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Entertainment / Re: Secret OOT code?
« on: April 09, 2006, 10:46:02 pm »
Whoa..I have nothing to say to that..

Other Discussion / Katamari Damacy LIVE
« on: April 09, 2006, 10:30:06 pm »

omg, people are getting sadder and sadder every day XD

Entertainment / Re: Holy ****. It's been 13 years.
« on: April 09, 2006, 10:26:29 pm »
Power Rangers suck...but when i was like 6 i liked them and my fave was the...pink one >.>

Ho I think I have to say the same for myself...but yea, the original definatley owns the new ones.  I think I still remember all their names too..

Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Tisha or something like that, Billy, and Tommy.

For those that are unaware of my plan, it's to finish masks of time and death, make a comic of my ff7 mod, and last, my third edition - The Gate of Monolari.  It's still in the works so I it's not perfect just yet.  But here's what we've got so far..

Legends speak of a land called Hyrule.  A land created by the Gods that could be perfect.  A
land where the races would exist in harmony.  Zoras, Gorons, Kokiri, and Hylians.  To the west
of Hyrule lies the Gerudo Valley.  This valley is the very spot where the King of Evil
Ganondorf arose from.  After being sealed away by the Hero of Time, the legend of this kingdom
began to fade away and twist.  When the great king once again revealed himself, he was again
vanquished by the Hero of Winds. 

Some say that whenever an evil threatens the land, a boy named Link will arise to defeat it. 
This story is no different.

It's been years since the events of Ganondorf took place.  A new continent was found during
these years that housed the wonder of the world: The next Hyrule.  Blessed by the Gods of the
Triforce, this new world has taken on all of the races of the old world.  However, lurking in
the darkness of this world is a corrupt soul..one who wishes to gain what Ganondorf had tried
to get. Zetta..

I'm still working the whole gate thing in, but i've got a pretty good idea of how i'm going to do it.

Yea, my friends and I wanted to make one for our old website, RPG Ultima.  We were gonna do a jackass-like thing..we stopped in the middle of it, it was fun while we were taping it though.

Entertainment / Re: South Park
« on: April 09, 2006, 05:01:42 pm »
honestly, I hate South Park.  I never found any interest in it...

Discussion / I'm curious, what's the difference b/t C++ and C++.NET?
« on: April 08, 2006, 07:59:16 pm »
I've been using .NET for a while and I was wondering what the difference is between the two?  If AP Computer Science runs next year i'm taking it.  See, my school uses macs for their programming and if the course is in C++, we won't be using .NET as that only works on windows...so what's the difference other than that?

Entertainment / Re: what in God's name was that?? O_o;; (kh2 spoilers)
« on: April 04, 2006, 12:36:09 am »
really? Wow I thought it was awesome..feh, not like I use anything but attacks in drives anyway..

Entertainment / what in God's name was that?? O_o;; (kh2 spoilers)
« on: April 04, 2006, 12:24:02 am »
So I was fighting the second boss in Port Royal (the one on the boat) and this guy was really starting to bore me.  So I pulled out the master drive..now last time I checked master drive makes youre shirt turn yellow.  So then why the hell did Sora turn black like a heartless with yellow glowing eyes and leap on all fours when he walked? O_o;;;;

Discussion / Re: Languages?
« on: April 03, 2006, 11:01:49 pm »
I'm learning C++ from a book (I don't think it covers graphics, though). I've mostly used Gamemaker, but I probably will prefer C++ once i use it. I've also used RPGMaker 2000, 3000, and the demo of XP.
Most C++ books just deal with the main syntax. You'll have to find another source to deal with graphic libraries like SDL, Allegro or OpenGL.

Oh, that explains it. Thanks!  :)

DirectX my friend.  Takes care of graphics, sound, and input where openGL only handles graphics.

Playing Kingdom Hearts 2.  Trying to beat that guy with the guitar..pain in the ass, lemme tell you.

Entertainment / Re: Favorite Game Series'!
« on: April 02, 2006, 03:00:36 am »
my top 3 series are

final fantasy
kingdom hearts

Discussion / Languages?
« on: April 02, 2006, 01:00:36 am »
First off, i'd like to say woo first post   ;D

now, what programming language/s or program/s do you prefer to make your games?  I'm starting with C++.  I've also used TGF, GML, RPG Maker, RPG Maker 2, and RPG Maker 2003.

Entertainment / Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 *possible spoilers*
« on: April 02, 2006, 12:56:55 am »
i'm loving this game.  More the story than the gameplay as I feel like square put more effort into the storyline than anything.  Most of the playtime is combat.  I think i'm on the.....6th world now?

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