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Title: Importing Sounds/Graphics.
Post by: Whitay on September 09, 2014, 04:10:56 am
Hello all. I have a quick question that i have been thinking about. In most games i made(small side projects) i never played around much with sound since i didnt know what i was doing with the regular coding to let alone have working sound effects etc. Now that i am getting close to the demo release of my first big project, i have a lot more experience. But i noticed that i have one sound effect in the whole game so far. Clicking next in the textbox. So I was thinking tomorrow to start loading in all my sound effects and music and all that good stuff. The issue is my game is getting pretty big as it is, so i was wondering if anyone has experimented with having resources loaded in from a seperate folder, whether this be backgrounds or tilesets or music or something. I am using game maker and just wanted to get some advice on which way to take this(mostly music, i can deal with the backgrounds and such) before i go and do it the wrong way. So has anyone had experience with both ways, or maybe a different way that i am missing, that would like to share their knowledge?

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