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Author Topic: [Submission] Mushaboom, replacement Forest Temple Boss  (Read 5192 times)

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[Submission] Mushaboom, replacement Forest Templ...
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:01:30 pm »
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So, our accepted Forest Temple boss (Forestos) doesn't fit with the swamp/forest's plot, since we decided there was a mushroom monster causing the fog and spores and everything. So I figured I'd make a boss that's sort of based on the mechanics of Forestos, but is fungal based and fits with the story we have now.

Name: Mushaboom
Location: Forest Temple Boss

Mushaboom looks like the decaying body of a dinosaur or rhinoceros, taken over by the fungi growing throughout it (Kind of like an undead Bulbasaur/Rhyhorn mix). Growing out of its back is a mushroom (a dorsal mushroom) which is its weak point. Mushaboom moved into the decaying remains of the Deku Tree after it'd been uprooted in a war with Ganondorf. It is the source of the poison mushrooms and the dangerous mist that's been pervading the Forest and Swamp as of late.


Battle flow:
The battle will mainly consist of dodging its attacks until you can get on top of the mushrooms that it grows throughout the field, then you hookshot around until you can get on its back, and attack its mushroom.

When Link enters the boss room, Mushaboom is burrowed in the ground, and you can only see the mushroom growing out of its back. The only thing to do in the room is attack the mushroom, which will cause Mushaboom to shake and rise out of the ground, raising Link up. Link jumps off and the battle begins.

Mushaboom’s first attack is Spore Spit; it shoots spores around the room which grow up into mushrooms. Once it’s spit the spores, it stomps around the room and will charge at Link if it sees him.

In order to get to Mushaboom’s weak spot (the mushroom on its back), Link will have to stand in the space where a spore landed. When it grows into a mushroom, Link will be carried up on top of it. While Mushaboom is stomping around the room, Link can hookshot from mushroom to mushroom to get close to Mushaboom. When in range, Link can hookshot to Mushaboom’s dorsal mushroom and get pulled onto its back. There, you can wail on it with your sword. After 3-5 seconds of beating up Mushaboom’s mushroom, it’ll roar and Link will jump off automatically. Mushaboom will then return to the Spore Spit phase and the cycle will start over.

If Link doesn’t get carried up with a growing Mushroom, or if the mushrooms crumble before he gets to Mushaboom, he’ll have to avoid Mushaboom, who stomps around the mushroom grove and will charge at Link if it sees him. After the mushrooms turn grey and crumble, Mushaboom will use its “Shark Attack!” attack until Link can hit the dorsal mushroom with his boomerang.


Spore Spit – Mushaboom spits fungal spores around the room in a kind of random grid pattern. If any hit Link, he takes .25 damage and is briefly frozen. Once the spores hit -either Link or the ground- they’ll grow into a mushroom after about 3 seconds. The mushrooms last about 20 seconds before they turn grey and crumble into dust.
If Link is standing on a spot where a spore has landed when it grows into a mushroom, he’ll be carried up on top of it as it grows. When on top of mushrooms, Link can hookshot from one to another.

Charge! – While stomping amongst the mushrooms, if Mushaboom sees Link, it will charge at him. If Mushaboom hits Link, it’ll toss Link up in the air and deal 1 damage.

Shark Attack! – After the mushrooms die, Mushaboom will treat the ground like water and dive down, with just its mushroom sticking out. It’ll move around the room quickly, looking for Link. If Link gets hit by the mushroom, Mushaboom will pop out of the ground, tossing Link up in the air and dealing 1 damage. The Shark Attack! attack can be stopped by hitting the dorsal mushroom with the boomerang.



Once Mushaboom’s health has been largely depleted, instead of stomping around the room amongst the mushrooms, he’ll go straight to the Shark Attack! Attack, which is faster and more difficult to avoid.

While Mushaboom is in the “Charge!” phase, if Link hits it with his boomerang, it’ll stop for a few seconds to try and figure out what hit it.

Usually, Link will have to do the whole climbing on top of mushrooms and hookshotting to Mushaboom’s back cycle three or four times to do enough damage to kill it.
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