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Author Topic: Current Design Information  (Read 1495 times)

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Current Design Information
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:44:44 pm »
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Here you will find any information that has been finalized.  This will be organized as more information as added.

1. Story
  1.1 Prologue
  1.2 In-game intro

2. Races of Hyrule
  2.1 Dekus
    2.1.1 Link's Quest
  2.2 Gorons
    2.2.1 Link's Quest
  2.3 Sheikah
    2.3.1 Link's Quest
  2.4 Zoras
    2.4.1 Link's Quest

3. Dungeons
  1.1 Order

4. Items


The below backstory is relayed in the intro of the game
The Gerudo are a race of proud, desert-dwelling vagabonds who were, several centuries ago, dragged into a war with the rest of Hyrule by their evil son and heir Ganondorf's obsession with finding the legendary Triforce.

Ganondorf plunged the whole of the land into darkness and ruin, until at the desperate final hour he was defeated and sealed away in the limbo of the Sacred Realm, hopefully never to return.

Following Ganondorf's imprisonment, his people retreated to live in isolation in their harsh wasteland for centuries, embittered by the war and beaten by the unyielding desert wind, until their most recent king - the first male born unto the Gerudo in a hundred years, and who had grown to be a wise and courageous leader - decided if they were to continue to survive, the time had come to mend the broken relations with the rest of Hyrule.

But before he could put any of his plans into action, the evil Ganondorf suddenly and mysteriously returned from his banishment and reclaimed his right to the throne. He usurped the good king and cast him out into the desert. What then became of the king no one knows...

***This set-up will inform players familiar with the Legend of Zelda story that Ganondorf is back and is presumably in hiding in the desert, doubtless hatching an evil scheme, but also that there is a mysterious new character - the good and true king - who they should expect to meet in some guise somewhere in the game.

Link's backstory should not be told as part of the prologue. Instead the game simply begins and the player discovers Link's history through dialogue in the opening sequence and by talking with the gang members. Less watching, more playing!
A decade has passed, and our story opens in Hyrule Castle Town. It is divided by a grand avenue that leads all the way up from the main southern entrance to the royal castle itself, a vain monument to the royal family that effectively segregates the townsfolk into two communities: one half is poor and run down, its inhabitants have turned to petty crime just to survive; the other is prosperous and peaceful, but also selfish, greedy and ignorant of the poorer folks' plight.

The royal family of Hyrule - adored by the rich, unpopular with the poor - are also ignorant of the suffering of their subjects, leading a pampered and sheltered existence behind the castle walls.

The hero of the story is a young orphan boy named Link, who was taken under the wing of Farin, the fatherly leader of a gang of child thieves, when he was very young. He lives in their hideout in the poor area of Castle Town.

Meanwhile, following centuries of animosity, the king of the Gerudo has suddenly made a diplomatic visit to Castle Town. He is gaining favour in the royal court by persuading them to extend the hand of friendship to his struggling people who, after hundreds of years of hostile relations, are too proud to come and ask for help themselves. Noble but humble, and incredibly charismatic, he seems to captivate everybody he meets.
***When the player first meets this character, we should be careful to create enough ambiguity that they might naturally assume this to be the true, exiled king come to ask for help. But it is in fact Ganondorf, stripped of his Triforce piece and therefore considerably less powerful, he is seeking to take the Triforce by more stealthy, devious means, ingratiating himself with the royal court and biding his time until the opportunity comes to strike. But the player, and Link, will not find this out until deep into the game.

The royal family are flattered to be the object of the Gerudo king's mercy mission, and greedily accept the luxurious gifts he lavishes upon them, but his only genuine ally appears to be the compassionate young Princess Zelda who seems wise enough beyond her years to truly understand his peoples' predicament. She is committed to helping him, despite her parents' apathy. It is her wish that he become a friend and trusted confidant of the Hyrulian royal family, and for the duration of his visit he is to stay in one of the castle's many sleeping quarters.
***This establishes Zelda as a good and kind-hearted person, even though she comes from a selfish and pampered family. She is, however, still naive and her latent magical powers cannot at first pick up on the Gerudo's deceit. Slowly, and throughout the game, doubts as to his motives begin to creep into her mind as she is haunted by magical visions of his ultimate betrayal.


