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Title: Recent Changes
Post by: Vash on March 11, 2007, 09:54:29 am
Well, that was a rough few days. Our intention was for a smooth transaction, a flawless move with no bumps at all. However, thats not what happened due to slow connection speeds, Godaddy (or me) being half-assed with domain changes (I'm still honestly not sure, though I did get a confirmation letter from them). Either way we're there now and getting back on track.

There were some confusion issues about where things were supposed to go, and what the names of certain boards were supposed to be. I had to go deal with some issues earlier today (such as catching a shoe sale -- 24 dollars for 65 dollar boots, totally worth it?). Either way we're very sorry for.. the inconvenience it may have caused your addictive posting habits.

Major Changes:
Warning System
Project/Development Categories

Forthcoming Changes:
Rule Set
Privacy Policy/AUP
Registration Agreement
Fixing small 'issues'.

Bleh, thats a basic outline of what I have planned for tomorrow, and what I will also be discussing tomorrow. Remember this is an 'open beta' of sorts, the forum is stable, but we want ideas and input on changes that can be made along the way. At the moment I'm fairly tired so I'm keeping this short. If you have any thing you want to suggest, or ask please post it in the feed back area, or send me (or the relevant person) a personal message.

Good Night ZFGC, and see you Sunday Morning.

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