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New completed fan game: Tetra and the Lonely Island [Screens]



I know I haven't been on this site like I used to, but I still make those fangames. I just finished one with Tetra and her crew -- a massive open world, 3D thing starring Tetra and using DS models. And heck, is there a better place to share it than zfgc?

Available here:

The blurb:

She's back! Tetra and her crew are stranded on the Lonely Island by a mysterious storm. Now she must adventure and explore across a vast open world, finding upgrades and treasures, battling monsters and rescuing survivors, to banish the evil that dwells on the island and return to the open sea.

Can be played with WASD+mouse or XBOX-style controller. (controls are shown on pause screen, press Esc/Start) Super proud of this one. Hope you have a good time playing it.

Anyways... for whoever may see this post... enjoy!

Looks impressive! I'll have to try it out sometime!

That's pretty darn impressive, I won't get to playing it until later but the screen shots alone are quite cool to see.

How long did it take you?


--- Quote from: MaJoRa on April 19, 2023, 05:14:41 am ---How long did it take you?

--- End quote ---

6-ish months? I was working full time so could only work on it occasionally, and I cheated and based it on an engine I'd build for a different game last year to reduce my workload.

Oooooookay. So this game's original build had an error where it wouldn't load the overworld for some people. I think I've fixed that now, so if you tried this before and weren't able to play the game, try it again with the new build.

Sorry for the snafu.



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