2.1 Dekus:

When not out traveling for business, the Deku tend to be very excluding towards other races and live in a tightly knit society with a ordered monarchy. They don't have a cog, but they are protecting one, or they know where the location of a cog is, since it belonged to an ancient race that once inhabited the woods (Kokiris).  Ganondorf was actually promised the cog by the Deku king himself, but before he could get it the other Dekus got afraid that the kings actions would anger the Kokiri spirits, and a revolution commenced before the king could find the Cog.  Ganondorf thus hired Links help to get the cogs.  At the moment the king is held captive in his palace by the Dekus/ trapped inside the forest dungeon with no way of getting out.  The dekus are severely distraught - some of them are nominating themselves and others as new kings, others are obsessed with sacrificing the old king, and yet others want to contact the kokiri spirits in order to make it right.

2.1.1Link's Quest:

Infiltrate the palace, find a worthy, sensible deku to take the throne, calm down the other dekus, somehow face off against the old king (while totally missing the fact that Ganondorf first Hired that Deku King), enter the forest dungeon and prove himself worthy to the kokiri spirits.


 In the Notheast corner of Hyrule lies the mighty mountainhome of the Gorons, proud warriors and advanced steam-technologicians.  This mountain is an area accessible from the "Valley of Death" mountainpath and from Hyrule field. Hidden there in carbon mines the Gorons dislike Hylians, they are a conservative type, following old rituals and ideals, they aren't happy about your appearance, act more as a tribe than as a kingdom.

Link's Quest:

Prove himself worthy to the Gorons and earn passage to the cog.

2.3 Sheikah:

In the northern part of Hyrule is a mountainrange stretching from Gerudo Desert to the norteast corner of the map.
From Gerudo Desert there is a mountainpath leading through the "Valley of Death", a vale in the shadows of an ash-spewing volcanic mountain. Here the Sheikah live.  They are the sworn rivals of the Gerudo. There is a temple, where the wisest of them are. Those are always studying books and have an incredible knowledge of the the country's history.

Link's Quest:

Use the knowledge given by the wise Sheikah to find the location of the artifact that will lead him to the cog.

2.4 Zoras:

Link is directed to the temple located at lake Hylia, where the Zoran Cog is. But there he is attacked by River Zoras and Frightened by large numbers of them flees.  Link gets the advice that he should travel to Zoras Domain to ask the King for help. There he finds that there's a war between the "normal" Zoras and the mad River Zoras who appeared in earlier Zelda games. The Zoras, however, can't fight the River Zoras because the kingdom's heirs got kidnapped.  Now Link must help! The remaining royal family/advisors are sad and distressed ad beg link for his help!

2.4.1 Link's Quest:

For every royal family member Link rescues, he drives away a number of River Zoras. When he comes to Lake Hylia, the Royal family members help him fight the river zoras (by throwing boomerang fins, like in Majoras Mask) After saving the King, he thanks Link by opening the Lake Hylia Temple, giving some advice and maybe some "breathe under water" item.  Link then heads down the river to the temple to find the guardian and her cog.

Also as a side note it seems each cog was entrusted to a guardian of each race. Each chosen guardian of the cog lives with the cog in the dungeon and only some sacred artifact held by each Kings/Queen/Elder will let you in each dungeon to find the guardian and receive the cog. (The guardian inside the forest of course is a Korkiri)

3.0 Dungeons:
3.1Dungeon Order:
Hyrule Castle Town & Field > Deku Swamp > Kokiri Forest > Zora's Domain > River Valley > Lake Hylia > Goron Mountains > Valley of Death > Gerudo Desert

