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Gaming and Entertainment Forum Rules


Global Forum Rules still apply in full.  As a quick recap:
 - Keep your behavior in check.  Treat others with respect and attempt to be mature.
 - Don't post illegal content (roms, warez, CD cracks, etc).
 - Spam is for the Spam board, not here.
 - If you have a complaint against a member, report the post or PM a mod.  Complaints against a mod go to the admins.  The Feedback forum is to be used for general forum complaints/suggestions, not for attacking individuals.

Please read the entire thread for the complete list of punishable behaviors.


In addition, the following rules apply specifically to the G&E forum:
 - Post Youtube videos in the stickied Youtube thread.  This is done to declutter the forum and make it easier to manage.  We're open to the occasional exception of course, but for the most part keep them in that one thread.  This also applies to other "Hey, watch this video!" threads even if it's not specifically Youtube that's hosting the video.
 - The same goes for friend codes and webcomics.  Use the stickied threads rather than making a new thread for each one.
 - That's... really about it.  Of course, use common sense as always.  Mark your spoilers, don't flame others' opinions on games, etc.  Just follow the global forum rules and you'll be fine.


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