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Thanks guys for your kind words. I will post areas soon. Keep an eye on the topic for once they arrive!

This looks awesome! Keep up the good progress, can't wait to see more in-game progress!

Thanks man! :)

ooh, this looks nice! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Adding "Location spoilers" now. ^^

The Legend Of Zelda: New Link To The Past

This title screen is influenced and designed by how the major zones are located in the overworld. Death Mountain (top left), Hyrule Castle (top middle), Kakariko village (top right), and pasture (center) of Hyrule. Made by Elisha https://elisharamos.wordpress.com/

Greetings my fellow friends and Hylians. I started a few threads back in the day under the names of “Renascence Of Evil” & “Mirror Worlds” and have now settled with the name “New Link To The Past” for this game as the name cannot describe this game any more accurate than that.

If you have kept yourself up to date regarding the development of this game, then you might already know that this project begun in 2004, and was later initiated 2008. I've worked very hard on this game for far too long but with a few basic principles in mind:

1) Stay true to the original ALTTP.

This has always been my main principle and my ultimate guideline ever since I first initiated this project. I begun picturing myself in third person only to ask myself what my thoughts would be upon booting up the game for the first time. What would I want to expect? What would the previous and original developers' thoughts be if they ever decided to play it? What truly new can offer? And lastly—how on earth can I stay true to the original?

This old 90's 2D frame-by-frame game of course with its technical limitations to this day still manages to appeal to both old generations as well as new. This is why I am solo building—pixels by pixels—a game from the ground up as well as taking my time to do so to give the person who decide to play this fan-game the absolute full experience of a brand new ALTTP.

2) Don't alter previous assets that will play a significant part in the authenticity of the game.

I don't want to create a fan-game built out of assets that derive from other games as those assets already belong to their respective titles and would have torn the authenticity of this game to pieces. I see many fan-game developers do this for example; by manipulating tile sets just because it can be done in a way to look authentic for their own fan versions. I know very well that if I could spot a single tile from another game in my own creation that it would unfortunately (and maybe for the best) bother me to the point of me loosing all excitement and wishful thinking of originality and authenticity. This keeps me on the right track as I am designing original content (both new and old) as I deem fit and of course without diverting from the original style of the game.

3) Don't use previous enemy-/boss-sprites.

I definitely don't want to re-introduce all previous ALTTP bosses as mains and instead I chose to put them on a shelf for now as they will very much come in handy later. I have created boss-sprites that are new, original, and unique to their respective counter-items of which I already have demonstrated a few in the past.

Hidemaro Fujibayashi said it the best during the making of Breath Of The Wild that they wanted more time to make the game as interesting as possible. I respect everyone involved in making that decision as I too want to maintain a very full and authentic experience similar to the one we first had upon booting up the original ALTTP for the first time. Surely it has taken me a very long time to get to this point, but I am a one-man-band so there is that.

The original consists of 256×256 (65,536) tiles. Double that (131,072) and you have both Light World and Dark World (interior design, dungeon design, Soras River, Master sword-area, and under castle bridge excluded). My original tile sets for this game are about 50×50 thus far. I have had my work cut out for me that is for sure. My over world maps are 100% original and true to the original in terms of carefully structured zones, pathways, secrets, puzzles, and obstacles as I've studied the original ALTTP-map for years now and know what works and what doesn't.

The Zelda franchise is very dear to me as well as for many others and there is a lot at stake if I cannot fulfill people's expectations about this game. I want to demonstrate and reflect all those years in originality and authenticity when this game is given its first trailer. So with all this said—let us dive into what I have in store for you Hylians today. I apologize in advance for not being a native English man.

Story plot & synopsis

Show content
Link's father and sister are traveling by horse and carriage late at night to get to Kakariko Village by morning. They are going there to sell merchandise to earn their livelihood.

During this ominous and rainy night, an unnerving feeling of unrest sweeps over them as the abyss dark night in a single strike of thunder evolves into chaos. A big gruesome laugh is suddenly heard through the thick pouring rain, as a ball in chains appears through it and strikes their carriage.

A lightning strike make a giant being appear on the castle bridge.

