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v2.1.0 Release Notes
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What’s new?
  • When you open a temple, you will be able to warp back to the entrance (after beating the Swamp Temple).
  • A mysterious owl will tell you about warping after beating the Swamp Temple.
  • There’s a chance of finding ore when blowing up a rock.
  • You will now give Mr. Tree all the leaves you have at the same time.
  • New animation for explosions.
  • New Game Over screen.

Bugs fixed:
  • You could get stuck in Mountain Temple B1F if you bombed a toggle switch.
  • Lava Devalant fireball didn’t disappear when leaving the room.
  • The boomerang bounced on enemy spawns.
  • Link continued to play the ocarina after getting warped outside the swamp cave.
  • If you opened a chest or talked to an NPC right before getting the boomerang back, the animation would get messed up.
  • Items in use (boomerang, bow, hammer) disappeared if you pressed Pause.

Looks great, keep up the work!
Thank you!

Looking good so far! Can't wait to see more.
Thank you for your comment. Have you beat the first two temples yet?

v2.0.3 Release Notes
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Bugs fixed:
  • “sound_COUNTDOWN” is missing.
  • Screenshots inside Photo Gallery didn't automatically close after three seconds.

hello! can i be a beta tester?
I sent you a PM. What do you think of the game so far?

v2.0.2 Release Notes
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What’s new?
  • Added sounds when getting healed by a fairy.
  • Correct fanfare when getting a Heart Container.
  • New animations for pots, grass and rocks.
  • Small items like rupees, arrows and hearts disappear when you leave the room.
Bugs fixed:
  • "sound_GALLERY_ELDER_laugh" is missing.
  • "music_INSIDE_CAFE" is missing.
  • Unknown variable "x" for object "item_SWORD".
  • Autosave when entering a temple didn’t work.
  • The Triforce Door in front of the Mountain Temple was open.
  • You can throw another boomerang while the one you have is burning.

v2.0.1 Release Notes
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Bugs fixed:
  • The dungeon map showed up on screen after you had exited a temple.
  • You would get stuck on the ocarina pad if you played the secret song once more after exiting the temple.
  • You weren’t able to use any items after opening a Triforce Door, also some kind of ISG happened.

Fixed your post for you.  Looks good, just make sure you give credit to people that made the custom graphics.  I see several sprites that belong to people here at ZFGC(albeit it from years ago) that should be credited.

Thank you. The credits will appear at the end of the demo.


A little over six months ago our fan game was taken down by Nintendo from Game Jolt.
However, we still continue to work on this project, and want to share it with you all.
The playable demo is part of the full game, you can complete the first two dungeons.
Controller is highly recommended.

Developers: BlackwingE, Akkarvik
OS compatibility: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Controllers supported: Xbox 360 / Xbox One
Latest version: v2.1.0
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kv1nfm6caz1fjzj/tloz_tgh_demo_v2.1.0.zip

Experience the world of Zelda once more in this all-new adventure.
The events of "The Golden Hero" takes place a short time after "Link's Awakening", when Link finally arrives at his home in Hyrule.
This time Hyrule needs to be saved from an old "friend" and his evil plans...


Using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller

Left stick = Move
Right stick = Look ahead
D-pad = Move selector in menus

A button = Talk, read, open, etc.
B button = Use selected item
X button = Use sword
Y button = Use selected item

Left bumper = Use selected item
Right bumper = Use selected item
Left trigger = Strafe

Start = Go to Pause Menu
Back = Save and quit

If a controller is plugged in but not registered as player one, press and hold LEFT and RIGHT STICKS for three seconds on the controller you want to use.

Using the keyboard

W / A / S / D = Move, menu selection
Arrow keys = Look ahead

E = Talk, read, open, etc.
U / I / O / P = Use selected items
Space = Use sword
Left shift = Strafe
Enter = Go to Pause Menu
Escape = Save and quit








Some of the custom sprites are taken from this site.
If you see anything you have made, please contact me to see if your name is listed in the credits at the end of the demo.
Would you like to be one of our beta testers? Send me a PM here on ZFGC.

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