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Title: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Kami on July 17, 2012, 10:25:25 pm
Name: Black Book, Where to Look?
Person who gives the sidequest: Nigel, once his shop is finished and opened.
Description: You will go and look in a secret part of the sheikah temple that is a seperate mini-dungeon within the main dungeon, for a rare book in which he has been looking desperatly around hyrule for. He will give you the key that will unlock the door for the entrance of the mini-dungeon. He won't know where exactly it is but he'll say that he's heard rumors about it being somewhere in death valley. The mini-dungeon is inaccesible until Nigel gives you the key. He wants the book to finish an ancient sheikah book collection. You'll have to clear the mini-boss which is a unique darknut know as the Heretic Darknut, who used to be a captian, it has used the book and has gained powers that make him stronger than a normal Darknut Captain. He has the book, but that book is now useless, but it still is valuable so he keeps it.

Reward: A safe to store extra rupees(A safe to put you rupees which then allows you to carry more after deposting them into the safe) If you finish within a certain amount of time, Nigel will pay you 50 rupees.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Kami on July 18, 2012, 04:46:05 pm
Added in a little more info.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: MG-Zero on July 23, 2012, 04:26:32 pm
So how does the player go about finding the hidden dungeon?  Are they given a map, or perhaps some item that reacts with the entrance?
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Kami on July 23, 2012, 04:27:49 pm
The key will glow when near the door, it will glow brighter the closer you get. Once your right in front of the door, the key will be pulled into the door and the door will open itself.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Zaeranos on July 23, 2012, 05:12:57 pm
The sidequest itself is a good idea. The only problem that I have is that the mini-dungeon is inside the dungeon. I kinda dislike the idea. To me a dungeon is some sort of isolated level. If there is an unopenable door in the dungeon, than the player will go through the dungeon over and over to find the item that unlocks it. I think this kind of teasing leads to much frustration wit the player, which is never good. Not to mention that players will not quickly revisit a dungeon to see what never before secrets it still holds.

Your sidequest is good, but I feel that mini-dungeon entrance is better placed on the overworld.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Kami on July 23, 2012, 05:39:48 pm
Would a shine in the middle of death velly be more suitable. There would be a wall in the back of it the once the key is brought there, it will lower revieling a spiral staircase going downward. There would be an inscription on the door that would hint at bring a key here but not so direct to say that it needs a key.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: MG-Zero on July 23, 2012, 05:50:44 pm
Yes, I think that would be more appropriate.  The other problem I see with it being in the dungeon is that it may lead the player to think they have to go there to complete the dungeon.  I remember OoT had this in the training grounds with the giant silver block.  I thought it was part of the dungeon at first, not realize I needed to come back with the silver gauntlets.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Max. on July 24, 2012, 02:19:47 am
I like the whole idea a lot when the mini dungeon is in the overworld, it just works a whole lot better. I will say, though, that the entire side quest is kind of... huge? I mean, you're interacting with Nigel the whole game, it seems like you're proposing. His shop is being built until you beat all the dungeons, and then you can go on a search for a mini dungeon, which you complete to find a side quest item, and in the end, after all this, you get!... a wallet upgrade you can't even take with you?

To me, it seems like maybe the quest could be a little smaller, or a little bigger, and could fit both ways.

Smaller, a smaller quest to match the reward.

Bigger, and involve Nigel in the plot better, or relegate this mini dungeon to a more relevant character. The game definitely has the theme of oppression and inequality: the poor oppressed by the rich, the gerudo oppressed by their false king and by hylian politics, and considered worse than hylians, the river zora seem to be revolting because they aren't the same as sea zora, etc.

Nigel is kind of just a guy that likes treasure.

So maybe somebody more involved, like one of Link's gang members could have a map, or something? Or maybe Nigel could be more relevant to the game, he could be slightly younger and a master thief who once lived under Faron's guidance, but grew up and moved into the treasure robbery business. Or maybe he funds the poor people, and besides running into him adventuring, you run into him pulling a robin hood. Maybe he has a tragic past of growing up in the poor side and dragged himself into the riches?

Most of those things don't really fithis goofy bumbling personality all that well, though. Anyway, just brain storming.
Title: Re: [Submission]Black Book, Where to Look?
Post by: Kami on July 24, 2012, 02:33:42 am
Well we could maybe have a optional item(Weapon) or something thing like it. I'm still trying to figure out the reward, Some of your suggestions are interesting, he doesn't always have to be goofy. I'll work more with trying to add him to the plot better.

Also I never specified his age. :P

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