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Author Topic: [W.I.P.] TLoZ: New Beginnings ver. 1.6 (LoZNB)  (Read 53910 times)

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Re: [W.I.P.] TLoZ: New Beginnings ver. 1.6 (LoZN...
« Reply #240 on: March 06, 2017, 06:46:37 pm »
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It's been a while since I posted as well, so we are both on the same boat. Concerning Epona, I have one question: Will she be earned?

Yes, but earning her will be difficult, despite her being near the beginning of the game after the first dungeon. Link had lost her several hours ago before the story starts due to being captured by Moblin King Mobi, only to escape afterwards, during his capture Epona had fled the incoming Moblins. She had later been recovered by a group of soldiers who decided to send her off to Flora Town Farm, for they knew the town is known for taking care of horses.

When she is obtained she can be summoned via Epona's Song (If you got your Ocarina of Time back) or if you happen to get lost from her, she can be found at a stable in a village or town.
You can also take her overseas if you by a boat ticket to another area (This I'm still working on).
What I'm also working on is 2 weapons can be used while on horseback: Either your Sword or your Bow. If you take enough damage, you'll be knocked off Epona for a short time, but pressing S next to work you can mount her again. Plus you can only go on horseback as Young Link, cannot go on as other forms such as Goron, Zora, Deku, etc and will get the error sound when attempting to do so.

Attempt 1
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Epona had been taken in to recover from injuries since the forest fight. The Farmer's will help you get your horse back from the mean owner of the farm. You can buy her out for 375 rupees or get help from the farmers.

They will grant you access to the main farm house to find a key, which is in a random area in the house, that unlocks the barn house where the horses are being kept. You will have to sneak in and get the key without alerting the farm owner; if done at night, you have to move slowly in order to not wake up the owner and be caught. The player will have 4 tries, and if done for the 5th time, said farmers who helped will be suspended, and you will be banned from the farm.

If no action is done, she will be moved to castle town in 4 days after you obtain the clock.

Another way to get her back is to help the farm owner's brother take back his farm by doing a side-quest, this way you gain acess to the farm and be reunited with Epona.

Attempt 2
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If Epona is gone from the farm, she will be at the castle town training grounds. Link can recover Epona by running some errands for an off-duty knight who is friends with the lead trainer. Probably the easiest way, however, this does not free the Flora Town Farm from the cruel boss.
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