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Can't find these anywhere.


I got one for you guys.
Ok so here's what I'm trying to find/get.

It's a MP3 audio file of Beedle from Wind Waker but! He's making a snarky laugh, I believe what happens is that when Link talks to Beedle after dealing with Tetra at some point Beedle will say something about him buying something for her or doing something for her I believe it's around the part where you have to get the bombs to get the third pearl. Anyway Beedle will go "Nheer heeer heeer heeerr!" or maybe it's more like "Heeeuuur heeeuuurr" I dk... ANYWAY! If anyone knows what I'm talking about it's from the ENGLISH VERSION of the game none of that japanese !@#$% I want the English version of this laugh, preferably without the background music but if that's not doable then Ah well.

Secondly, I need the sound of Young Link from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time standing still in the molten ground from Dodongo's Cavern it should be like "Eh... Ooh... Ahh!" Again without the background audio if possible.

For both of these things I've searched high and low to no prevail so please show me what you can get! :D :o

I know this is old as crap and you're probably never gonna see this, but there's a huge sound archive by one of our previous members:


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