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Title: [Submission] Hyrule Field
Post by: Max. on June 15, 2016, 10:16:49 pm
So I've been doodling around musically a little in the little spare time I've had and found out when I finally updated the garageband app I have on my tablet there's all these orchestral sounds. So I did some king of thieves music that we could maybe use!

Anyway, Hyrule Field, draft:

https://soundcloud.com/max-mraz/hyrule-field (https://soundcloud.com/max-mraz/hyrule-field)

Probably obviously, it isn't using the minish cap soundfont yet, I just find it easier to work on my tablet and then set it up with minish cap sounds after I've got the problems in the composition worked out. So anyway, feedback is appreciated! What works, what doesn't, if it feels annoying after five minutes, etc.

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