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Game Requirements:
1. Upon first appearance, a topic should have at minimum 4 screenshots.
2. After first appearance, a topic should primarily consist of one or more of the following:
  a. Demo - something a user downloads, more than a walking demo.
  b. Trailer - shows actual gameplay, not just still images in a video.
  c. Screenshots - 2 new screenshots each month, consisting of different parts of the game.
3. Each topic's title should be tagged either [Demo], [Trailer], or [Screens] based on Req #2.

If a topic posted doesn't meet those requirements, it'll be moved to Discussion. If the game's emphasis is Req #2c and 2 screenshots aren't given monthly, the topic will be moved to Discussion unless it is given leeway. This is given by Req #1 for the first two months, if a project already has 10 screenshots, or if a moderator's judgment suggests that a move shouldn't happen. If a project is completed or has met the criteria for team/sponsored projects after application, its topic in Zelda Projects will either be moved, locked, or if asked deleted.

User Behavior:
1. Don't post in a very inactive topic unless it is yours and you are updating.
2. Make sure your replies have some content, and that any criticism is constructive.


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