The carriage is on fire, the screen switches. A dark silhouette of a giant bearded being is holding Link’s sister in its left hand, as she in panic is stuck in its firm grip. The flames of the carriage cast light on the bridge to set the mood of this sinister event with its flickering light play. Link’s father rushes up to the giant with a pitchfork as three clenching strikes followed by the giant's laugh of pity launches Link’s father into the water...

Moments later...

Link, still asleep at this time, awakens by the entrance door slamming open, as his soaking wet father enters through the pouring rain and tells him that his sister is gone and that there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

He drops face-first towards the parquet floor as Link now is seen hammering on two gravestones that belongs to his now deceased family. The hammer breaks and Link sits mute in the rain.

2 years later—the morning rooster awakens and wake Link up with a loud !@#$%-a-doodle-do. Link get out of bed to open his treasure chest where he stores his broken hammer which now has become a family relic in remembrance of his family. He is accustomed to always put it in his pouch  and bring it along with him at the start of each day.
Link exit the house only to be greeted by a thick fog coming from the chilly morning dew. Link hears a giant squeal which he realize is coming from his lost horse he haven't seen for all this time. Link can hear the loud squeal again as he now know that the sound is coming from the pasture-area to the East of Link’s home.

Link spot his horse over at the pasture as it indicates in gestures that it is in panic and that something is terribly wrong and about to happen. The other cattle also seem to have vanished which was supposedly in the pasture before Link went to bed—but the gate is now wide open.

As Link walks towards the horse in a calmly manner to earn its trust as he is not sure it recognizes him anymore, a ghostly figure appears for a brief moment which scares the horse and takes off into the forbidden forest—Lost Woods.

Link, not sure what happened to the horse, gives chase after it through an entrance that haven't been there before—at least not to his knowledge.

Link finds himself standing on an old suspension bridge leading further into the grove.

Link spot his horse again but this time it is laying in a fetal position on a large stem surrounded by Bokomoblins just across the bridge.

One of them has a sword which seem to indicate that he is the leader among their little group of four. The Bokomoblins are all are circling the stem to lock the horse in place and disable its escape. Link finds a stick on the ground which he use to fend them off. Upon defeating the Bokomoblins, the horse however, leap off a ledge further into the dense forest.

The ghostly shape appears yet again and present itself as Link's sister.

New & Unique Items

Show content

- for camping. Includes campfire for cooking and sleeping bag to sleep.

The TENT is a new addition to the game and will be multi-purposed. It features a cooking/brewing mechanic that will enable you to save money on potions. Instead, you will gather the materials needed from across Hyrule. Once you have done so, navigate to TENT via the inventory and use it from anywhere in the overworld. By using TENT, Link will set camp overnight and the screen will fix itself to where you chose to use the item. A campfire with a cooking-pot on top will appear and be available only in this area for cooking/brewing what you need. Remember the old hag in the original ALTTP? Yeah – her… You wont be getting our Rupees anymore! The tent also features REST & SLEEP that will be useful for turning day to night and vice versa as you will need to make use of the different time zones for various reasons.

– allows Link to remotely pick up objects and carry them over a limited distance.

After some research it was obvious the HOOK-BEETLE from Skyward Sword would make the cut into the game, but as you may notice the change of name to “Command-Beetle” as I believe that it is more accurate to what it will be used for in this game. The beetle was a fan favorite and served no real purpose throughout the respective game it came from rather than just dropping bombs on top of enemies, as I have made sure will not be the case for this game. It will be just as important as the other items who made it into NLTTP. However. You will be able to pick up objects and remotely guide them for as long as you have STAMINA which is the magic-meter in this game. Pick up your bombs, or light objects laying around as long as they are spherical in terms of shape. It will certainly be fun solving puzzles in 2D with this beetle as I have many ideas for puzzles with this mechanic.

– an upgraded version of hammer.

The original ALTTP had wooden pegs as obstacles for the hammer to take care of. I will make the hammer in this game upgradable as I will introduce iron-pegs for more puzzle-solving and for environmental aesthetics.

