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Title: HuD for "Open World"
Post by: DarkHearts on March 21, 2012, 11:24:14 pm
As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm working on a non-zelda related project, currently known as Open World. While lots of the details of the project are still being worked out, I have a good, strong basis I'm going to work from, with the core attributes already set in stone. Since I'm reading the GML Manual to learn some more about the program, specifically looking for ways to use bitmasks in GM8, the actual coding process has come to a relative halt. Hopefully that resumes shortly, but in the meantime, I've begun working on some graphics for the project. I don't have a photobucket or anything, so I'll post what I have as attachments, but I hope you like it anyways! Feel free to tell me what you think!

Credit to Miles07 for the Minish Cap Style Items, great work by the way, which are being used as placeholders to show positions of spell and equipment icons.


1st Edit: An HuD (2 pics) with the:

Gear Menu: (similar to Terraria's, but it's a drop down menu, so it doesn't obstruct too much of the screen when you don't want it.) Can hold: Weapon, Helm, Armor, Boots, Ring, Trinket.

Tooltip Header: (Blank in these because I don't have a font sprite yet.) Shows the names of things moused over, say the corpse of a zombie, or the dropped sword of a guard.

3 Ability Slots: (One Fire Spell, one Lightning Spell, and one blank. The cursor is used to select the one that is currently bound from the quick bar.) Used to quickly ready spells from your book, using Q and E to cycle through. Right Click to use.

1 Item Slot: (Shows Red Potion.) An item chosen from the inventory can be used easily with the Space Bar.

Exp Bar: Denotes the amount of Experience the player has gained, prior to leveling up.


2nd Edit: The HuD with a demo player sprite. The player is capable of 360 degree turning, and then walking forwards and backwards.
Title: Re: "Open World" Graphics
Post by: DarkHearts on March 24, 2012, 06:35:24 pm
I figured that I wouldn't make a new topic, but simply post again in here. From now on this is where I'll post graphics related to Open World, such as these new ones.

The following attached are the idle sprites for: "Player" "Zombie" "Cinder" "Deku Scrub".
While the game isn't zelda based, I figured it would be worth a shot at spriting one in this general "style."
I havn't yet decided how I'm going to do the tiles, whether they'll be completely top down, or in the same "75%" kind of style that I'm working with for these creatures and such.

C+C is always welcome and appreciated, so that I can make my components look better for the finished project :)

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