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Title: [Submission] Olrey and Rira, helpful rumor spreaders
Post by: Max. on September 13, 2015, 10:28:59 pm
Name: Olrey and Rira
Age: 7 and 10
Race: Hylian
Location: Hyrule Town

Olrey and Rira and a brother and sister who live in Old Town and play all over the city. Olrey is a gregarious fellow, and he talks to everyone. His older sister Rira is more reserved and standoffish, but better at reading people and understanding them. Their parents run the tailor shop in the square. They're pretty busy, thus the kids have lots of time to themselves to run around town.

Talking to the kids works as a hint system, with the hints encrypted slightly as they relate their observations of the world through the lens of their childish understanding. Hints pertain to sidequests (main quest hints are managed by the fortune-telling sisters), but mostly only the quests in Hyrule Town as that's where they live. Each day and/or time you leave town, they move to play together in a different place, and have a different hint. They move through a regular cycle for locations. Each of them has something independent to say, but they always are both talking about the same sidequest.

Sometimes their hints are obviously about the same quest, but each give a different part of the clue, for example:
Olrey: You know Mister Ingo? He's always writing in a book, but won't show anyone. I bet he's making a treasure map! But... in a book format.
Rira: People say bad things about Mister Ingo, but I think there's more to him. I saw him looking really flustered and digging through his trash. He's probably trying to divide everything up so he can recycle! He cares so much about the earth!

Other times, their hints seem to be about different things, but are different parts of the same sidequest ,for example:
Olrey: There's this guy at the cafe who controls lightning! He has a little box and when he pressed a button, it went click FLASH! And blinded me! I can't see! I'm blind!
Rira: You know the chemist? I think he's getting really old. I saw him through the window the other day just spilling chemicals onto pieces of paper, over and over. I don't think I should take the vitamins my mom gets from him.

They never talk about two different side quests though, so in the above example, you can steal the chemicals from the chemist's shop but might not know who to give them to, but could deduce it's to a guy with a camera from their two comments.

Title: Re: [Submission] Olrey and Rira, helpful rumor spreaders
Post by: MG-Zero on September 23, 2015, 01:51:25 pm
Tracking them down could be interesting, but I don't think they should be tooo far apart from each other.  Putting a lot of distance between them might discourage the player from using them and might cause them to forget half of a hint while in transit.
Title: Re: [Submission] Olrey and Rira, helpful rumor spreaders
Post by: Max. on November 05, 2015, 04:38:41 pm
Cool, noted and changed so they're always together and the hints are more straightforward. Seem acceptable now?

I think something to do now is to come up with a few more sidequests in Hyrule town, so they have something to talk about!

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