4.0 Items
Thief Bracers
Found in Hyrule Town

 Pressing the button next to certain locks allows you to pick them. Pressing the button when adjacent to but not in front of an NPC from whom you can steal will pickpocket them. When you press the button in the appropriate spot (next to a door or rich person), a meter will pop up and an arrow will rise from the bottom to the top. The button must be pressed a second time right as the arrow reaches the top to pickpocket or pick a lock. Pressing the button prematurely or late results in failure, and in the case of pickpocketing, the notice of your victim. The arrow will move at different speeds depending on the difficulty of the pick lock/pocket.
Using the thief bracers away from locks and rich people without a cog equipped would do nothing. Each of the cogs can be individually equipped to the bracers, and using the bracers next to locks then would allow you to pick special locks which correspond to the type of cog equipped (I.e., you could pick wooden locks, stone locks, locks... involving water, etc.) Using the bracers away from a lock with cogs equipped will result in that cog’s special attack:

Forest/Wind Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, and when released, Link summons a tornado around him, then shoots it off in the direction he's facing. The tornado blows around and stuns enemies it hits. The tornado can also blow some windmill type switches and put out flames.
Using this attack uses up a portion of Link's magic.

Sea Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, and when released, Link releases a concussive wave of water in a radius around him. When it hits enemies, it damages them, and it can turn waterwheels and perhaps nourish plants.
using this attack uses up a portion of Link's magic.

Earth Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, that when released, drags smallish rocks from the ground up around Link to form a shield. Pressing the button again deactivates this shield. The shield protects Link from enemy attacks. When used near some walls, the stones will be taken from the wall to form the shield instead of the ground, revealing whatever was behind them.
Link's magic drains for a long as the shield is activated. Link also moves more slowly with the shield.

Shadow Cog
Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door, releasing the button releases tendrils of dark energy from Link's hand. When certain, designated statues are touched with the energy, Link can take control of them. Different types of statues can do different things. When enemies are struck with this dark energy, they are driven mad with visions of tormentors, and attack other enemies. Weak enemies may rather opt to destroy themselves (perhaps jumping down holes, into water).
Using the shadow cog uses a portion of Link's magic.

Found in Hyrule Town

Holding the assigned button activated the shield. It protects you from whichever direction you are facing. While using the shield, you can turn, as well as walk slowly.

Shield hierarchy:

Wooden Shield - first, basic shield. Made of wood and therefore burns.

Metal Shield - Made of metal, this shield is slightly larger and won't burn.

Mirror Shield - Aside from not burning, the reflective surface of this shield returns projectile attacks back the way they came.

Found in the forest, needed to get into the temple.

Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Releasing the button throws the boomerang, which goes in a straight line in the direction you're facing for a bit less than half the screen, then comes back toward you, to wherever you may have moved since throwing it.
When enemies are hit by the boomerang, they're stunned, some weak enemies may take damage. Impact switches (activated by striking) can be activated with the boomerang, and perhaps some specific things hanging from ropes or vines can be cut down.

Found in the forest temple, used first to traverse the forest canopy, going from tree to tree and branch to branch.

Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Release the button, the shooting end extends on a chain from the grip. When the hook end hits your target, it stuns enemies and removes whatever power ups they might have, destroys some things like pots, latches and pulls in light objects, and drags link toward larger anchored objects it can attach to. The hookshot can drag you across gaps, activate switches if they're close enough and the right type, as well as be useful in combat.
A hookshot is used by one man in a port town as a tool to pull ships in to the docks, but was discontinued because it just kept pulling him into the sides of boats (not really relevant... Haha)

Given to you by a member of the Zora Royal family after you rescue him from the cave where they were stored. Used to rescue the remaining Zora royalty and enter the water dungeon.

Once you have the flippers, you can swim and dive. Swimming is standard Zelda, you blub blub along, press the action button to dash, b button to dive. Diving in shallow water lets you dodge enemies. But diving in certain deep waters lets you enter another under water map, like OOX and pokemon's HM dive.

The under water parts could be either side scrolling or like other maps, or perhaps some of both. You can use your sword while diving, but not swimming, both on side scrolling maps as well as top down under water maps. Most other items wouldn't work while diving; however, some would, such as the water cog.

