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Hello all, quick question. So i have a bunch of 16x16 tilesets that come together to create a giant cloud layer. I want to use them so if you get to some points in the game that are very high up the clouds are created/shown/whatever. This is an easy task if they were an object, although to either create tons and tons of 16x16 objects or one/a few giant sprites of premade clouds seems like a big data waste. Im wondering if there is an easy way to stretch out the clouds or create a tileset that fades in and out when youre above/below it, or if that is not possible and i will just have to use sprites instead.

What language are we talking?  Game Maker?

Whoops, sorry for not specifying that. game maker 8.1.


I would be surprised if you couldn't use these tile functions with some controller object that monitors Link's depth - to where you would have use the functions for layers to apply alpha blending for all tiles in a layer, and to then change the layers depth.

Hmm, maybe you want to use shaders......


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