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Title: Costume Contest - Carmen Sandiego
Post by: Mamoruanime on November 04, 2009, 05:14:32 am
My Friend (Dressed as Kate Gosslyn) and I at a Halloween/ Birthday Party
The pics of me Friday morning while my hair was still good and poofy (I wore this to class XD) The Flash makes me look like hell though >.<

Where the !@#$% is Carmen Sandiego?

Ummm... ZFGC >.> For now...

As for how the costume was made... gloves, trench, and black shirt from Target, black skirt from Banana Republic, heels from Tjmaxx, and the fedora was HAND MADE BY ME. That's right, I made a fedora myself lol If you want to know how just ask XD Anyway thats about it. Vote for Carmen Sandiego or the tenor gets it. >.>

Do it Rockapella!

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