Magnetic Gloves
Found in the water dungeon

Pressing the button activates the magnetic gloves, one polarity at a time. Pressing the equivalent of the R trigger switches polarity instantly. The magnetic charge is active for as long as you hold down the button.
When the magnetic gloves are activated, a strong magnetic pulse is sent out. Items of opposite polarity are attracted to it, and if they're mobile, they'll head toward Link. If they're stationary, Link will be dragged toward them. Items of opposite polarity will be repulsed away from Link, or push him away, depending on whether or not they're stationary.
When the magnetic gloves are equipped, Link can use them to climb metal walls and attach himself to magnetic platforms and cranes, particularly in the Goron dungeon and Gorons use these to mine. Certain switches can also be toggled with the magnetic gloves, but only when they're in range.

Bow and Arrow
Found in the Goron mountains, needed to access the Goron mines.

Pressing the button fires an arrow in the direction Link is facing. It does not go the entire length of the screen, but the majority of it. If an arrow hits an object, it will stop, but they can fly over certain low fences and barriers.
The bow and arrow can be used to hit enemies from afar. It does minor damage to enemies. The projectiles can also be used to hit basic impact switches that are out of reach, eyeball switches, and when necessary, knock some hanging items down.
Obviously, you need arrows to shoot.

Bomb Cannon
Found in the Goron Mines
Holding the button locks Link's movement, and arrow keys affect his direction, allowing him to aim. Releasing the button without charging the cannon will plop a bomb out right in front of you. Holding the R button (or equivalent) while the cannon button is held down will charge the cannon, which when released will shoot a bomb a distance directly proportional to how long you charge for. The bomb shoots out and will either land, if the trajectory is uninterrupted, and spark for a little time before exploding, or if it collides with some objects it will explode on impact. Certain things cannot be destroyed unless they're struck by a bomb moving with sufficient speed. Bombs do lots of damage to enemies and the structural integrity of specific things such as walls. In certain areas, a bomb will clear a tunnel through something weak when shot.
Obviously, shooting the cannon uses up a bomb.
Along with the item, you gain the ability to carry bombs, which will hereafter be found randomly in grass and stuff, and sold by some merchants. Bombs, like arrows, are not used on their own, though. The capacity of bombs you can initially carry will depend on how many puzzles use them, but probably about thirty. This can be upgraded through side quests.

Fire and Ice Arrows
Found in Gerudo Fortress before entering the Valley of Death.

When aiming the bow, but before releasing it, you can press the equivalent of the R trigger to switch types of arrows. The selected type remains equipped to the bow until you switch again or unequip the bow from its button.
Fire arrows could burn things, to light torches and open pathways blocked with wood. Ice arrows could freeze things to use as stepping stones, or freezing some things would make them breakable, for instance freezing a certain type of plant would make it so you could shatter it and get past.
Using the fire or ice arrows requires magic which is used up based in how many arrows you shoot, not how long you aim the bow for. I.e., it takes 5 points to shoot a fire arrow, no matter how long you charge the arrow in your bow for.

Shadow Cloak
Found in the Sheikah dungeon.
Pressing the assigned button toggles on/off the cloak. Holding the button for a little while youre wearing it creates a shell of yourself that is left behind in the spot you created it. The shell dissipates when you press the action button at it, or if you remove the cloak. The shell can be used to hold down switches, and perhaps other uses, to be decided as puzzles are created. The shell can be destroyed when exposed to direct beams of light, from the sun or light type attacks.
While wearing the cloak, illusions become obvious. Spikes or blocks that aren't real will have some kind of visual effect, and will be passable while the shadow cloak is worn. Some invisible paths will become visible as well.
Wearing the cloak consumes your magic.

Roc's Cape
Found through a side quest with the Sword Master

Pressing the button will cause Link to jump. If no direction button his pressed, he will stay in place. If a direction arrow is being pressed, he will move at the same speed and direction as if he were walking, but in the air, avoiding enemies and holes. Tapping the button allows for a jump that, at walking speeds, will jump over one tile. Holding the button after pressing it will open the cape up and allow Link to glide, bypassing four tiles and landing on a fifth.
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