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Coding / Zelda Engine with MC graphics
« on: October 23, 2010, 09:25:09 pm »
Version: 0.1.5i

A Zelda Engine in made  Game Maker 7.
Click here and go to [News] for more (detailed) info and explanations, or go to the [Gallery] for Screenshots.

    Game Maker 7 Pro

An explanation for how to use the textbox will follow soon ...

If you have GM 8, please try this out anyway (it's only 1 Mb), and tell me, if it works.
Should the source produce errors in GM 8, you can still download the executable.

Press F2 to see the FPS in the top-left corner. You should have 60 FPS. If you don't, please tell me.

IMPORTANT: The special letters like ?,?,etc. might not work on your computer due to some weirdness with two different ascii codes which I don't really understand.
If it DOESN'T work, please post a comment.
To check if they work, go to a signpost and read it. The second part of the textbox should look like this:

Changes or new features in version 0.1.5i (since 0.1.3):

 - Textbox
 - Bow/LightBow
 - Rupees/Items are now left behing by monsters
 - lightable Torches
 - chests, signposts
 - info boxes
 - Heart Pieces
 - bugfixes/improvements

Things I will (probably) work on next:

 - swimming
 - (finish spin attack)
 - (finish day/night circle)
 - more items
 - more monsters

Current Features:

  - walking with corner-cutting
  - moving on ice
  - falling into holes
  - breaking floors that turn into holes
  - light engine
  - rolling (also diagonally)
  - sword
  - shield
  - rollstab
  - charging for spin attack (but the spin attack itself not yet)
  - cuttable bushes
  - HUD
  - 3 different swords
  - 5 different shields
  - lens of truth engine (activate with Q or the Item)
  - Day/Night Engine (unfinished)
  - Blur Effect when the Menu is opened
  - Menu Engine with info boxes done, except for Map Menu, Sub-Menus
  - Item System
  - Bow and Arrow, also Fire Arrow and Bow/LightBow
  - Fire, which burns bushes, etc.
  - Monster/getting hurt/push back engine
  - Octoroks
  - File Select/Save
  - Room transitions
  - Pick up/throw/put down
  - Bombs
  - Textbox
  - Rupees/Items drop
  - lightable Torches
  - chests, signposts
  - Heart Pieces


 F1: Show Controls

 X: Roll
 C: Sword
 S: Shield
 D/F/V: Items
 Y/Z + D/F/V: Change the mode of the item on the key
      (change Normal Arrow/Fire Arrow)

 K: Enter Code which is executed immediately
 G: Change Bow/LightBow
 1,2,3,4,5,6,7: Change Life and Magic
 8: Change Sword
 9: Change Shield
 0: Change Room Type
 T: set FPS to 1
 U: set FPS to 10
 I: set FPS to 60 (normal)
 (Q: Lens of Truth on/off)
 (E: Lantern of/off)
 W: view must stay in room on/off
 M: Sword Power +
 N: Sword Power -
 ALT: Example Textbox
 CONTROL: Example Textbox with answer choice
 SHIFT: Example Textbox with number input

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, what I should include in this engine, please post something here.

  Scooternew for the menu pause. Click.
   and for the base of the textbox.
  Miles07 for many Item Symbols. Click.
  Faceless for Fire/Ice/Light Arrow sprites.



Here are some screenshots of the game:

This is my Zelda Fangame. It hasn't got a name yet, but that's only because I haven't found a name that really fits yet and because I don't want to give it a name just that it has one.
The Story takes place a very long time after Ocarina of Time but before the Great Flood.
I won't tell you much of the story I've planned but here are some infos:
  - Ganon/Ganondorf won't be the main villain in this Game.
  - Link is living with his father in a house near the village of Katmeit in the northwest of   Hyrule. (His mother died when he was about 5 years old.)
  - Hyrule won't be the only place you visit in this game.
  - If everything goes as I have planned the game will feature 6 dungeons plus one final one, but my story allows me to finish the game after only 3 dungeons if it gets too much. That would take away some of the best gameplay, but at least it would be a finished game.

Edit: Sorry, it are 6 normal dungeons not 7. With the final dungeon it will be 7.

I'm planning to fill the world with many NPCs, sidequests, things to do and discover to make it feel alive, and a certain system that each ingame-day will be different. During the storyline some things will happen that have a major effect on the world, for example a city getting destroyed (won't happen in the game).

Here is a technical demo of my game, it contains 5 rooms, a few enemies, sword (no shield), 4 Items and bottles,swimming, pushing/pulling, and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. Not all things are finished (for example the AI of Keatons) but I will change them in time. Please give me feedback. I'd really appreciate it!

Download Demo

Controls are:

X: action (like roll)
C: sword
D/F/V: items
Enter: open/close inventory screen
S: Shield (not in this demo)
F1: Show Game Information
F4: Full Screen/Windowed
F9: Screenshot
Esc: End Game/Close Game Information

(I suggest that you place your index finger on C and also use it for D, F and V; your middle finger on X and also use it for S; your ring finger on Z and also use it for A (both of those keys won't do anything yet))

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