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so I am currently trying to make skyward sword in 2D so a link to the past graphics but I don't know how to code or sprite or anything so I need help. if your interested reply then make a map of skyward sword in a link to the past graphics doesn't have to be a map anything from skyward sword then email me what you've made at thanks! (also I don't know how this works I'm new)

Do you have any content to show for the project?  You'll tend to get a better response for this type of thing if you have something to show

Don't mind me.  I am just an idiot with an opinion based on first hand experience.

If you want this game, dig in for it.  Don't be discouraged.  Believe you can.  Know you can.  The only one stopping you is you.  The moment you give up is the moment it is gone.


With that said, i am going back to my rum.



--- Quote ---Tip #2: Use what is available! and are great resources for sprites that already exist.
--- End quote ---

We have an archive here as well under the resources navigation section :)

ill look in to that thanks! :D


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