– to stun enemies, deal more damage, and effect objects affected of darkness.

The Moon Boomerang is also a new addition to the game. It is the third upgrade to the normal boomerang and will effect objects that are affected by darkness. Throw the boomerang at en enemy in Dark World and it will deal massive damage as it is a creature of darkness. Zombies will instantly perish from contact with this boomerang. This boomerang will also have a significant purpose in the game which has to do with collecting ghosts.

– translated version of Book and contains secrets about Light World.

Yes, the Book of Secrets will contain secrets about Hyrule. The general idea I have for this book is that you’ll have to pay a tingle-fee to have it translated. Once translated you will know that it contains information like the Sea Charts in Wind Waker. With this book you will receive hints on Piece of Heart-locations, World Boss-locations, as well as valuable information about bug-hunting.

– use to turn objects and enemies to stone.

The name originates from the Syrian mountain goddess which inspired me to re-design a cane now possessing the ability to turn objects to stone. It will work as a combination of Magic Powder and Cane of Somaria from the original, and Mirror Shield in Wind Waker of which the purple ChuChu turns into stone from being struck by light. Cane of Liluri will function in a similar way and turn enemies and objects to stone upon contact and will mostly be used to solve puzzles within dungeons.

– use to see through lies and mirages.

Definitely one of my favourite items throughout the series. This was a no-brainer to me as I want things not visible to the naked eye to be found specifically by using this item. The item itself is self-explanatory and don’t need further information.

– a magical rod, used to permanently reveal mirages.

One thing about Lens of Truth in OoT that aggravated me back then was the need to blindly navigate dungeons because the magic-meter completely dried out. Permarod will complement that by using this rod on mirages only seen with Lens of Truth will permanently reveal them. It does have more purposes too though.

– enables Link to walk underwater.

Another no-brainer. Underwater exploration – hell yeah! This item is influenced and inspired from Wind Waker and OoT and will have multi-purpose in the game. Equip the Iron Boots to explore under water or withstand heavy winds like in Wind Waker. The boots will be used to cross Gerudo Desert as the winds there are furious.

– increases Link’s defense as well as enabling him to walk under water for unlimited time.

Upgrade to the Hero’s Tunic and will be handed down by the Zoras as a token of respect. This tunic enables Link to walk underwater for as long as he needs to stay cooled. Underwater exploration will not be the main focus in this game, but it will be significant, pleasing, and rewarding enough to experience. If nothing else, this garment is cool to wear.

– enables Link to stay in his human self while in Dark World.

This mask possess the ability to maintain Link’s human form in Dark World and work pretty much exactly like Moon Pearl. Does it need more explanation? Yes – it does. The difference between ALTTP and my NLTTP is that the original had a bunny-Link that couldn’t fight, and I am god-damn expanding on that idea – making bunny-Link able to fight back. This is the reason why Moon Pearl can suck a carrot as it didn’t make sense for me back then that bunny-Link couldn’t use his weapons when he first entered Dark World so now the bunny is equipped and ready to rock—paper—scissor with the new Mask of Light.

– use to attract and repel objects made of metals.

Yeah-baby! Introducing the Magnet and will work like Magnetic Glove in Oracle of Seasons and Four Swords. Remember those annoying balls in Eastern Palace in ALTTP? Well I sure don’t...any more, as I pulled every god-damn ball out of the building with the Magnet! It will also be a chick-magnet but more on that later. (Bunny Hood is the hint).

Official Concepts

Show content
Link Concepts

Any feedback would be much appreciated. I will add the title screen, some GUI elements, day-n-night cycles explanation, puzzles, more story elements once I have time to present them to you guys.

I have no idea what the Japanese text was.

As far as the original post is concerned, it's nice to see a LTTP fangame again in the sea of hybrid and Minish Cap games from the last few years.

Glad to hear. :)

Good luck with the engine. Will you be attempting to build it from the ground up?

I am guessing that will be the case yes. Then the game can be tweaked accordingly, instead of using already existing code that will only take up unnecessary space in the code if left unused, and size reduction of the final product.

