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Uncle PMac:
Starting a non zelda rpg game project. Coding it in unity. I am in need of an artist for sprite / sprite sheets and tile sets. All original artwork. Like what I have seen around here. Any one interested? Feel free to respond.

I am not a sprite artist, but I would suggest to provide some more information about your game idea so there is a higher % chance of people showing interest. How much of the project is complete? Is there a tech demo with existing programmer art? etc

I would also not assume that an artist will willingly go and do all of this for free.

Uncle PMac:
I was just asking for interests. I will discuss terms with said person not publicly as far as pay. I have some basic code so far. Just basic walking around and such with some temp free graphics I found. The game is going to be similar to Link To The Past open world rpg but with modern elements. A mix of fantasy and scifi. I can go into more story detail in private.

for more detailed info on what I'm looking for check out my websites career section.



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