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Martijn dh:
A legend of Zelda - Horn of Balance


* Playable demo
* The story
* Enemy listing
* Boss listing
* Items listing
* Location listing
* Screenshots of the game
* Video's of the game
* The creators
* Demo history
* Your suggestions
* Known issues


Demo version: 0.25.11
File Size: 25,61 MB (Zipped)
Download (Mediafire):

Creator notes:
- This demo included 2 overworlds, 5 dungeons (+intro cave) and many more smaller locations.
- Shortcuts exist to access late game additions without playing through the whole game again. Calling a new file "boss1", "boss2" or "cape" will start you out at (or with) that specific content.
- While still far from complete, you CAN reach all the way until the credits screen.

Default controls*:
D - Action button (open doors / read text / grab / etc) + Confirm button (while in menus)
G - Attack button (hold and release for a full swing attack) + Cancel button (while in menus)
S - Perform run action (if you have the boots available)
R - Use item A
F - Use item B
Space - Brings up item menu
Enter - Brings up map menu
Escape - Pauses the game (can be used to exit the game)

* The controls can be personalized in the options menu at the start of the game.
* Native gamepad controls can be enabled in the options menu as well.

Additional differences in v25 compared to v24:
Show content* Added autosaves (every screen transition)
* Added native gamepad support (= enabled in the options menu)
* Added a final boss fight
* Added 2 new enemies: variant bat and variant wall master
* Seperated damage stats for thrown objects and for bounced back projectiles
* Fixed all known errors
* A ton of tweaks and fixes


The tale starts off with Link as he is living with his uncle deep in the vast western forest of Hyrule. His uncle, a well-known blacksmith, took him in as his apprentice a long time ago. They spent weeks crafting a beautiful ceremonial blade. Elegant and perfectly balanced, it was truly their best work to date.

It was announced that princess Zelda would soon be of age and wed, so a festival was at hand in her honor. They packed all their belongings and set out for the city with the intent of presenting their blade as a gift.

Upon arriving at the borders of the city of Hyrule, Link and his uncle encountered soldiers everywhere. By decree of the king anyone coming to the festival looking the least bit suspicious was to be arrested. Carrying his blade, Link's uncle was apprehended. Link, being left behind, followed the soldiers into the city.

Link started asking around if there was a way to help his uncle out, but found that no one was willing to help. Everybody was reluctant to even speak with him. It was as if they were all scared of being arrested themselves.

Several soldiers passed, escorting princess Zelda. Link recognized her and attempted to get her attention. The guards took note and stopped him from getting closer, but the princess stepped in and quietly spoke to Link: "I do not know you, but you should not ask my help. I am but a mere prisoner, waiting for her arranged marriage..."

Little options were left to Link. Something had to be done...


- Popo
- Ropa
- Anti-Faerie
- Pol's Voice
- Yellow Slime
- Wall Cannon
- Turtle
- Stall
- Gibo
- Medusa block
- Spiked block
- Trickbox
- Deadrock
- Beamos
- Armos
- Vulture
- Rope / Stalrope
- Leever
- Buzz Blob / Cukeman
- Hardhat Beetle
- Sandman
- Wizzrobe / Undead wizzrobe
- Cannonball
- Flying Tile
- Zol
- Eyegore
- Stalfos
- Deibadora
- Bari
- Goriya
- Large spiked block
- Octorok / Slarok
- Spiked roll
- Tektite
- Soldiers
- Guruguru bar
- Lanmola
- Sanmola
- Spark
- Wall lasers
- Winder
- Snapdragon
- River Zora / Ku
- Sandcrab
- Kodongo
- Stalfos head
- Mini Moldorm
- Bunny Beam
- Cucco / Undead Cucco
- Arrow trap
- Boulder trap
- Hokkubokku
- Helmasaurus
- Tarosu soldiers
- Undead kees (NEW IN DEMO 25)


Dungeon A0: Boss  Show content
Dungeon A1: Subboss  Show content
Dungeon A1: Boss  Show content
Dungeon A2: Boss  Show content
Dungeon A3: Boss  Show content
Dungeon B4: Boss  Show content
Dungeon B5: Boss  Show content
Dungeon B9: Final boss  Show content (NEW IN DEMO 25)


