks. Link hits the switches to change the upcomming intersections and the ones after. By default each intersection continues to go forward or turn to the left if there is no forward to go to. Hitting the switch on the left side of the tracks (from Link's perspective) makes the intersection turn left, while the switch on the right makes the intersection turn right. Sometimes it appears as if there is an intersection, however the tracks go over and under each other.

During this game you use the left and right arrow keys to hit the switches, which makes the tracks turn. You do need to time the presses, because to early or to late will result in a miss and the track won't change. Remember that left an right coincide with Links perspective. From the direction Link is going to the perspective of the player:
Up - left is left and right is right.
Down - left is right and right is left.
Left - left is down and right is up.
Right - left is up and right is down.
An example layout of the maze is shown in the attachement.

The cart enters the cave on one side and the goal is to go to the exit of the cave. Depending on your time you get a reward. If you can beat Gumbo's fastest time than you get a special reward. 

This minigame does add two more abilities to the list of abilities that Link can do:

Minecart riding
Link jumps into a minicart and it will start moving at a high speed automatically. Link will follow a predetermined path set by the tracks, untill the mincart reaches an endpoint.

Minecart swordswipe
By pressing either left or right arrow keys during a minecart ride Link will make a sword slash left or right from Link's perspective. This allows him tohit enemies or switches within reach.
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