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Author Topic: Looking for a designer for alttp style dungeons/overworlds  (Read 5557 times)

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Looking for a designer for alttp style dungeons/...
« on: January 24, 2016, 02:44:51 pm »
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Thanks for checking out the request:
If anybody feels like working on alttp level designs please send me a PM or reply to this topic. I'm looking for a few people to (help) design the dungeons and overworlds for my fangame. Mainly 'cause I feel like working with a small team again but also because I'd like to speed up the development progress a little.

Check this link if you don't know my project yet:

How does it basically work:
Designs can be made in Gamemaker, paint, on paper, or with whatever other method you prefer. (That way you won't have to concern yourself with all the objects and coding within the actual engine). Send me the results and when we are both happy I'll implement the results it in the actual game. You can work with the tilesets I provide (though I lack overworld tilesets) or with your own creations/additions.

I'll obviously share more information on the game, planned dungeons/areas and so on with those that want to help or learn more.

Finally I do have a few personal preferences held over from previous collaberations:
1. All rooms / area's have to look unique and/or contain unique contents.
(example: 5 simular square rooms in a row with just some enemies is boring)

2. Please respect existing game design choices.
(example: don't design a swamp with the ultimate boss when I asked for a mountain cave acting as a tutorial area)

3. Everything is allowed to change if needed.
(example: sometimes rooms might need to change due to engine mechanics. It might also be that a tough room in the beginning of the game is ultimatly thought to better suited for a later dungeon. Things like that.)

4. No rush.
It's all meant in good fun. The game will get finished eventually anyway. ;)
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