- Boomerang
- Book of Mudora
- Bug-Catching Net
- Lanterns
- Magic Mirror
- Firerod
- Icerod
- Rod of Medu
- Cane of Byrna
- Cane of Somaria
- Bombs
- Magician's Cape
- Bombos Medallion
- Ether Medallion
- Quake Medallion
- Hookshot
- Bow and Arrows
- Shovels
- Bottles
- Pegasus Boots
- Gloves
- Magic Hammer
- Magic Powder
- Ocarina


Overworld: text coming later
Starting cave: text coming later
Waterworkd: text coming later
Tombs: text coming later
Underwater Prison: text coming later
Desert Palace: text coming later
Heimgartner Manor: text coming later
Gauntlet: text coming later





Previous contributions
FrozenFire - Sprites: subboss 1 / Tester / Video recording / Music
BlazeBigBang - Sprites: additional character animations
Dervilacus - Sprites: additional character animations
Theforeshadower - Video recording
NotAlphaMan - Research / Tester
King Tetiro - Sprites: Murray
Gonken - Sprites: Molgera boss
DeathTailsz - Tester
Sahittam - Tester
Atom - Tester
Wobmiar - Tester
Miles07 - Tester

* The project has been going on since 2008 Q4 and I lost the teamlisting 2013 Q2-ish so it's possible that I've missed somebody. Let me know if that is the case so I can give due credit!

  Demo history 

--- Code: ---Demo 0.10.08 - Downloads Mediafire: 140, Size 10 MB - <2010-11>
Demo 0.11.00 - Downloads Mediafire: 182, Size 10 MB - <2011-06>
Demo 0.12.02 - Downloads Mediafire: 1562, Size 11 MB - <2011-10>
Demo 0.13.00 - Downloads Mediafire: 181, Size 15 MB - <2012-08>
Demo 0.14.01 - Downloads Mediafire: 1262, Size 19 MB - <2012-11>
Demo 0.15.00 - Downloads Mediafire: 345, Size 18 MB - <2013-01>
Demo 0.16.01 - Downloads Mediafire: 510, Size 18 MB - <2013-11>
Demo 0.17.08 - Downloads Mediafire: 890, Size 20 MB - <2014-07>
Demo 0.18.09 - Downloads Mediafire: 120, Size 21 MB - <2017-01>
Demo 0.19.40 - Downloads Mediafire: 151, Size 19 MB - <2017-10>
Demo 0.20.18 - Downloads Mediafire: 540, Downloads Dropbox: unknown, Size 19 MB - <2018-08>
Demo 0.21.100 - Downloads Mediafire: 190, Downloads Dropbox: unknown, Size 19 MB - <2019-10>
Demo 0.22.74 - Downloads Mediafire: 153, Size 20 MB - <2020-06>
Demo 0.23.00 - Downloads Mediafire: 83, Size 24 MB - <2021-04>
Demo SAGE 2021 - Downloads Mediafire: 627, Size 26 MB - <2021-08>
Demo 0.25.11 - Downloads Mediafire: ongoing, Size 26 MB - <2021-09>
--- End code ---

Updates in older versions
Demo 24 Show content- Added overworld map
- Added new item: Ocarina
- Added fast travel creatures to work with the ocarina
- Tweaked soldier's tomb dungeon a little for better flow
- Tweaked mining town dungeon and enemies a lot for better flow
- Enchanted boomerang can be called back on demand
- Health warning has been significantly lessened
- Dying respawns you with more health
- Hammers and thrown objects now have their own damage stats
- Upgraded to the latest Gamemaker version
- Cleaned up the coding practices more
Demo 23 Show content-Added a fully finished new dungeon: Mining town
-Added new boss and (custom) NPC's to starting area
-Added new 8 enemies (including Cucco's !)
-Upgraded to latest version of GameMaker Studio 2
   (and spend months fixing the damage)
-Items and enemies now effected by water / pits
-Added special ore and pressure plates
-Added conveyor belts to transport items through walls and to other rooms
   (conveyor belts now also effect items and can change directions)
-Added scene at the end of the game
-Added a ton of fixes, tweaks and smaller additions
Demo 22 Show contentAdded two new bosses
Added new item: Magician's Cape (= which is not like in the original)
Added new enemy: Bunny Beam
Expanded dungeon B05 into a mini-dungeon
Various coding improvements, tweaks and bugfixes
Demo 21 Show contentBuild an entirely new lightworld
Added equally big dark overworld
Added (magic mirror) warping between worlds
Added placeholder dungeons for the dark world
Added more heart pieces to find and collect