I didn't listen to the music while I was reading, but this looks awesome all the same. I'm really impressed that you've been working on this project for so long. How far along are you now? I think it's really cool that you looked into the "why" of how overworlds are designed. I would imagine you could teach a small class on overworld design, which seems important because I know for myself, and probably lots of other people, everything's put together pretty arbitrarily.

Well, I wanna let you in on a little of my background story. I started using RPG Maker for ps1. I believe that was the first, without google-ing it. Then RPG 2000 came, think RPG 1 was 98. Don't remember. But I believe everything started there with my Zelda project and Black Crow project that I finished 80% of. However, I do remember me using Zelda tiles for RPG 2000 but was not happy the software didn't feature diagonal movements. So I ended up ripping codes out of (what I believe was the more famous RPG maker creator back then) Sephiroth (that was his alias). Anyways. When struggling with code, I kind of ended up quitting the "development process" of this game, and began plotting instead, making sure this game would rock to my taste. I am lucky I've received so much positive feedback lately that I even managed to get help. But it's flattering you'd give me such a post, teaching how map design should be done, since I know and studied more maps then Zelda 3. Remember my dad used to sit and make Alundra maps on A3 squared papers. Kind of got map creation from him.

But yeah, thanks.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLB3f1zA278" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLB3f1zA278</a>

Music to listen to while reading! It's awesome!

Ok, so I am back. This time I want to take some real time expressing my personal thoughts and opinions for this game.

First off, I really wanted to tell you guys on ZFGC that during the development of this game I came face to face with some of the expected obstacles I'd face sooner or later. One of the major obstacles was to program the game in ASM with the SNES capabilities and limitations in mind. I kind of came to realize it a little too late that my ideas for this game wouldn't work at all if programmed this in ASM and brought the game on a cartridge for the entertainment system, for my children to play in the future. So here's where I am at...

I will use another language to program the game so I can have entire freedom with my ideas for this game. My ideas are within the ways of original Zelda 3 thinking, and I still want to makes sense of things I want to implement as I want to add some new features and items.

When I first said to myself that I wanted to create a Zelda 3 fan game, I made some ground rules that I wanted to share with you guys, to give you a better understanding of where I am heading with this game.

1: A New Overworld - I wanted to create a brand new overworld that somewhat simulated the way the original Zelda 3 was built. I didn't want to sit down, and slightly modify what had already been done a million times before - but I wanted to really study how the original overworld was shaped, so that I could use the same methods for my own Zelda. I managed to take 2 years in just studying how dungeons and the overworlds were created in the original Zelda, so that I could mimic the ways and create my own. And I've done that now with huge success.

2: New Items - I wanted to add some new items to the game because I saw potential in expanding the player's experience by adding more obstacles and make use of old and new items. For me, lighting torches every now and then became boring and somewhat of a habit towards the end of the original game so I wanted to make sure I could swap or improve some of the old obstacles and items with more refreshing ones that would simulate the Zelda franchise thinking.

3: Character Sprites - For me at first, I didn't really think of it as a major deal. It started to bug me that Link swapped hands with the sword and shield as he turned left and right during gameplay. So I started modifying the original sprites and managed to make the shield move alongside his body with natural movements as it would look in real life, holding the shield in the same hand when moving direction. That's what I want for this game, details like this can create wonders for the players who plays this game.

4: Bosses - Another thing that has been bugging me is the lack of effort in creating a Zelda fan game. I've played many Zelda fan games made over the past 5 years and all of them seem to have forgotten a key part in what's make a game stand out. It's bosses. Many people either lack the creative skill to come up with a new boss design and just slightly modify the original boss-sprites, or they just create something that isn't that intriguing to look at. With that said, I've been working with pixels since I started this project over ten years ago. Think I was 14 when I first started coming up with my own dungeons with new bosses in the end. 10 years later, I have the right set of creative skill and pixel techniques to bring you original-looking bosses.

