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font=comic sans ms]Hello Zelders! I'm new to this forum, but I found it very interesting! Today I wanted to present you the project that we revived again (Zelda El Reino Dorado): "Zura World Online"! It is an MMORPG inspired by The Legend Of Zelda and uses the Minish Cap style. I look forward to seeing this beautiful project, Created By Dace, grow! We've fixed a lot of things since then,

•Online play: Up to 500 players can play it!
•Classes and customization: You can select between the four main races (Hylian, Goron, Zora and Gerudo) (10) Ten Classes In Total you can customize your character with some variants of hairstyle and skin tone.
•Gameplay inspired by TLoZ: The Maps Inspired by Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask continue, but we are working on adding new maps, Since the Wind Waker Distortions of our world begin, There begins to be a big change due to the history of the game that we decided to add and modify
•This game is made in Eclipse Origins 3.0 (yes, it's not the best engine but it's where the project started, we continue it here with the idea that everyone who has a computer with windows xp and little ram can play) Just Download the Game , Install Libraries And Play, I hope you enjoy it a lot...

Right now, we are on our version 2.3.1, I hope you like this project!
For now, the game is only in Spanish, but maybe in the future we will release an English version.
Thank you for your support and all your sprites, I love your ZFGC page, sprites that find yours, we will give you the credit, you deserve it and much more, thank you for all your work and effort, it is not in vain

I'm going to leave both the links to our Discord Server (where we check out all sorts of project stuff) and the direct download link. However, if you don't want to join our discord, here's the link:



Facebook group:

Official Page:

I leave you a little video so you can see the project, thanks for everything we love you ♥  :) ;)[/font][/b][/size][/font][/color][/color]

I leave you a little video so you can see how it goes :3


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