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Title: [Submission] Deku Swamp
Post by: Max. on September 15, 2015, 05:20:30 pm
So, giving the swamp a shot. We don't have a ton of content for this area, so it's not super full of stuff, but it's also one of the first areas you go to and you don't have many items.

I have a concept I included which maybe we can't do, but I imagined a large flower which opens when you hit it with the boomerang, and then you can jump inside. Down there would be a cavern, with puzzles and treasure. There'd be that light that levitates you back up at one end of the cavern. Back on the overworld you'd shoot out like Deku Link. Except no flowers, you'd just flip and land. So basically those "shoot you up" flowers that opened during spring or summer in Oracle of Seasons.

There's also a bunch of wetland grass, which I don't know if we have already in Minish cap, we might need to modify something else or sprite it ourselves. I'm imagining it isn't destructible and is a permanent obstacle.

The Deku village is still a little blank. I'm trying to decide if the Deku live in houses or if they are just individually burrowed in the ground, as Deku do.
Title: Re: [Submission] Deku Swamp
Post by: SpritingBrad on September 15, 2015, 05:34:48 pm
Dude this is awesome! For the wetland we could put the mud from minish cap, that green one, but we can change the colour to brown.
I think that the Deku should live outside on the swamp on their little flowers, they don´t have houses on the other games do they? So I think that them staying on the floor would be cool, since they are technically plants!
The Deku King is the only one with a "house" since he lives in the palace, but that is every deku´s home.
Title: Re: [Submission] Deku Swamp
Post by: Max. on September 15, 2015, 05:48:49 pm
I think they're going to stay inside the village, because remember the swamp has poison mushrooms and monsters popping up everywhere so they won't want to leave safety. The flowers outside the swamp would be used just for Link to explore and find caverns.

The mud from Castor Wilds looks fine and we could use it to differentiate the swampy muddy water of the swamp from like, Lake Hylia, but it will have to function identically to regular deep water, since we don't have Pegasus Boots.

BTW, I forgot to mention but the Deku area's plot involves doing a few things for the Deku. In the upper left corner, you've got to rescue some Deku from monsters, they're trapped on that temple (the Kokori Gate). In the bottom right, someone asks you to destroy that mushroom. And in the upper right, I think that's where these stolen Deku Nuts will have ended up.

These tasks are covered in the Plot section of the Wiki, which yesterday I updated so it had all the information we'd discussed in the posts for the different chapters of the game.


It should be way more definitive now, rule of thumb is other things that contradict the "Plot" page are probably old information and need to be updated. I'll try to go through sometime and catch the old info before anyone gets confused.

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