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Here is a list of websites that may help you in your search for sounds and music.
If you know of any sites that aren't on the list, reply to this topic and I'll update this post.


Misc Nintendo
DLbrooks' MP3 Set - Various Game Music, FF, Bomberman etc
Mario Fan Games Galaxy - Super Smash Bros Melee
The Mushroom Kingdom - Sounds & Music

Goodnight's Zelda Sounds Collection


Blue Laguna - Video Game MP3s
DLbrooks' MP3 Set - Various Game Music, FF, Bomberman etc
Galbadia Hotel - A Video Game Music & Media Resource
Video Game Soundtrack Remixes - Excellent stuff
VGMusic - Game Music MIDI Files

Ganons Tower - MOD/MP3 and MIDI Music
HTLOZ - Zelda Reorchestrated - Misc Zelda Music
Some of tssf's OOT/MM MIDI files
Zelda-World - Large collection of Zelda music (

I know quite a few more, but I'm too busy at the moment to add them. Will add some more later.

Blue Laguna Finally added Ocarina of Time


Video game song remixes, high quality mp3's mostly...
Also, check out the Chrono trigger and Doom remix album projects they have, quality stuff.

Can you make a section for instrumental samples? I think it would be very useful for sample junkies like myself.

Free FL Sample packs *Updated monthly, or say they say...*

Free Sound project, but you need to join to download samples. They have instrumental samples, sound effects, and even a requesting forum.

Zelda Power
They've got loads of Zelda MP3s,although nothing from the Oracle games or the Four Swords games.


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