Added tunic upgrades
Added more scenes
Added more shops
Added more NPC's
Added chest mini game
Added more idle animations
Added devil shrine for the magic upgrade
Added bomb/arrow capacity upgrades (as chest contents)
Altered contents of all secret dungeon chests
Added option to hookshot yourself towards wooden poles

Added a ton of dark world variations for existing things like:
   trees, digging, water, character effects and so on
Added new terrain types: poisous water & desert quicksand

Upgraded to latest version of GameMaker Studio 2
   (and spend months fixing the damage)
Made a ton of (extensive) performance related updated
Fully redid all tileset usage

And a ton of smaller tweak, fixes and additions
Demo 20 Show content* Added new dungeon: Underwater Prison
* Added ability for (some) NPC's to follow you
* Added ability to dive for items and/or under bridges
* Added the raising and lowering of water levels
* Added room transitions for when swimming
* Added cracked blocks
* Added cell doors

* Added context sensitive actions display to HUD (which can be disabled)
* Polished several aspects of the last dungeon: Heimgartner Mansion
* Slightly polished starting cave
* Tweaked various enemy stats

* Made a ton of (major) changes for a massive performance boost
* Fixed various mechanics that had broken over time
* Far more playtesting then with the last release

* Lots of smaller tweaks, performance increases and bugfixes

  Received suggestions 

While most suggestions make their way into the game this is a listing of the ones that I'm still pondering on or have decided against implementing.

Put "timer" on bushes and grass to limit rupee farming ability
Great idea and will be looked into when game is nearing completion. For now I view the demo as a semi-sandbox so I'm okay with rupee farming.

Fire from the Firerod (and Lamp) should be able to burn bushes
Pushed back for a later demo due to time restraints

Implement purple rupees (50),  silver rupees (100), golden rupees (300) and rupoors (-10)
Takes time so will have to be planned ==> From demo 22 onwards the game will contain a golden rupee. (It's missable and extremely hard to get but still)

If you have any other suggestions then feel free to post them in this topic or contact me directly.

  Known issues 

Some keyboards are unable to register the following key combination: Left+Up+G
If this situation applies for you and it bothers you then you can alter the controls in the option screen (found on the starting screen).

If you've found more issues then please report them in this topic or contact me about it directly.

Click here to view on the site.

That name select background at the bottom is actually the file select background. ;)

Martijn dh:
Correct. The file selection screen, name selection screen and options screen have been done in a single room with one background. That way the view can move smoothly between them without interruption.

Maybe I should have mentioned this before, but this won't be a remake. Just (much like the other games on this forum) heavily based on an existing Zelda game. For instance I'm going to be working with subbosses. And I'll definitely get creative with the dungeon theme/mechanics and dungeon items.

It looks nice, but the transition between rooms could be done faster. At those moment the music hampers, like a recordplayer gets stuck on one track. I also noticed, Link being able to walk under the roots of the trees. But is this really version 0.7.2, because the content feels more like 0.2.2, but then again that is just me.

Oh yeah before I forget. The sound effect for walking on stairs sounds really weird. But keep up the good work and I look forward to see you finish the dungeon.

Martijn dh:
Thanks for the reply.

Somebody made the same remark on the transitions on a different forum and I'm glad you did the same. It means my work to fix it is meaningfull. I'm guessing the problem occurs only on some computers. Would you mind me sending you a link to a newer demo in a couple of days? To check if my solution works on your end.

The roots of the trees are a result of my laziness with the outside area. The outside area will be completely redone when the dungeon is finished, so I didn't put a lot of time in it. I've already moved the movement borders in the next demo.

Please don't get hung up on the numbers. It's my second attempt at a first game so in the beginning a lot of stuff has been redone as I learned more. Also, when I finish the first dungeon I'll consider that version 1, since that's my immediate goal for now. That may not be accurate for the whole, but that's something for later.

Could you give me a little bit more information about the music with the stairs? I'm guessing you don't mean the stairs in between the rooms. Did it sound out of sync? Was the sound incorrect? Or was it maybe something else?


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