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Title: TLOZ - New Link To The Past (Story Update/Teasers)
Post by: Aeranima on March 11, 2019, 12:45:19 pm
The Legend Of Zelda: New Link To The Past


Greetings my fellow friends and Hylians. I started a few threads back in the day under the names of “Renascence Of Evil” & “Mirror Worlds” and have now settled with the name “New Link To The Past” for this game as the name cannot describe this game any more accurate than that.

If you have kept yourself up to date regarding the development of this game, then you might already know that this project begun in 2004, and was later initiated 2008. I've worked very hard on this game for far too long but with a few basic principles in mind:

1) Stay true to the original ALTTP.

This has always been my main principle and my ultimate guideline ever since I first initiated this project. I begun picturing myself in third person only to ask myself what my thoughts would be upon booting up the game for the first time. What would I want to expect? What would the previous and original developers' thoughts be if they ever decided to play it? What truly new can offer? And lastly—how on earth can I stay true to the original?

This old 90's 2D frame-by-frame game of course with its technical limitations to this day still manages to appeal to both old generations as well as new. This is why I am solo building—pixels by pixels—a game from the ground up as well as taking my time to do so to give the person who decide to play this fan-game the absolute full experience of a brand new ALTTP.

2) Don't alter previous assets that will play a significant part in the authenticity of the game.

I don't want to create a fan-game built out of assets that derive from other games as those assets already belong to their respective titles and would have torn the authenticity of this game to pieces. I see many fan-game developers do this for example; by manipulating tile sets just because it can be done in a way to look authentic for their own fan versions. I know very well that if I could spot a single tile from another game in my own creation that it would unfortunately (and maybe for the best) bother me to the point of me loosing all excitement and wishful thinking of originality and authenticity. This keeps me on the right track as I am designing original content (both new and old) as I deem fit and of course without diverting from the original style of the game.

3) Don't use previous enemy-/boss-sprites.

I definitely don't want to re-introduce all previous ALTTP bosses as mains and instead I chose to put them on a shelf for now as they will very much come in handy later. I have created boss-sprites that are new, original, and unique to their respective counter-items of which I already have demonstrated a few in the past.

Hidemaro Fujibayashi said it the best during the making of Breath Of The Wild that they wanted more time to make the game as interesting as possible. I respect everyone involved in making that decision as I too want to maintain a very full and authentic experience similar to the one we first had upon booting up the original ALTTP for the first time. Surely it has taken me a very long time to get to this point, but I am a one-man-band so there is that.

The original consists of 256×256 (65,536) tiles. Double that (131,072) and you have both Light World and Dark World (interior design, dungeon design, Soras River, Master sword-area, and under castle bridge excluded). My original tile sets for this game are about 50×50 thus far. I have had my work cut out for me that is for sure. My over world maps are 100% original and true to the original in terms of carefully structured zones, pathways, secrets, puzzles, and obstacles as I've studied the original ALTTP-map for years now and know what works and what doesn't.

The Zelda franchise is very dear to me as well as for many others and there is a lot at stake if I cannot fulfill people's expectations about this game. I want to demonstrate and reflect all those years in originality and authenticity when this game is given its first trailer. So with all this said—let us dive into what I have in store for you Hylians today. I apologize in advance for not being a native English man.

Story plot & synopsis

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Link's father and sister are traveling by horse and carriage late at night to get to Kakariko Village by morning. They are going there to sell merchandise to earn their livelihood.


During this ominous and rainy night, an unnerving feeling of unrest sweeps over them as the abyss dark night in a single strike of thunder evolves into chaos. A big gruesome laugh is suddenly heard through the thick pouring rain, as a ball in chains appears through it and strikes their carriage.

A lightning strike make a giant being appear on the castle bridge.

The carriage is on fire, the screen switches. A dark silhouette of a giant bearded being is holding Link’s sister in its left hand, as she in panic is stuck in its firm grip. The flames of the carriage cast light on the bridge to set the mood of this sinister event with its flickering light play. Link’s father rushes up to the giant with a pitchfork as three clenching strikes followed by the giant's laugh of pity launches Link’s father into the water...

