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Author Topic: [WIP] Darkest Nights (Short Novel)  (Read 1012 times)

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[WIP] Darkest Nights (Short Novel)
« on: May 31, 2008, 10:20:03 pm »
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(Infinitus says its ok, k?)

Basically I've gotten back into writing; and I had a right mind !@#$% of a dream so decided to write it up story style. This is what I've got so far;


Words.  I’d like to find the right ones to describe to you my dream. But no words I can find could match the grotesque and vile dream world I found myself in. A world of such obscurity and blaspheme that we’re it to be true and living, it would send the weak to suicide and the strong to insanity. I take sanctity into the fact it was just a dream world, a figment of my imagination. A world I would not like to knowingly make, but leave it unto my control-less mind as I slumber. Although it is still unwelcome in my mind and will never possess a welcome.

How I would begin to explain this I do not know. But none the less I shall try my best;  My dream began with me restrained to a cold metal bed, my eyes were shut and my heart was racing. Screams and moaning filled the air leaving me uneasy and the sent of copper made my stomach churn.  My eyes finally gathered the courage to hazard a look, what greet them would shock anyone expecting vile monstrosities. My eyes opened to the site of walls covered in small white rectangular shaped tiles. From what I could see of the room, due to my head also being restrained to the bed as well, I assumed the whole room was decorated in these tiles. Well except for the roof, the roof was simple plaster and in what probably was painstakingly calculated as the exact centre was a light bulb; it hung off approximately an inch of wire, and bore no lamp shade. It flickered constantly I watched on to look for some form of rhythm; it was the only thing I could do to pass the time. Cold breezes entered and exited the room, from where I do not know, the room appeared windowless the only connection to the world outside of this cell like room was a peeping slot on the door, but that was shut and most probably firmly locked.

What seemed like hours had passed before there was any sign of activity from the outside world, the peeping whole opened and in its place was two eyes it was too dark to see anything around the eyes. Two bright blue eyes glared at me in the bed, no movement, no blinking. His gazing burning into mine. Time passed, how much time was not certain; but it felt a length of time, and the gaze was still burning into me. I tried to break the line of sight but found myself unable to draw my eyes away.  My vision eventually began to blur I felt my consciousness state slowly be stolen from me again God knows what I would wake up to after this… or if I’d awaken.

Fortunately, some time later, I was awoken. Unfortunately I was still in the room and a sharp pain running from my arm to my head was the thing doing the wakening. My instant reaction was to look what was causing the pain, pulling my hand up off the bed I looked too see blood dripping from my index finger, it took me a moment to realise my arm was now free of restraints; with haste I checked to see if I was completely free of the bed, much to my surprise I was free of the bed, and free to finally take in a full gander of the room. My previous assumption of the room was correct, tiles all over the place. A small cracked window in the bottom corner of the room was the cause of the slight breezes. The world on the other side of the window how ever was dark and empty. As if the room was floating in an endless void. I stood there with this realisation and began to shiver. Fear or insanity was beginning to set in and I needed out. At this moment I remembered the two eyes at the door, I turned swiftly to check the doors peep hole, to be greeted with yet more mind buggery. The door boasted no peep hole what so ever; it was just an average door made of wood with no special features or engravings. The door handle was gold, as to the legitimacy of the gold I did not care; it was coloured gold and that’s all I cared for. The door reminded me of a certain room, a room I’d consider my hiding place, it reminded me of my bedroom door. Hesitant to see what horror lay beyond this door, and where these gut wrenching screams where coming  from I stood and pondered  whether I should advance through or remain in the room and see what horrors will greet me. After spending so much time in the room I was getting irritated and so decided reluctantly to open the door.

The door opened easily onto a corridor.  Looking both up and down the corridor I couldn’t see an end; it just stretched out as far as the eye could see. On the opposite side of the corridor from my room was another door, this door looked like my old door with a  peep hole on it, written on the door was ‘Cell 3-B’. Looking back at my door I noticed it had changed once again, it was back to the steel looking door with a peep hole on it. I checked to see if this door had any writing on it ‘Cell 3-A’.  This was it, I stopped trying to make sense of my situation and walked backwards down the corridor. I hit something with an audible thud, and then felt it slide from me, turning around I saw it was a hospital bed. Upon this bed was a human like figure covered over with a quilt like you would to a dead person; I felt cold and a lump setting into my throat. Eventually the bed stopped once it hit the wall, as it did the arm of whoever was under the quilt fell out and hung still, as did I. My mind was copious all the surrounding sound left my vision blurred I couldn’t move.

A jar rolling into my foot is what finally took me from my state of shock; looking down at it I could see a beating object. I picked it up for a closer look and wished I hadn’t. It was some form of make shift canopic jar housing a still beating heart.  My immediate reaction was to drop the jar, the jar smashed into tiny pieces but there was no sign of the heart. My head spun with confusion and I looked up to be greeted with more confusion as the body on the bed was missing. The quilt had been moved and the bed was still there but the body had vanished. That was it, the final straw. I wanted out, and I wanted out fast. I began to walk in any given direction. I decided that if I walked in one direction long enough I would find a way out. Even more long lengths of time had passed and still no sign of an exit. The writings on the doors had turned to emblems of dragons or other mythological beasts. Every so often I’d come a cross a beast of which looked like nothing I had ever seen before. No matter how far I walked the screams didn’t seem to be any closer
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