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Looking for a team of spriters to help with an original game.

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Hello all, I've been absent for quite some time, but today I'm making somewhat of a return lol.
I'm looking for a few spriters to join Rayo, spritingbrad, and myself in turning one of my original mangas titled "Keys to Xerona"  into a game.

We are going for a Minish Cap type game, we want to have a sprite style similar to Minish cap but still original. I was heavily inspired by the Zelda Franchise to write this manga. I thought to myself one day hmmm there aren't really any Zelda like manga out ( this was before I knew about the actual Zelda mangas that are out.

Anyways I'll post a few manga pages below, if anyone's interested feel free to comment here or PM me and we can talk more specifics.

Thanks for your time


Your manga kicks some serious ass.

Thank you very much!

That's some wonderful art work, man :D



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