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4/24/16 - 1.6 released
Known issues:
Overlap issues in Kokiri Forest with horizontal tree trunks
Menu items all over the place - need to be resprited, will be addressed in 1.7
Camera jitter with spin attack movement
no sword with spin attack
shadow medallion doesn't appear to work anymore

7/2/15 - 1.4 released
Release notes:
Bokoblin and like like added

known issue:
draw order for shield
player doesn't immediately appear after shaking off like like

5/28/15 - 1.3.5 released!
bug fixes
dedication page for Justin

5/17/15 - 1.3 released!
Release notes:
Pause menu can be opened by pressing Enter.  Q and E scroll the menu.  Arrows and bombs can be equipped by pressing left or right arrow.
Old man with a pickpocket indicator can be pickpocketed by approaching from behind and pressing C.  Pressing C a second time will either pickpocket or alert the guards depending on where the meter is when you press it.
Guard will chase link when he comes into his line of sight.  He will return home when far away enough, but will now be listening as well as looking.
Fire and Ice arrows can be switched to by drawing an arrow and pressing R before releasing.

Known issues:
Old man's head sometimes separates from his body
pause menu item names aren't in a great spot.  Needs some graphical improvement
No indicator of fire/ice arrows other than HUD.  Needs graphical improvement.

4/13/15 - 1.2 is here!

Release notes:
Gibdo is functional and can drain the player's health - Mash C to get him off.
Shield can be raised by holding shift.
Floor tiles can fly at the player - this isn't great, needs refinement
Rupees are now a thing! Press T to spawn a rupee to the top left of the player.
The treasure chest can be opened by pressing C when facing the front of it.

Known issues:
The shield has a higher draw priority in all directions than the player.
Treasure chest doesn't respond 100% of the time (more like 90%)
Shielding sprites for Link are hideous

2/19/15 - Version 1.1 is out.  See release notes:

-Overgrown Keese can chase the player and return home (cannot yet carry player)
-Armored Crab can charge the player and walk side to side (Cannot yet spit rocks)
-Player can throw the boomerang by pressing right arrow
-Rolling switched from left shift to C
-Moldorm runs around like a derp(must be commented back into tiletester.xml to see it)
-Map editor tile drops

1/4/15 - Put out a code release last night.  I figured it was long overdue for one.  I'll write up a feature list later tonight.

I think we need to know what you want us to do with the code.

Issues are slowly being put up, I'm waiting for responses from people.

I've been to sick lately to start workign with anything atm, will get on trying to fix some issues once I'm finished being sick and get rid of my heavy headache.

There isn't anything that needs to be fixed per say, but there are things that need to be implemented.  You'll find those in the issue tracker as well.


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