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Title: [Finished] Dungeon Hordes
Post by: Theforeshadower on September 22, 2020, 01:40:12 am

PLAY IT IN YOUR BROWSER HERE: https://mplode.itch.io/dungeon-hordes

You have found yourself trapped in a strange dungeon.  You hear a voice booming as you look around: ENTERTAIN ME, YOU PLEBEIAN!  HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE THE HORDES OF MY DUNGEON!?

Roam around the dungeon, using your wits, points, and keys to survive as long as possible.  Multiple weapons to purchase, increase your health, increase your speed, and so on.


WASD to move
Shift to buy an item from a pedestal or to open a door (requires a key)
ESC to pause

Almost all art except the mouse icon are CC-0(public domain) assets takes from itch.io or OpenGameArt.  Music is also CC-0 taken from OpenGameArt.
Created with Unity 2020.1.4f.  Built with WebGL.
Title: Re: [Finished] Dungeon Hordes
Post by: Mariotag on September 22, 2020, 11:33:09 pm
I didn't make it very far. Neat though!

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