5: Story - At first, I was like many other Zelda fan creators out there. "We let Link wake up in bed for various reasons and eventually we'll get to the part that's new to the game." That's not the case for me anymore. So I've had some help in the past writing a new opening for the game with a little more lore with connections to tie to the end of the game. I was really not that into writing until I ended up watching too much Anime, played the Final Fantasy and Zelda series and met a voice actor who changed my view point on story writing. But I am not saying the game will force you to read through everything that is said throughout the game, it will just be another of those great details I want to put in the game for people who read to actually enjoy.

With these 5 things said, I want to thank you for taking time to take part of my opinions. Let's head below this sentence to get some information about the official project shall we?

The Story

This part is still work in progress but I do have more things to share in the near future regarding this topic.



Here is a small list of the new items I've figured should be in the game.

Lens of Truth
Lens of Truth is a magical looking glass that can see through any illusion, such as hidden doors, pits and other things. It may also be used to ascertain the contents of a large Treasure Chest before opening it. The Lens of Truth will slowly drain the user of magic power. It acts only in the middle of the screen like the Lamp item.

The Magnet can be used to attract or repel magnetized objects. If the affected object is stuck in the ground, Link will attract or repel himself accordingly. Opposite polarities will attract each other, and equal polarities will repel each other.

Cane of Liluri
The Cane of Liluri transforms your enemies into statues as long as you have magic power. It drains the magic power quite fast, so only use it when you need to. You can also lift enemies and move the as long as they are paralyzed.

Bomb Arrows
Shoot an arrow towards a crack in a wall and it will detonate on hit. If no obstacles are stopping the arrow, it will automatically detonate after 3 seconds. Beware!

Really don't want to spoil much more but I will leave you guys with something from the new tiles I've made for the game. Hopefully you'll see me as a serious developer that keeps this game close to heart as I want to give you a full-hearted thanks for all of your support. Both from this site and others as well. Thank you for keeping me going.

Did not find any wood shadows for lost woods so the mockups don't do the forest justice. But I hope you like some of these areas of the overworld anyway!

I don't understand what you want, but i can help.. you want new tileset? or you want to remap the current map?

Well what I do know is that I have to modify my first version of the castle with the new tileset that you see is covering the old version. However, something about the lower part of the castle and how the castle will be visible from the sides is bugging me. Not even sure if I want the same tileset because I want to connect the upper part of the castle with the mountain top with it's current tileset. And I want the player to feel like: "Ok, things changed, i am in the sky now." and I achieved that with the current tileset when I started modifying it. But as things went alone, I was forced to somehow use the same tileset below because red and white would just be a bad combination for the minimap later. So that's why I am here. Either a new tileset or I need to somehow swap the contrast of the red for lower section so you can get that "sky" feeling again. :)

Feel free to add me to skype: Aeranima


Many of you probably already know I just stated that light world is 98% complete for Mirror Worlds already, but I got sent back a bit after realizing the re-editing of the current castle design was more than I asked for. So if someone is here with great creative skill for castle designs, able to help me out, that would be awesome, otherwise i'll go to pixel joint and QQ some over there.

For people who tend to read between the lines:

- Need help with my castle.
- Modify my existing tiles according to description if necessary.
- Adding overlapping tiles if according to description if possible.
- Me dum-dum, cannot do alone.
- XoXo

ps. The pink/purple area is what I need help with.
ps2. I already know there need to be 2 tiles between each cross-section so don't mind the current state of the other areas. ^^


Feedback / Re: The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 07:01:41 pm »
Do you do sprite work btw?  Because we could use extra hands for King of Thieves, and that's much more immediate.

Still working on the community project  - king of thieves? :P THought you were done already! ^^

Depends on what kind of sprites.

(For ZePh's from Parallel Worlds Zelda ROM-hecking community Zeldix)

Feedback / Re: The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:47:08 pm »
Anyways. I'd love to help you guys out with a new theme and stuff. Free off charge ofc. Since you've helped me promote my project. So as thanks, I am willing to invest my time into your forums with my background as a GUI / Overall - graphics design.

Feedback / Re: The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:45:10 pm »
I'm not really sure why you'd charge us logos with Zelda-related content in it either way.

Such an attitude wont bite on me I am affraid. :) So don't act up. :)

Oh sweetling, there's no attitude in an honest statement about charging money to slap on copyrighted images for a fan forum.

