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[FINISHED] Legend of Zelda: Hall of the Dead [2016 UPDATE]

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2016 UPDATE:

Hey guys, I know this topic is old, but I made some updates to the game so I figure it's worth a bump.

That site has some background information and the new download link.

For anyone already familiar with the game, it was finished a long time ago... 2007 I think. Anyway, I was bored one day and decided to make some tweaks.

The game now plays in full screen, the "extra pearl" has been removed (now there are 100 to find as intended, instead of 101), certain areas have been simplified (less enemies mainly), and I've greatly reduced the number of hits the later bosses take.

The game still has glitches, but it's a much smoother experience than it was before. This is probably the last update... unless I think of something to fix another 8 years from now. :p


A cool Youtuber made a (mostly) complete walkthrough. Refer to this video if you get stuck.


I was an active member here like, iunno, 4 or 5 years ago... haha. Let me start by saying how great it is to see that ZFGC is still thriving!

Anyway, I've moved away from fan game design and into filmmaking (  .../shameless plug) , but the other day I was searching through my hard drive and I found my completed Zelda adventure, Hall of the Dead!

I know there's a topic around here somewhere, but I figure it's way old, so why not make a fresh one?

LOZ: HotD isn't a masterpiece of game design, but it is DONE. It has 5 dungeons and a fair sized overworld. It shouldn't take anyone too long to beat, as long as they can figure out my devious puzzles mwa haha. Some older members might remember where to go.  :P

Download link is here: (Let me know if it doesn't work)



I remember seeing this years ago.  I still have it.  I don't believe I finished it though.  Wasn't this one of the few fangames that actually saw completion?

Ah, I love me a good, finished Zelda fan-game. Especially in Alttp style. I'll check this out later today, looks pretty good!

Dude... I just downloaded the game so I'll play it at night and I'll post my comments.

I remember this game, Congrats on finishing it!, going to download it right now and give it a shot!


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