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Anyone Pre-Ordered or getting Nintendo Switch early March?

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Anyone pre-ordered or getting the Switch early? I am trying to get it later, but it seems like more guys who got Zelda and the system early already making videos on Youtube, and I'm trying to not get spoiled like skyward sword. I just saw a thumbnail for Halo Wars 2 and that alone spoiled it for me :C

Yep, got mine on preorder!

I also have mine on Preorder.

Next Friday is going to be a very weird day at the office. >v>

EDIT: I also ordered the gray version. The blue-and-red doesn't work right in my eyes, unless you're going for a Latios-and-Latias theme for your Switch.

Not me, I will get it on May (my birthday) or June (after I finish school). Its very hard to convince my mother haha. It sucks, but at least I will get it, even if its later. XD

Definitely got my Switch pre-ordered, along with BoTW. I myself am going into the game blind as well. I have to be home to answer the door when the package is delivered, so I definitely took next Friday off of work.

Also, I ordered the grey switch. What colors did you choose?


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