There's an attitude when you seem like a woman with a large vocabulary to choose from and instead choose to make your reply short, and point on with the intention to make me seem like an !@#$% for charging for copyright material. :)

Feedback / Re: The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:14:49 pm »
I'm not really sure why you'd charge us logos with Zelda-related content in it either way.

Such an attitude wont bite on me I am affraid. :) So don't act up. :)

Feedback / Re: The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:38:09 pm »
It's no problem! :P I was gonna say you could have it for free since I posted it here already. ^^ Can even make it in pixels for ya. :P But since you already working on another design, it's cool. ^^

Feedback / The Logo?
« on: February 12, 2015, 02:46:40 pm »

How about an update?

This isn't very related to the content, but why use the word "renascence" as opposed to "renaissance" which more people know? When I first read that, I barfed because it felt like a really botched translation of the word. It's not the biggest of deals but I just feel like it's...wrong? You should probably use renaissance instead.

For this I appologize. You  are right. Renaissance should be the correct word to use. This has been pointed out earlier by grammar people and as I put the project on hold for a year, I just forgot to change it.

Thank you for pointing it out yet again for me. I have written it down somewhere I wont forget and will change the word in time. English is not however my native language but I do fancy fancy words. ^^



Dear community.

It is with great respect for the ZFGC community I come here to introduce my personal project I started back in 2008. I have already started a thread here a year ago about the project where i offered mock-ups and such, but those are scrapped and a brand new Hyrule is beeing crafted for the Light World from scratch.

I regret to inform you that I wont share those images just yet, because I have to adjust and polish certain zones to make them item friendly. I am sure most of you know what that means.

However. I've made a website about this project where I am asking for your help. I need creative minds that will help me enhance your gaming experience. Please take some time and check it out and send me a feedback message with any information you'd like to share that you think would benefit this project. I will appreciate everything you guys can offer.

And I've also created official art for the project you can find under "Items & Equipments" and "Media".



Still looking for people. Don't be affraid to question if you have something in mind.


Discussion / Re: The Legend Of Zelda - A Link To The Past 2
« on: November 16, 2010, 10:57:44 am »
In ALttP Link was called the Hero of Hyrule. I think only OOT/MM and TWW had different titles like Hero of Time and Hero of Winds. Hero of Past also sounds a bit dorky. Personally I think Hero of Old or the Ancient Hero sound more cool, but that is my preference.

I give you credit for your honest opinions. I'll think about renaming the hero. I liked the "Ancient Hero" really much so I'll think I'll rewrite that part in the introduction.

The title of the game sucks. ALttP2? Somehow it calls for little imagination or the expectations of a game where ALttP left off with the same Link.

I'd like to say that this will accually be a second version of ALTTP. I'm heavy influenced by Windwaker for this idea of mine of accually reborn the hero. So in the beginning Link is an ordinary boy in other clothes. After he'll get the blessing from the three Sages he'll accually be reborn as the hero of "Past/Ancient" or what suits the title best. So "ALTTP2" for me is a good title, and I have no plans of changing it. (:

The story: I can see the parts of ALttP and TWW influence. But it still fits together. Can't say I am getting all gitty, nor can I say that it will be good as it is just the beginning of the story and not the entire deal. But as for intro I have seen a great deal of projects that do a lot worse.

Thanks. I wanted to rewrite a few things from WW and mix it with the story of ALTTP. Good to hear I made a decent job.

The graphics. One word: Awesome!

Thanks. Allways nice to hear people liking my designs. You should see what cool tiles I'll make for the game. I promise you guys will become blown away. If not, I've failed my creative skills to satisfy you.

Some additional advice: It is nice to center the text of the story to accentuate it, but the rest of the OP is better to have it left aligned as is normal.

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind.

Love to get some more feedback. I'm very curious to know what you all think this could be headed.


Discussion / Re: The Legend Of Zelda - A Link To The Past 2
« on: November 15, 2010, 10:51:53 pm »
Alright guys! (: No colors! Shouldn't be any problem to read now. (: Let's keep us to the topic. (: What do you think?

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