Moments later...

Link, still asleep at this time, awakens by the entrance door slamming open, as his soaking wet father enters through the pouring rain and tells him that his sister is gone and that there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

He drops face-first towards the parquet floor as Link now is seen hammering on two gravestones that belongs to his now deceased family. The hammer breaks and Link sits mute in the rain.


2 years later—the morning rooster awakens and wake Link up with a loud !@#$%-a-doodle-do. Link get out of bed to open his treasure chest where he stores his broken hammer which now has become a family relic in remembrance of his family. He is accustomed to always put it in his pouch  and bring it along with him at the start of each day.
Link exit the house only to be greeted by a thick fog coming from the chilly morning dew. Link hears a giant squeal which he realize is coming from his lost horse he haven't seen for all this time. Link can hear the loud squeal again as he now know that the sound is coming from the pasture-area to the East of Link’s home.

Link spot his horse over at the pasture as it indicates in gestures that it is in panic and that something is terribly wrong and about to happen. The other cattle also seem to have vanished which was supposedly in the pasture before Link went to bed—but the gate is now wide open.


As Link walks towards the horse in a calmly manner to earn its trust as he is not sure it recognizes him anymore, a ghostly figure appears for a brief moment which scares the horse and takes off into the forbidden forest—Lost Woods.


Link, not sure what happened to the horse, gives chase after it through an entrance that haven't been there before—at least not to his knowledge.


Link finds himself standing on an old suspension bridge leading further into the grove.


Link spot his horse again but this time it is laying in a fetal position on a large stem surrounded by Bokomoblins just across the bridge.


One of them has a sword which seem to indicate that he is the leader among their little group of four. The Bokomoblins are all are circling the stem to lock the horse in place and disable its escape. Link finds a stick on the ground which he use to fend them off. Upon defeating the Bokomoblins, the horse however, leap off a ledge further into the dense forest.

The ghostly shape appears yet again and present itself as Link's sister.


Location Spoiler - Lost Woods

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Top Right Corner - Lost Woods Entrance

So you'll enter the Lost Woods from top right where you'll be greeted by a wolf named "Faron." He'll divide into 4 wolves after seeing you wear the green tunic (hero's mail) + (nod to Twilight Princess) as you'll follow the right one as it guides you through these looping screens. Then you'll enter to the left area where you'll traverse these woodlands until you reach statues holding a shield and sword (Nod to the original concept for water temple in ALTTP).

This is the [Master Sword] trial temple entrance. My initial idea is that you enter with the items you have received on your journey which in this case are [Bombs] (Gerudo Sand Temple) and [Hookshot] (Death Mountain Temple) to enter. The statue on the left will leave its position (nod to "Club Moblins" - Ocarina of Time) and will try to stab you with it's stone sword. You use bombs to destroy it as well as opening the wall for the hook shot to pass through and reach the bush. Once temple is finished you reach the end where the Master Sword sits majestically on it's pedestal. I will not spoil that location as I want to make people experience that area in the actual game.

Official Concepts

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Link Concepts



Any feedback would be much appreciated. I will add the title screen, some GUI elements, day-n-night cycles explanation, puzzles, more story elements once I have time to present them to you guys.
Title: Re: TLOZ - New Link To The Past (Story Update/Teasers)
Post by: MG-Zero on March 11, 2019, 01:29:45 pm
ooh, this looks nice! I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Title: Re: TLOZ - New Link To The Past (Story Update/Teasers)
Post by: Aeranima on March 11, 2019, 02:13:17 pm
ooh, this looks nice! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Adding "Location spoilers" now. ^^
Title: Re: TLOZ - New Link To The Past (Story Update/Teasers)
Post by: Jared on March 12, 2019, 07:37:25 pm
This looks awesome! Keep up the good progress, can't wait to see more in-game progress!
Title: Re: TLOZ - New Link To The Past (Story Update/Teasers)
Post by: Aeranima on March 13, 2019, 06:19:09 am
This looks awesome! Keep up the good progress, can't wait to see more in-game progress!

Thanks man! :)

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