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Author Topic: Deciding how stats should work.  (Read 563 times)

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Deciding how stats should work.
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:45:11 pm »
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Now that I've got my basic stat system fairly functional, I really want to decide how they work with each other early on.

I greatly prefer point-buy systems as opposed to class/level systems as they allow for a great deal more freedom.  I have a few specifics laid out so far.

Simplicity is key.  I have taken several ideas from GURPS, and simplified the giant mess that is d20 into a few basic stats.
Strength- sheer brute muscle.
Dexterity- the ability to use one's body accurately.
Wisdom - logical power.
These should have a basic starting point as an "average" human (hylian) level.  This is 10 in D&D and GURPS, and I think 10 is a fair number to start from.  Gorons might have 20/8/8, Zora might have 8/14/12 or so.

Health- Hearts of course.  Link has the potential to reach 80 Health (4 per heart, 20 hearts) in most games.  Also serves as Constitution for health risks.
Magic- The Magic Meter will start at 0 for most races, and will, of course, serve to power spells.

These will basically serve as different things that fuel special abilities and hidden stats, based on the number of points spent in them.  These range from Sword skill, Elemental magic, Armor skill, Speed, Knowledge of different things, Aiming, Blocking, and lots of other stuff.
This is kinda where I start having problems; balancing skills and attributes, the points spent on them, and stuff.

Hidden Stats:
Based on Skills and Attributes, these stats are really what will make a character function in the game.  They will dictate things such as attack animation speed, the ability to turn while aiming- the ability to stay target-locked, sheer attack power, and other stuff.

Among these hidden stats will be armor and attack power, which I haven't the slightest clue about.  Subtracting Armor from attack power could be really imbalanced, but dividing attack by armor could be a bit broken as well...

Might anyone have some suggestions as to skill levels and cost compared with attributes, and attack/armor?  Perhaps anything you'd like to see in such a system?
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