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Title: Signature requirements (READ)
Post by: DanTheMan on March 15, 2008, 01:06:44 am
We've modified our policy on signatures in order to make it more specific.  This is due to the fact that some users may still be using slower Internet connections or smaller viewing windows.

Quote from: Community Rules and Regulations (http://www.zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=21825.0)
5. Avatar's and Signature's
- Keep your avatar and signature sizes to required dimensions: [Avatars - 128x128,  Signatures - 200px in height or less, each 300 KB in file size or less]
- Keep your avatar and signature free of offensive content. 

This applies to the entire signature, not just a single image.  If your current signature is too large, I recommend using the free IrFanView program to resize your images to any desired size.  Using the "Lanczos" resampling option instead of the "resize" option makes it come out much nicer in the end.

In a few week's we'll start PMing users if their signatures are in violation of these new restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding,
ZFGC Staff
Title: Re: Signature requirements (READ)
Post by: Theforeshadower on June 19, 2008, 10:57:08 pm

This has become a neglected rule as of lately with ZFGC.
I'm not pointing anyone out.  I'm just restating the rule so everyone understands.  There have been several reports made in the past couple of weeks with users exceeding the file size limit on either their avatars or their signatures. It takes up the viewers' harddrive space(unless they frequently clear their temporary internet files) and wastes their time(huge images take longer to load for some of our less fortunate users on less than DSL speed internet).  None of the avatars or signatures have broken the other rules and most are pretty cool, but this is a rule we need to start adhering to.
Title: Re: Signature requirements (READ)
Post by: Walnut on April 24, 2013, 07:08:06 pm

These are now covered by the general guidelines here:

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